Dim sum (点心) which literally means “touch your heart”, is a type of food that makes Singaporeans’ bellies go happy.

What’s better than good dim sum? Unlimited dim sum in buffet and dim sum restaurants offering ‘crazy’ dining deals.

Imagine getting your fill of unlimited Char Siew Bao, Siew Mai, Har Gao, Xiao Long Bao and Fried Carrot Cake, all to your heart’s content.

Buffet lovers are in luck as ChopeDeals is offering over 70 highly discounted ‘Buffet-licious’ deals for you to feast without going broke. That means many 1-for-1s and up to 55% OFF from a wide range of buffet deals.

For dim sum lovers, here are 9 well-loved Chinese restaurants – 5 offering buffet deals, and 4 offering discounted cash vouchers – for you to feast and enjoy great savings. Read on to find out more:

Mister Wu – CHIJMES
30 Victoria Street #01-12 CHIJMES Singapore 187996
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 6pm – 11pm (Mon – Sun)

Over at Mister Wu’s newest outlet at CHIJMES, you can enjoy a wide array of Chinese teas and dim sum amidst a cosy garden space accentuated with a canopy of pink lanterns.

Try their ever-popular Mr Wu dim sum buffet if you wish to feast to your heart’s content. Traditional premium tea brews served in a modern setting is one of the highlights here (over 20 types of free-flow hot and cold tea available as part of the buffet deal).

With premium tea such as Honey Lapsang, Jade Monkey and 30-year-old Pu Er on the menu, tea lovers get to sample a variety of Chinese tea without breaking the bank

The dim sum menu consists mainly of home-grown, familiar Mister Wu classics including the signature La Mian noodles. You can enjoy unlimited dim sums but also a one-time order of all of the 18 premium dishes per pax.

These include dishes ranging from the indulgent Truffle Xiao Long Bao, Crispy Lava Buns, Mango Prawn Roll, Har Gow, Chilli Crab Mantou, to specialty meat dishes of Drunken Chicken, Tender Tea-Smoked Duck, and Crispy Hakka Pork Chop. My personal recommendation would definitely be the Osmanthus Honey Char Siew, made of tender Iberico pork then sliced thin with a honey-sweet glaze.

Another highlight would be the Yusheng Sashimi Porridge, served with trout salmon, sweet prawns and succulent scallops cooked in a comforting pot of congee.

– 40% OFF Mon to Sun Dim Sum & Premium Tea Dinner Buffet @ $43.20 nett per pax (U.P $72)
– 40% OFF Sat-Sun Dim Sum & Premium Tea Lunch Buffet @ $43.20 nett per pax (U.P $72)

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Mister Wu – Chinatown
3 Pickering Street #01-44/45 Nankin Row Singapore 048660
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 2pm, 6pm – 10pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

If you are in the China Square area, check out another Mister Wu outlet along Pickering Street.

Similarly, this outlet offers an extensive menu of authentic Chinese fare and hot dim sum, including their signature La Mian Noodles. Plus some old school music in the background for that casual eatery vibes.

Go for their premium dim sum buffet and indulge in more than 30 items on the menu. Eat as much Truffle Carrot Cake as you want.

If you want something fried, the Fried Custard Lava Bun and Golden Prawn Balls are recommended. Love a really good Har Gow? They have that on the menu too.

Finally, zest up your taste palette with their luxurious delicacies like the Abalone Siew Mai and Seafood La Mian, but they’re limited to one order per table.

After a wholesome meal, wash them all down with a pot of premium Chinese tea sourced from Taiwan and China.

– 40% OFF Mon to Fri Dim Sum & Premium Tea Buffet @ $38.28 nett per pax (U.P $63.80)
– 40% OFF Sat Dim Sum & Premium Tea Buffet @ $38.28 nett per pax (U.P $63.80)

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Szechuan Court
80 Bras Basah Road Level 3 Fairmont Singapore 189560
Weekend Dim Sum Buffet Hours: 12pm – 2.30pm, Last Order 2:15pm (Sat, Sun)

Have some dim sum in style at Szechuan Court while you’re at the fancy Fairmont Singapore.

Known for their authentic Cantonese and Szechuan dishes, Szechuan Court is where you tackle serious dim sum cravings in a modern, stunning setting.

Choose from a selection of dim sum that’s steamed, deep-fried or even baked.

Make it the perfect time to reunite with family and friends over their dim sum buffet. Experience commendable hospitality from their attentive staff as you indulge in handcrafted specialties. Their Rice Wine Xiao Long Bao is highly recommended so don’t miss it.

