[Bali, Indonesia] Finding the ‘perfect’ brunch spot in Bali the “Island of Gods” can be tricky, as you may be lead to some of the “overrated” or “overpriced” cafés.

Sometimes, it can be both.

Crumb & Coaster, tucked away in tiny alley away from the bustling Kuta, is one of the well-received gems for brunch.

The home-grown shop started with a small specialty coffee shop in the Kuta area, using local products and produce, and turned it into a brunch and dinner restaurant with support.

Though the café-restaurant is always packed, the waiting time is considered relatively short.

The menu is pretty extensive, ranging from fruit bowls, salads and pancakes to burgers and even corn fritters.

If you are here for breakfast and brunch, it is available from 7:30am – 3pm, offering items such as Sweet Corn Fritter (65k), Avocado Mash (65k), Egg Benedict (60k), Spinach Feta Peas (65k), Salmon & Dill Bagel (75k), Zucchini Omelette (70k), and Pancakes (75k), and Coffee French Toast (75k).

For drinks, choose from juices, smoothies, kombucha, refreshing fizz, or freshly brewed coffees.

Since it was a sunny day in Bali, I needed something refreshing and ordered the Smoothie Bowl (IDR 85k, SGD8.50) recommended by the waiter.

Presentation wise, it was really colorful, and I hope that it would also score taste wise.

Thankfully the Smoothie had the right texture – neither too thick nor watery; and fruits were indeed fresh and sweet.

While I was seated, one particular dish that caught my attention (both in terms of sight and smell) was the Coffee French Toast (IDR 75k, SGD7.50), as every other table seemed to have ordered it.

You would have missed that obvious sweet-coffee aroma.

The French Toast had beautiful caramelisation on both sides, complemented by coffee custard which was aromatic and went really well with the maple syrup.

Easily one of the best French toast I ever tasted.

The Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich (IDR 75k, SGD7.50) came in a huge ‘American-sized’ portion -crispy-battered and juicy on the inside. Fries were delightfully crisp as well.

To quench my thirst, I ordered and Instant Refresher (IDR 49k, SGD4.90) made from fresh apple and watermelon juice with a hint of mint.

While more on the sour side, at least it was refreshing.

While the Carrot Cake (IDR 45k, SGD 4.50) looked dry in, it was actually quite moist. (So can’t judge by appearance alone here).

Ordering a cake wouldn’t be complete without some coffee Long Black (IDR 30k, SGD3.00) and Flat White (IDR 35k, SGD3.50).

I loved that they provides some bite sized Anzac biscuit for every coffee order.

This is definitely one place where you would want to visit again and again.

Great vibes, good foods, huge portions and friendly staff. No doubt this probably the best brunch spot I visited in Bali so far.

Plus the venue is very instagrammable, ticking off most of the boxes.

Crumb & Coaster
Jl. Benesari No.2, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
Tel: +62 819 9959 6319
Opening Hours: 7:30am – 11pm (Mon – Sun)
Google Maps – Crumb & Coaster

* Written by DFD͛’s Jakarta Food Correspondent @iknowhowtoeat who loves exploring NEW food places in both Indonesia and Singapore. DFD pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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