From Chengdu Restaurant comes a concept that can please hotpot lovers seeking authentic Sichuan and Cantonese flavours.

That means, your tongue and lips got to get ready for some numbing sensation. Nope, not just mala, but Chengdu Green Pepper Broth, Huadiao Collagen Soup, and Spicy Pickled Baby Lobster Soup as well.

Taikoo Lane Hotpot 太古里火锅 is a hotpot restaurant nestled right in Chinatown Point (basement 1 next to Uniqlo).

Famed for its deliciously numbing Sichuan cuisine, Chengdu Restaurant has tapped its culinary team to craft a menu of broths in different flavours, and a bevy of unique ingredients – not quite the usual stuff you would find in a typical hotpot restaurant.

At Taikoo Lane Hotpot, diners can have a choice of either individual pots for a more customized experience, or share a large pot among family and friends.

Whether you prefer to dine solo or as a group, you can find the best arrangement here.

Don’t have time to linger over a steaming hotpot meal? You can also find quicker lunch specials here from $9.90 onwards.

Ready for their line-up of Sichuan and Cantonese broths? Here they are:

Huadiao Collagen Soup ($11.80 for half, $20.80 for full) – 2020 NEW
The Huadiao Collagen Soup is cooked with a base of premium pork knuckles, pork bones and chicken, first simmered for more than 8 hours.

Upon serving, a special collagen jelly is added to the boiling broth, followed by a small serving of Chinese Huadiao wine which is offered as an option to add into the broth.

Spicy Pickled Baby Lobster Soup ($16.80 for half, $31.80 for full) – 2020 NEW
My personal favourite from Taikoo Lane, and you can consider this one of the must-orders here.

You would find a generous helping of baby lobsters aka xiao long xia and black mussels in the soup.

There is a lovely pickled spiciness (yet not overly fiery) that is quite shiok to have, cooked by including Sichuan pickled Erjingtiao pepper, homemade pickled green pepper and garlic powder, and freshly-fried oil from a mixture of fragrant ginger and onions.

From 9-19 November 2020, customers will be able to get either of the NEW soups (Huadiao Collagen Soup or Spicy Pickled Baby Lobster Soup) for free with every purchase of another soup base.

Sichuan Spicy Broth ($5 for mini pot, $15 for large pot)
Start off with Taikoo Lane’s version of the spicy Sichuan broth. While other hotpots use oil, Taikoo Lane Hotpot’s version uses the more traditional beef tallow.

What you will encounter is a mala broth that is much more flavourful than oil-based broths.

Aside from the essential beef tallow, 20 different spices plus an array of aromatics come together to create a flavour powerhouse. Tangerine peel, bay leaves, thyme, luo han guo (monk fruit), and high-grade peppers are just some of them.

If you don’t normally take mala food, then this may prove to be quite a challenge in terms of the spice level.

Chengdu Green Pepper Broth ($5 for mini pot, $15 for large pot)
Another premium mala broth for spice fans is the brand-new Chengdu Green Pepper Broth. If you are bored of the usual mala and want to try something different, this would be a refreshing change.

Inspired by the Fish with Green Peppercorn Soup, a best-seller from Chengdu Restaurant, the broth takes two Sichuan-specialty ingredients (peppercorn oil and green peppercorns) and makes them the soup’s bedrock of flavour.

The peppercorns imported from the Sichuan province, are fried over low heat with small chilies, minced garlic and fermented soy bean sauce.

The potent mixture is added to superior soup stock which is boiled for hours.

Collagen Nourishing Pork Bone Soup ($5 for mini pot, $15 for large pot)
Superbly tasty and nourishing, the collagen-rich Pork Bone Soup is a popular choice especially of those who want a Hong Kong-style hotpot.

This broth, typically offered by traditional charcoal furnace HK hotpots, combines pork bones, whole chicken, pig skin and lots of other ingredients.

Together, they are poached to extract essential flavours, then cooked for more than 7 hours. This method yields that rich, gelatinous, and delightfully milky consistency.

So if you want to pick a ‘safe’, delicious choice of hotpot base, this would be it.

Other broths you can look forward to here include the Low-Calorie Tomato Soup, Fish Soup Broth with Fresh Milk, Golden Treasures Broth, Umami Mushroom Broth and Pumpkin Millet Soup.

Taikoo Lane Hotpot’s unique ingredients and dishes:
Moving on to the unique ingredients with pricing starting from $3.80 per item, recommended dishes here include the Lobster Noodles, Magical Growing Mushrooms, Spicy Marinated Beef and Spanish Iberico Black Pork Collar.

1. Lobster Noodles ($39.80)
A tribute to the popular Hong Kong dish, the Lobster Noodles is but one of the smorgasbord of unique hotpot ingredients here.

As a DIY dish, it allows you to cook the lobster and noodles together in one broth for a unified flavour.

Or dunk them in two separate soups to create your own pairing of flavours.

Once cooked, toss them together in the provided special sauce and condiments (ie add some sesame sauce and spring onions) and enjoy. Really quite delicious.

