Bedok is famous for its soup-style Bak Chor Mee (BCM), with Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian, Seng Hiang Bak Chor Mee, Ah Poh Minced Meat Noodle, 58 Minced Meat Mee, and Tian Nan Xing Minced Pork Noodle all having their own fans.

It piqued my curiosity when I saw a “Bedok Bak Chor Mee” opened at 13 Circular Road (near Boat Quay).

Is it related to any of the other Bedok Bak Chor Mee?

Turns out that the owners are fans of both 85 and 511 Bak Chor Mee, and decided to create a rendition that would have the essence of both. Hmm…

This would also mean that in a small stretch of road, you get quite a number of eateries and coffee shop stalls selling BCM, including Ah Ter Teochew Fishball Noodle Bar and Yan Kee Noodle House.

Competition, competition.

Bedok Bak Chor Mee serves up both soup and dry style of BCM ($5, $6), along with Ngoh Hiang and side dishes of Fried Wanton ($3, $5), Teochew Prawn Date ($5, $8), and Spicy Luncheon Meat ($5, $8).

Having such a shop name would immediately draw comparison with the other famous stalls. Since I actually head over to Fengshan Market for Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian, I ordered a Mee Kia Soup to see if it can satisfy those cravings.

If you never ever had any of the Bedok BCMs, then I would say this could make a decent lunch choice.

On the flipside, the broth lacked the umami, sweetness of the pork, and could have been hotter for the warm, comforting feeling.

There was also something off about the dumplings (suspect it was frozen then cooked, rather than prepared fresh), and noodles could have a springier bite.

Therefore, I actually preferred the Dry BCM, in which I ordered a Mee Pok.

Most BCM would belong to a category that is more vinegary and saucy; this would fall in the version that would be closer to most dry Fishball Noodles – coming with piquant chilli sauce.

The Ngor Hiang unexpectedly turned out to be my favourite item there, with crispy pieces (I ordered the prawn cracker) matched with an appetising and not-too-spicy sauce.

Customers can choose from a selection from Ngo Hiang, Pork Sausage, Water Chestnut Cake, Sotong You Tiao, Beancurd, Spring Roll, Otah Roll and more, each item priced from $0.50 to $2.50.

The name does sound promising, and some fine-tuning to the soup to make it more flavourful would help make this more impressive.

Bedok Bak Chor Mee
13 Circular Road Singapore 049369
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm (Mon – Thurs), 11am – 2am (Fri), 3pm – 2am (Sat), Closed Sun

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  1. Saw your post and decided to give it a try.
    It was a horrible experience. The cashier is very lost and messy, so I’m sure our orders been messed up too.
    During lunch at CBD, they should be prepared for the lunch crowd. But sadly no. Waited more than 30mins for a not so well cooked noodle and too spicy for normal order.
    I would suggest them not to serve and for customer to order and self service would be better.
    They have orders from QR code which I’m sure makes it very messy from what I observed.
    Overall, it is not a very bad experience and the management staff all look lost.
    I must compliment the server, one older man and also one Indian guy which both in uniform. They’ve been trying and working very hard to serve all the angry customer.
    The rest just stand there and looked so confused.


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