The Whale Tea 琉璃鯨, one of the largest beverages and dessert stores in China, has arrived in Singapore and promises make a difference with its innovative signature drinks and fluffy soufflé desserts.

It has opened at Lot One Shoppers’ Mall, City Square Mall, China Square Central, and Rivervale Mall in Sengkang.

Originally from Nanjing, the brand was founded by Huang Ke Ning in June 2018 while focusing on uncommon ingredients to create its beverages. The chain is well-loved by many in more than 500 outlets across mainland China.

Curious why it’s called The Whale Tea?

In Chinese, whales are ‘jing’ (鯨), which phonetically sounds like Nan-jing, its place of origin. And like the protected whales of the wild, this bubble tea brand embodies boldness and purity.

Here are The Whale Tea’s recommended drinks and desserts to start off your discovery stage of mostly Insta-worthy cups for its visually striking looks and eclectic colour combinations.

Taste-wise, you’ll find an array of unique, healthy ingredients such as peach gum, spirulina, and Wuliangye, a Chinese baijiu made with a variety of grains.

Volcanic Sapphire Whale (from $4.50) Under the Volcanic Collagen Series
The Volcanic Collagen Series includes cups of Volcanic Sapphire Whale, Milk Tea Lava, Passion Fruit Lava and Grapefruit Lava, all featuring peach gum as key ingredient.

Peach gum? This is your alternative to the typical boba pearls. They are softer to the bite, somewhat like smaller pieces of jelly.

The natural resin, harvested from wild Chinese peach trees, is soaked overnight and impurities are removed by hand. Once soft, the collagen and amino acid rich resin is boiled in rock sugar ‘til it becomes translucent jelly bits of sweetness.

The most striking choice would be the Volcanic Sapphire Whale with its bright blue top, coconut milk and amber jelly at the bottom.

The blue comes from spirulina (a blue-green algae superfood) for an extra boost of nutrients and that celestial tint of sapphire.

It doesn’t add much taste though, so the main flavour comes from the coconut milk which is on the light and delicate side – which is different from the usual rich and milkier choices.

The choice if you want something #forthegram and a refreshing treat that is not too heavy.

Flaming Brown Sugar ($6.80, available at Lot One and China Square Central)
An ‘upgrade’ from the usual brown sugar milk drinks.

Combining the creamy texture of fresh milk and the addictive chewiness of brown sugar boba pearls, this beverage is topped with a cheese milk cap and torched caramelised brown sugar.

The best part to me was the slow-cooked brown sugar boba, which were nicely-chewy with obvious caramelised sweetness. Probably one of the best boba pearls around Singapore.

The streaks of caramelised brown sugar inside the tall cup is also an artwork depicting a blaze of sweetness.

You will catch a whiff of its smoky aroma before your lips sink into the velvety cheese milk tap.

Brown Sugar Boba Milk ($4.80, $5.80, available at Lot One and China Square Central)
This is a version without the torched caramelisation.

The Brown Sugar Boba Milk leads the pack with its classic fresh milk and brown sugar boba combination.

Topped with a cheese milk cap, this beverage is one of the more standard to-go-for ones in the line-up. If you’re one of those looking for something familiar and still hooked on the brown sugar craze, this drink is for you.

Other drinks in the “Glass Whale Series” include Brown Sugar Boba Crush, Brown Sugar Cocoa Milk, and Brown Sugar Shizuoka Matcha.

Blue Crystal Coconut Milk ($3.80)
Whale Tea also features a series of drinks featuring crystal toppings, which is called the “Glass Crystal Series”.

These soft and chewy coloured pieces are created naturally with aiyu jelly, and comes either in blue or black.

The difference, is that the blue crystal tastes fruitty, and black crystal has a distinct-caramel sweetness.

The Blue Crystal Coconut Milk, topped with a cheese milk cap, includes the blue version swimming in creaminess of coconut milk.

Fresh milk (with or without tea) options are available for those who find coconut milk too rich.

Black Crystal Matcha ($5.00)
You may not have quite imagine matcha, fresh milk and caramel jelly coming together, but this actually works.

Add a touch of tranquil green to your day with the Black Crystal Matcha.

The use of this finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves make this a high-grade, nutritious tea.

While I would have personally preferred the green tea flavour to be stronger, the blend between the lingering bitter tea flavour and lightly-sweet caramel jelly made this one of my favourites at The Whale Tea.

