One surprise entry in the 2019’s “Michelin Plate” recommendation should be New Rong Liang Ge Cantonese Roast Duck Double Boiled Soup.

Heard of it before?

While the stall is relatively popular with the Bugis crowd with a constant line during peak hour line time, it is not considered that known in the league of Cantonese roasts. (Wouldn’t there be better roast duck and pork stalls out there?)

Still, it could be worth paying New Rong Liang Ge stall a visit especially when you are in the vicinity.

It is conveniently located in a coffeeshop along Queen Street, next to Albert Food Centre and opposite Bugis Plus Shopping Mall. (There are other not bad stalls in the row such as Ah Heng Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee and Ri Ji Porridge.)

While there is almost always a queue during peak meal times, the line clears up relatively fast. (The other challenge is to find a place to sit.)

The menu is extensive and inexpensive, with a basic plate of Char Siew Rice priced at $2.50.

Other items sold include Roasted Duck Rice ($3), Char Siew and Roasted Pork Rice ($3), Pork Ribs Rice ($3), and Roasted Pork Rice ($2.50).

The “San Pin” aka combination of 3 types of meat such as Char Siew, Roast Duck and Roast Pork is priced at an inexpensive $5, in generous portion and most alluring due to the gooey dark sauce drenched on top.

While meats are not of the most top-notch quality, they are certainly above the average and were mostly tender.

Since I am a noodle person, I also gone for the non-rice option. The skin-crisp duck had rather tender and moist meat.

All that flavour is created by using more than 10 kinds of spices.

Though tasty by itself, you can dip it in any of their other different sauces. Go for the sambal chili sauce, mildly spicy yet fragrantly smoky, to further enhance the meat.

The duck size is carefully chosen (a whole duck is just about 3kg of meat) to maintain the optimal tenderness of the meat.

While I won’t say this is the best duck meat available in Singapore, the price of $3 makes it very attractive.

Add on some Roast Pork with a crackling crispy skin and a firm, moist meat.

Not a fan of duck? The stall also offers the usual smoky tender Char Siew, more on the lean side with its very little fat, but well-coated with a sweet braising sauce.

However, it may be chopped to too small pieces for my liking.

I suspect what customers really like about this stall is the special braising sauce, which is mildly thick and sticky, quite appetising when it nicely coats the noodles.

As for their Double Boiled Soup yet, but there is quite a selection from Ginseng Chicken ($4), Old Cucumber ($2.50), Herbal Black Chicken ($5), Salted Vegetable Duck ($3), Watercress Soup ($2.50) and Sze Chuan Soup ($2.50).

$2.50 soup?

Not considered “wow”, but still an affordable comforting treat for the chilly or rainy day to go with rice.

Prepare to queue during lunch time as it attracts diners from nearby offices, as meals are reasonably priced at $3 – $6.

New Rong Liang Ge Cantonese Roast Duck Double Boiled Soup (新榮亮閣港式燒臘炖湯)
3838 Eating Place, 269B Queen Street, #01-235, Singapore 182269
Tel: +65 9099 9489
Opening Hours: 7am – 8pm (Mon – Sun)

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