It was only a matter a time. The first purple-rice yogurt drink specialty shop has finally arrived in Singapore.

You can get your hands on this trendy drink at Yanmi Yogurt, with its first-ever outlet in Singapore nested at Funan Level 2.

“Yan” (颜) represents “beauty” while “Mi” (米) means “rice”.

If you love to both drink and chew on your beverage, and are in search for a healthier alternative, then this is the answer.

When I was in Sydney earlier this year, I asked my foodie friends to bring me to the “most trending café” in the city. Little did I expect them to bring me to a purple-rice yogurt shop.

And they emphasized, this is not bubble tea (even though it is easy to see why there could be an association).

There were no less than 10 shops in the city selling this popular drink, with long queues and wait for creamy drinks made with yogurt, included with purple rice, and fruit toppings from strawberry to mangoes.

You can already kind of imagine how it would taste like – creamy, slightly sweet-and-tart yogurt, with grains of soft purple-rice to be slurped up the straw.

Reasons why the drinks were so well-received: they were fresh-tasting and refreshing; a healthier alternative to much sweet beverages; and helped in digestion after meals (all that probiotics in the yogurt).

Yanmi Yogurt uses purple rice specially imported from Mojiang – located south of Yunnan Province and known for producing purple rice rich in protein, calcium and other trace elements.

The grains are larger and longer than usual, coloured purple-black, and tastes sweet with an agreeable stickiness.

The rice is prepared through ten industrial steps, from soaking, boiling, filtering to steaming for hours to create the perfect chewy texture.

Fresh yogurt made with Australian milk is then included, with options of including fresh fruits (look out for not common ones such as dragon fruit and jujube) and other nutritious ingredients such as oats, hawthorn, avocado and taro.

Yanmi Yogurt’s Top 10 offerings include:
– Yanmi’s Purple Rice Yogurt ($4.30)
– Chewy Oats Yogurt ($4.30)
– Haw Purple Rice Yogurt ($4.70)
– Pure Pure! Avocado Yogurt ($5.30)
– Jolly Jujubes Yogurt ($4.30)
– Dirty Dragon Fruit Yogurt ($5.30)
– Man-mango Yogurt ($4.90)
– D24 Durian Yogurt ($5.50)
– Taro N Taro Milk ($5.30)
– Cheese Yogurt ($4.50)

Here’s more:

Yanmi’s Purple Rice Yogurt ($4.30)
For first timers and want something adulterated, go for the classic Yanmi’s Purple Rice Yogurt.

Before drink, shake the cup 10 times (remember not to poke the straw in first) to better blend the purple rice and yogurt.

Recommended instructions is that if you let the drink sit for 5 minutes, it will allow the “taste to become enhanced”.

First impressions: it wasn’t as thick and carb-heavy as I initially imagined, with consistency that was almost like a smoothie.

For someone who is trying to refrain from too many sugary stuff, the sweetness level was pleasantly low and mellow. The tart from the yogurt was not too strong as well.

While slurping, you get these QQ bits of purple-rice that is soft which you can slowly chew on.

This can actually be quite filling, so I would recommend taking sips and slowly enjoy it.

Chewy Oats Yogurt ($4.30)
Remember days when overnight oats was all trending?

This is actually quite a close alternative, with fibrous nutritious-dense oats in a light and refreshing yogurt drink.

Dirty Dragon Fruit Yogurt ($5.30)
The recommended drink to have. The base is filled with purple-squashed dragon fruit, with a tropical-sweet taste with slight sourness that goes well with the entire drink.

Give the cup a good shake and watch it turn beautifully vibrant-purple.

Pure Pure! Avocado Yogurt ($5.30)
For avo-lovers, this drink would be simple, delicious, creamy and almost dream-like.

Just a note: because many of us are so used to having versions included with gula melaka, this version would come across a lot more tame and mellow.

Man-mango Yogurt ($4.90)
If you love your Mango Lassi, this would be a real treat for the summer weather. There is the fruity, intense flavours of the mango, and real bits for you to slurp up and chew on.

Other top offerings from Yanmi Yogurt include Jolly Jujubes Yogurt ($4.30), Cheese Yogurt ($4.50), and Taro N Taro Milk Yogurt ($5.30).

The Singapore outlet will also offer an exclusive Durian Yogurt ($5.50), made with D24 durians imported from Malaysia.

The Yanmi Yogurt café in Singapore allows for both takeaways and a sit-down concept, in a pretty-pink and white interior for a drink during a lazy afternoon.

Yanmi Yogurt
Funan, #02-03, 107 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 179105
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Yanmi Yogurt.


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