[Tokyo] Renowned for serving Tokyo’s most beautiful and fluffiest pancakes (more known as hotcakes in Japan), Ginza West has 3 locations: Aoyama Garden, Bay Café Yokohama, and the Ginza Parlour.

However, the hotcakes are available only at Aoyama Garden and Bay Café Yokohama.

I learnt it the ‘hard way’ as I visited the Ginza Parlour outlet, but was recommended to try the French Toast (¥1,188, SGD14.90) instead. No regrets at all.

A little more about Ginza West: it began in 1947 serving 1,000 Yen course meals prepared by a chef from Yusen, a luxury cruise liner.

After half year, city regulations started to ban menus over 75 yen so Ginza downsized to a tea parlour with a confectionery section.

It became known as the place where cultured people got together since it started “Meikyoku no yuu”, an innovative musical program with interpretation.

It was in the 60s when it began selling packaged cookies to exclusive Japanese restos. Today, these handmade cookies are one of the main products at Ginza West and have grown in selections.

Aside from their hotcakes, they have a wide array of cakes, pies, and handmade cookies made without artificial flavourings not colourings. Leaf Pie, Sablest, Victoria, and Butter Cookies, Cheese Baton, and Almost Tarts are the most popular cookies and they are available as gift sets.

One of its best-sellers is the Mosaic Cake (¥380, SGD4.80), made out of cocoa and butter sponge shaped into a mosaic.

Ginza Parlour is a no-smoking 52-seater tea parlour located 5 minutes’ walk away from Exit C2 of Ginza Subway Station.

When you look at the shop from the outside, it would appear like just any other cake shop. But its interior was quite differently, presented like a French teahouse.

Somehow the Japanese can make many of their desserts taste quite out-of-this-world. This French Toast happens to be one of them.

While perhaps some would have preferred a light crisp on the outside, the texture was impossibly pillow-soft. With its strong milky and egg taste (almost like castella), the piece just almost melted-in-the-mouth.

I only added a touch of the maple syrup as I wanted to just appreciate the toast on its own.

The other one thing good about the parlour that it is one of the few dessert and coffee/tea places still opened this late in the Ginza area during the weekday, until 11pm.

Ginza West
7-3-6 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81 3-3571 1554
Opening Hours: 9am – 11pm (Mon – Fri), 11am – 8pm (Sat – Sun & PH)

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