2. Magical Growing Mushrooms ($9.80)
A sight to behold, these mushrooms do magically ‘grow’ before your very eyes.

Beautifully arranged garden-like with lettuce, tomatoes and eggs, these Magical Growing Mushrooms are delicate, long-stemmed snowy enoki mushrooms. Just water them and wait for magic to happen.

Make your meal memorable with this mildly flavoured fungus, a culinary spectacle in tasteful proportions.

3. Shrimp Skewer ($12.80)
If you’re a shrimp lover, the Shrimp Skewer is a must. Along with the skewered deshelled prawns comes the flexibility in flavour – half are marinated in Cajun spices and steamed, half are unseasoned and raw.

This way, you can treat your palate to different flavours. Savour that natural shrimp sweetness as you cook them in plainer hotpot soup, say the Pork Bone or Fish Soup.

4. Seafood Balls Lollipop ($9.00)
This tri-coloured lollipop combines a spectrum of seafood flavours in a fun, little seafood ball-like paste.

Begin with the Prawn-Flavoured Ball with Fish Roe, before trying out the Seafood Ball enhanced with savoury Squid Ink.

Finally, sink your teeth in the bouncy Sea Urchin Flavoured Ball with that delicate sweet sea flavour.

5. Spicy Marinated Beef ($9.40 for half, $18.80 for one portion)
Meat lovers will be spoilt for choice of all the meats you desire for a satisfying hotpot. Your Sichuan hotpot experience won’t be complete without the Spicy Marinated Beef.

Its deep flavours come from the rich marinade, prepared with sugar, pepper and starch.

For that brazen heat, they dust the meat with fiery red pepper flakes, chili powder, pepper, and other aromatic spices. NOT for the faint-hearted.

6. Meatballs Platter ($8.40 for half portion, $16.80 for full portion)
I think that no hotpot meal is complete without some meatballs. Other than handmade Fish Balls, Fish Balls with roe, and handmade Beef balls, go for the Meatballs and Prawnball Platter.

This includes a combination of succulent-sweet Prawnballs, meaty Beefballs, and Porkballs added with chives.

7. Spanish Iberico Black Pork Collar ($17.80)
Both a visual and gustatory treat, the rose-shaped slices of Iberico black pork are another recommended hotpot ingredient to order.

Imagine the transformation of that well marbled pork collar as soon as it sinks into your aromatic soup of choice.

You get not only the succulence it promises but also its complex, intense flavour that is good on its own without any sauces.

8. Dragon Fruit Prawn Paste ($8.40 for half, $16.80 for full) – 2020 NEW
The familiar crunchy prawn paste takes a fruity spin as the Artic shrimps are blended along with dragon fruit to give that purple colour.

9. Flaming Braised Pork Ribs ($16.80) – 2020 NEW
The pork ribs here are marinated for up to an hour before being deep fried to golden, crispy perfection along with some minced onions and carrots.

Keep your phones ready as the dish will be wrapped in flammable paper, lit on fire when it is served at the table.

10. Braised Beef Short Ribs ($6.80)
Try their Braised Beef Short Ribs generously marinated with over 10 spices and condiments. The fresh slices of beef are soaked in a blend cooking wine, soya sauce, salt, sugar and other aromatics.

Feel free to sprinkle some red pepper flakes to increase the spice-o-meter.

Recommended to dunk in the Sichuan Spicy Broth or Chengdu Green Pepper Broth for a short while to absorb some of that essence.

11. Fried Spiced Beef ($16.80)
Another meat option is the famous street food-style dish Fried Spiced Beef. Customarily served in Sichuan during summer, the beef’s flavour is anchored to the popular Chinese five-spice as a foundation of its marinade.

Once all the spices have seeped into the meat, it is deep-fried until golden brown.

You can even mix things up, adding a layer of flavour to your broth by dropping in pieces of these fried spiced beef.

12. Exploding Volcano Mashed Potatoes ($11.80)- 2020 NEW
Steamed potatoes are mashed and formed into a cylindrical shape and stuffed with crunchy green beans and corn.

The dish also includes stir-fried pork belly slices, mushroom, along with savoury bean paste and secret sauce to be poured over the potatoes.

13. Lala Clams in Spicy Sauce ($12.80) – 2020 NEW
Fresh clams doused in a special house sauce that includes green pepper and millet to create a tangy-spicy dish.

14. Ice Jelly with Milk Tea ($6.80)
After bowlfuls of hotpot, cleanse your palate with a refreshing Ice Jelly with Milk Tea. The milk tea component is an upgrade of the traditional ice jelly dessert, often served in Sichuan hotpot restaurants as a fitting, cold conclusion to a fiery feast.

Taste how the rich and aromatic tea infusion has elevated the overall flavour.

For families with children, there is a kids’ play area so that you can enjoy your meal while the little ones get themselves occupied.

Taikoo Lane Hotpot 太古里火锅
Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Rd, B1-16, Singapore 059413
Tel: +65 6970 0966
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Taikoo Lane Hotpot.



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