Once upon a time (perhaps this will reveal my age), foodies go to Geylang for three reasons – Frog Leg’s Porridge, Tau Hway, and Beef Horfun.

The mix of shops and culture of Geylang has just quite a bit during the years, and perhaps some shops have lost their charm along the way.

The “Lor 9 Beef Kway Teow” better known as the “Geylang Famous Beef Kway Teow” used to be our go-to place for Beef Horfun in the ‘good old days’.

Back then, it was for its ultra-tender beef slices in generous portions and gooey delicious sauce.

The stall has always made it to the lists of top Beef Horfuns in Singapore, and subsequently listed by the Singapore Michelin Guide with a Michelin Plate.

Views of this shop can be divided. On one hand people who tried it in the pasts would remark how much the consistency has fallen; on the other there are diners who still consider it a not-bad rendition (when compared to many others in Singapore.)

Priced at $7, $12, $18, $22 and $28, the plate was known for its generous portion of tenderer-than-tender beef slices (suspected too much tenderiser), cooked in thick gravy.

This was once considered THE Beef Hor Fun. I remembered the very first time I had it, it was as though this was one of the most wonderful thing that I had ever eaten. (Okay, would say this was about 20 years ago.)

People remember it for the plateful of tender cooked slices of beef drenched in a thick, dark-coloured gravy and combined with silky smooth kway teow.

The well-marinated hor fun was soft to the bite; while the soya sauce-based gravy was flavourful and carries the taste of bean paste, black pepper and chili.

While I still enjoyed it, the quality has dropped throughout the years.

The wok-hei was not as strong as before, and sauce thinner as compared to the past. It could be because the rice noodles and sauces were pre-cooked, so lacking in that ‘oomph’ and wok-heat.

If you want some variety, they also offer zi char dishes and other noodles like the Seafood Crispy Noodle, Hokkien Mee, Yangzhou Fried Rice, and Sweet & Sour Pork.

Open ‘til late, this is where you can catch a late dinner. Or just when a Beef Hor Fun craving strikes.

Lor 9 Beef Kway Teow (芽龙著名牛河) – Geylang Famous Beef Kway Teow
237 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389296
Tel: +65 9388 0723
Opening Hours: 11am – 1am (Mon – Wed, Fri – Sun), 4pm – 1am (Thurs)

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  1. Though we still buy it when we go Geyland once a fortnight. The habit was not born out of a love for the Beef KT but likely was a no brainer. Yes, the standard has definitely dropped and the review on the thinned out sauce and pre prepared portions seemed to be the culprit.

  2. Standard drop, price go up and quantity go down. If you want a recipe for business disaster, you can’t find a better one than this.
    You use to be able to get a generous plate of the stuff for $6. Now, even a $10 plate hardly fill your stomach and the amount of beef is misery. The woman used to cook in the spot. Now you have mainland Chinese cooks simply mass producing it without any quality. I have stopped patronising them for 5 years already. The same goes for Hong Sheng at Toa Payoh North. The hor fun there has dropped to common HDB heartland kopi tiam zi char standard. No point driving all the way there for such insignificant food.

  3. The quality isn’t the same anymore. They used to char the rice noodles. But it is just like any third rate dish. The only thing good is the tender beef.


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