The Poached Prawn Dumpling served with a Spicy Soy Sauce Vinaigrette is an all-time favourite that’s worth trying.

The Pan-Fried Dace Fish Cake, Crispy Wanton in Sweet & Sour Sauce, Bean Curd Skin Roll with a Golden Egg Yolk Crush, and Japanese Style Breaded Butterfly Prawns are new deep-fried dim sum in the menu. If you are a regular at Szechuan Court, remember to try them this coming weekend.

– 20% OFF Sat to Sun Dim Sum Buffet @ $54.61 nett per pax (U.P $68.27)

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Man Fu Yuan
Level 2, InterContinental Singapore, 80 Middle Road, Singapore 188966
Opening Hours: Lunch 12pm – 3pm (Mon – Fri), 11:30am – 3pm (Sat, Sun, PH)
Dinner 6pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

When was the last time you enjoyed a weekend dim sum brunch buffet? If it’s been a while, it’s time to head down to Man Fu Yuan, recognised by Singapore Tatler as one of Singapore’s best Chinese restaurants.

Plus, it received the Michelin Plate distinction. Tell-tale signs you’re in good hands here.

Helmed by Executive Chef Eric Neo, the restaurant offers more than 40 superb dishes to delight its guests. The brunch menu is well-curated to include signature dishes, dim sum delicacies, hot and cold appetisers, hearty mains and fun desserts.

The Soft Rice Rolls with different types of fillings are not to be missed. Your palate will meet its match in one of these options: fresh prawns with yellow chives, barbecued pork with coriander, wok-fried radish cake and shrimps and X.O. chili sauce, and poached chicken with hua tiao Chinese wine.

Complete the experience with a handpicked selection of premium tea pairings.

– 15% OFF Weekend Dim Sum Brunch Buffet (inclusive of unlimited premium Chinese Tea and a half lobster) @ $68.03 nett per pax (U.P $80.04)
– 10% OFF Weekend Dim Sum Brunch Buffet @ $61.44 nett per pax ($68.27)

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Hai Tien Lo
7 Raffles Boulevard, Level 3 Pan Pacific Singapore 039595
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 2:30pm, 6:30pm – 10:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Ready to dine in heaven? No? Because a meal at Hai Tien Lo might just take you there. Translating to “stairway to heaven” in Cantonese, Hai Tien Lo is home to delicate handmade dim sums and signature dishes. Regular diners need not worry as they continually add new items to their menu aside from the all-time favourites.

Spend a much needed me-time or bring your entire family for dim sum lunch buffet. It’s wise to set some time just grazing and munching.

Start off with some classic dim sum like the Steamed Prawn and Asparagus Dumplings, before moving on to their Steamed Charcoal Barbecue Pork Bun with Black Truffles and Pan-fried Bean Curd Sheet Stuffed with Prawn Paste.

Warm up your grumbling tummy with your choice of piping hot Soup. Choose between the Double-boiled Hai Tien Lo Mini Buddha Jumps Over the Wall and the Double-boiled Chinese Cabbage with Mushroom. Want it vegetarian? Get the Fungus in Vegetarian Stock.

Take your appetite to the next level with the Hai Tien Lo Signatures. Savour their Barbecued Roasted Duck and Honey-glazed Pork Belly, Cantonese-style Sweet and Sour Pork, Stir-fried Sliced Grouper with Salted Fish and Ginger Spring Onions.

Finally, sweeten your meal by ending it with some Chilled Avocado Sago Cream with Sweet Corn and Palm Seeds or a cup of Chilled Cream of Mango Sago and Pomelo.

– 10% OFF Mon to Fri Dim Sum Lunch Buffet @ $62.28 nett per pax (U.P $69.21)

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Tim Ho Wan
Various outlets including Plaza Singapura, Westgate Mall, CityLink Mall, Jurong Point, Tai Seng, I12 Katong, Aperia Mall, Suntec City, Great World City

Most dim sum lovers should be familiar with Tim Ho Wan. Founded by Chef Mak Kwai Pui and Chef Leung Fai Keung in 2009, Hong Kong brand Tim Ho Wan is recognised as the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant in the world.

But behind its affordability is top-notch quality that translates to delicious and authentic HK-style dim sum.

A visit to Tim Ho Wan won’t be complete without trying their Baked BBQ Pork Buns. A wildly popular pork bun, it is composed of a crumbly and fluffy crust encapsulating sweet-salty diced pork BBQ in a special Tim Ho Wan sauce.

Another recommended item is the Pork Dumplings in Hot & Spicy Sauce. You’ll love the mouthfeel of thin and silky smooth wanton skin wrapping the juicy minced pork filling tossed in a special spicy Tim Ho Wan sauce with 18 herbs and spices.