Strawberry Milk ($6.50, available at Lot One Shoppers’ Mall only)
Revitalise your day with a cup of antioxidant-rich strawberry juice mixed with fresh milk.

This Strawberry Milk, served with a topping of cheese milk cap, is also part of the Glass Whale Series.

Its pretty pinkish-red colour may evoke feelings of love and comfort, while taste wise it may remind some of strawberry yogurt with its milky goodness and bright citrus undertones.

Perfect Orange Tea ($4.80, available at Lot One and China Square Central)
Need to skip the dairy? Don’t worry, The Whale Tea goes beyond milk teas and lays out fruit tea options for you.

Highly recommended is the Perfect Orange Tea, made with four seasons spring tea (四季春茶), fresh orange juice, and orange slices and strawberry halves floating around in your drink.

The light golden coloured four seasons spring tea has a floral aroma, without the usual bitterness or dryness.

Aftertaste is rich and sweetish. The perfect drink for a hot weather, and the perfect prop for a summer-themed Insta-photo.

Passion Fruit Lava ($5.30, available at Lot One and China Square Central)
If you’re still in fruity mode, try this drink that combines fresh passion fruit juice and kumquat juice.

The sweet and exotic passion fruit imparts that delicious, slightly tart flavour to the drink, while the kumquat adds its distinctive sour, citrus tang.

The “lava” in its name tells you it is part of the Volcanic Collagen Series, complete with peach gum jellies and slices of watermelon and citrusy lime.

Wuliangye Soft Serve or Golden Cocktail Cocoa Ice Cream ($4.80)
Ready for dessert? The Whale Tea offers sweet tooths a different kind of treat.

The Wuliangye-infused soft serve ice cream, developed by the founder of The Whale Tea himself, features a proprietary blend of cocoa, activated charcoal and Wuliangye, a Chinese grain-based liquor.

The real appeal of this dessert is how velvety smooth it is, seducing your mouth for unstoppable licking.

Served in a chocolate charcoal cone (made fresh on the spot daily!), the dark-coloured spiked cream is sprinkled with gold powder with finesse.

Electric Sea Salt Soft Serve ($4.20)
An equally exciting alternative to the boozed soft serve, the Electric Sea Salt Soft Serve will please you with its fun topping.

Imaging crackling popping candy all over your pastel blue-coloured ice cream, served in the same chocolate charcoal cone.

The addition of sea salt provides a wonderful contrast of saltiness to the sweet cream.

Also enjoy two additional flavours only at the City Square outlet – Durian and Strawberry.

Whale Island Soufflé ($7.80, available at City Square Mall and China Square Central)
When hunger beckons, try the signature Whale Island Soufflé made with two fluffy light-as-air soufflé pancakes.

Under the “whale island” is a sea of blue aiyu crystal jelly, coconut jelly, and brown sugar boba.

Topping the island is a dainty blue coating of spirulina milk cream, blue and yellow coloured chocolate pearls, and an intricately crafted whale tail made of white chocolate.

This dessert creation which comes in a take-away ‘globe’, is just as Pinterest-pretty as the rest of the bubble milk teas, and falls under the too-cute-to-eat menu items.

Cocoa Island Soufflé ($7.80, available at City Square Mall and China Square Central)
Like the Whale Island Soufflé, the Cocoa Island Soufflé comes with a couple of light and fluffy pancakes as the “island” on a sea of blue aiyu crystal jelly, coconut jelly, and brown sugar boba.

But instead of a whale tale, you will find toppings of classic milk cream, fragrant cocoa powder and fresh mint leaves, depicting a semblance of island and foliage.

The Whale Tea is offering islandwide delivery using Order@WhaleTea. For BBT fans staying in Orchard or Tampines, they are also available via GrabFood and foodpanda.

– Islandwide delivery via
– Flat rate of $8 with minimum order of $20
– Available from 10am – 10pm (Delivery interval every 2 hours)

The Whale Tea – Lot One
Lot One Shoppers’ Mall, 21 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4, #B1-25 Singapore 689812
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

The Whale Tea – City Square Mall
City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Road, #B2-K7, Singapore 208539

The Whale Tea – China Square Central
18 Cross Street, China Square Central, #01-118 Singapore 048423
Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with The Whale Tea.


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