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#05-02 National Gallery Singapore, 1 St. Andrew’s Road Singapore 178957
Opening Hours: Lunch 11.30am – 2.30pm, Dinner 6pm – 10.30pm (Mon – Fri), Lunch 11.30am – 2.30pm, Dinner 6pm – 10pm (Sat – Sun)

Helmed by Chef Ng Sen Tio, Yan is a Cantonese restaurant located at the National Gallery Singapore. Feast your eyes on its elegant ambiance as you try not to drool at the wide selection of mouth-watering dim sums.

Not sure what to order on the new dim sum menu? Go for the Steamed Prawns Bamboo Charcoal Dumplings with Black Garlic ($9 for 3 pcs), packed with rich umami flavours. Juicy, naturally-sweet prawns are rolled in a charcoal bamboo skin, and the black garlic adds an interesting element to this far-from-ordinary dumpling.

Fire up your tastebuds by ordering the Pan-fried Singapore Chili Crab Meat Bun ($9.00 for 3 pcs) featuring sweet and spicy crab embraced in a fluffy bun.

Feel like having chicken? The Hainanese Chicken with Sticky Rice ($4.00 per piece), an adaptation of Singapore’s iconic Hainanese Chicken Rice wrapped in lotus leaf, is a good option.

The powerful and fragrant combination of ginger, garlic and lemongrass will give you a natural high, and give the chicken thighs that much needed flavour. Accompanied with the classic condiments of chili, dark sauce, and ginger sauce.

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– $70 or $90 for $100 cash voucher

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TungLok Teahouse – Square 2
10 Sinaran Drive, #01-73, Singapore 307506
Opening Hours:
Lunch 11:00am – 3:00pm Last Order: 2:30pm, Hi-Tea 3:00pm – 5:00pm Last Order: 4:30pm
Dinner 5:30pm – 10:00pm Last Order: 9:30pm

Offering popular classic dishes in modern presentation, TungLok Teahouse is undoubtedly a crowd fave when people think of dim sum.

TungLok Teahouse takes pride in the fact thatthey are the first Chinese Restaurant to launch an automated tray delivery system. As a customer, you get high quality and authentic dim sum carefully hand-crafted and freshly steamed only upon ordering. Imagine the freshness!

Want variety in your meal? Their chefs have curated a vast selection of dishes to satisfy all types of cravings you may have. This ranges from Steamed Lava Black Sesame Bun shaped like a Kung Fu Panda ($6.30 for 3 pieces), to Steamed Lava Buns filled with Walnut Paste ($6.30 for 3 pieces), Steamed Truffle and Wild Fungus Dumpling ($6.30 for 3 pieces), and Durian Pastry “Black Swan” ($6.30 for 3 pieces).

Don’t forget the Teahouse Signature Rice Roll ‘Cheong Fun’ ($7.50), a type of rice roll with crispy vermicelli wrapped with succulent prawns and fresh slices of scallion.

For the ultimate cutesy dish, try the Mini Piggy Bao ($6.30 for 3 pieces), a piggy-designed bao filled with delectable black pepper char siew.

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Yum Cha – Chinatown
20 Trengganu Street, #02-01 Singapore 058479
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Mon – Fri), 9am – 11pm (Sat, Sun, PH)

Yum Cha – Changi
6 Changi Business Park Ave 1 #01-33 UE Bizhub EAST Singapore 486017
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 3pm, 6pm – 9pm (Mon – Fri),
9am – 3pm, 6pm – 9pm (Sat, Sun, PH)

For the longest time, Yum Cha has pleased crowds (both old time diners and new guests) with their traditional Chinese delights. Satisfy those cravings and order their best-sellers like Xiao Long Bao, Siew Mai, Dumplings, and a whole lot more.

Aside from an extensive a la carte menu, they also offer their famous dim sum buffet. And if you dine here as a group, they even have hotpot options.

If this is your first time visiting, you can’t go wrong with their irresistible bite-sized Baked Mini Egg Tarts ($3.20). It is just so easy to pop one tart after another.

For something more filling, try their Pork Ribs with Garlic ($6.00), a traditional dim sum dish with a fragrant garlic aroma. Diners love this for its tender meat packed with simple, well-defined flavours.

A recommended alternative if you prefer non-pork dim sum is the Meat Dumpling in Chili Oil ($6.00). This dish is made of fresh chicken thighs mixed well with shrimps. The wholesome flavouring is courtesy of coriander plus Yum Cha’s signature chili oil. If you love spicy appetizers, a single order of this may not be enough.

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