Other than Bedok 85 (Fengshan Food Centre), Bedok Interchange Food Centre is the other well-known food sanctuary for those who lives in the east side.

Its proximity to Bedok Mall and the bus interchange (plus refurbishment of the food centre, makes this a popular location for affordable and good hawker food.

Though Bedok is not my usual area, my vocal class is nearby so I made it a point to try one different stall after lesson.

Safe to say Meeting Point Coffee is my usual go-to place for my early kopi fix, and there are other worthy stalls to check out such as the Ma La Xiang Guo stall (with perpetual queue), Lee Kee Goreng Pisang, Hai Fa Kway Chap, Poh Kee Traditional Wanton Mee, Yong Hua Handmade Fishball and Meatball Noodles, and Gim Chew Fried Hokkien Mee.

Here are 10 Bedok Interchange Food Centre stalls that stand out and offer delicious fare amidst a swarm of options:

Bedok Chwee Kueh 勿洛水粿
208 New Upper Changi Road, #01-19 Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Singapore 460207
Opening Hours: 6:30am – 6:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Famous Wobbly Chwee Kueh with Michelin Bib Gourmand
Bedok Chwee Kueh is a popular stall famed for its soft, light and supple chwee kueh. It has branches island-wide but this is the main outlet (and I somehow find it better than the rest).

The stall has been listed in Michelin Bib Gourmand Singapore , the first Chwee Kueh stall to be awarded.

Queues have also gotten much longer than pre-award days.

Often eaten as breakfast fare, the Chwee Kueh ($0.50 per piece, buy in 2, 3, or 4 pieces) is mainly rice flour and water.

One thing you would note is Bedok’s version looks bigger and has a softer, more wobbly, almost melt-in-mouth texture.

The chai poh has a light crunch, and the toasted sesame seeds add a nice aroma and flavour. Add a bit of the sambal chili with a pronounced dried shrimp taste for some gentle heat. Bedok Chwee Kueh (Bedok Interchange Food Centre)

Hock Hai (Hong Lim) Curry Chicken Noodle 福海(芳林)咖喱鸡米粉面
208 New Upper Changi Road, #01-58 Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Singapore 462208
Opening Hours: 9:30am – 10:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Curry Chicken Noodle with Michelin Bib Gourmand
Hock Hai (Hong Lim) Curry Chicken Noodle has also been awarded with a Michelin Bib Gourmand in the Singapore Guide 2019.

Though it also sells Satay Bee Hoon ($4/$5/$6), Hock Hai’s house special is the Curry Chicken Bee Hoon Mee ($4, $5, $6), the signature dish that people flock here for.

The Curry Chicken Noodle was served in piping hot curry soup that was fragrant, medium-bodied and mildly spicy.

Prepared home-style ala grandma’s way of cooking, the soup tasted mildly sweet, savoury and spicy from the blend of different spices and coconut milk.

After trying out a number of Curry Chicken Noodles in Singapore, this came across as milder and not that overpowering. I can imagine some people would prefer curries that are more flavourful and aromatic.

Not my personal favourite, but it is not bad. Hock Hai (Hong Lim) Curry Chicken Noodle (Bedok Interchange Food Centre)

Mei Xiang Lor Mee
208 New Upper Changi Road, #01-10 Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Singapore 462208
Opening Hours: 6am – 2pm (Mon – Wed, Fri – Sun), Closed Thurs

Popular For Lor Mee and Prawn Noodles Made With Passion
This stall that serves up both Lor Mee and Prawn Noodles and faces the main road, has one of the longest queues in the morning.

The stall opens 6am in the morning, and reaching early is the only way to avoid long queues.

A single bowl of Lor Mee cost $3, though you can get the $4 or $5 version.

The dish had a nice, tempting aroma, mostly from the black vinegar used; and braised meat was fatty and melt in your mouth tender.

But what was really distinct about it was the gooey gravy, which was quite flavourful and didn’t come across as cloying rich. I would say possibly one of the top 10 Lor Mee in Singapore.

Pin Xiang Chicken Rice
208 New Upper Changi Road, #01-03 Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Singapore 462208
Opening Hours: 9:30am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Simple-Looking But Flavourful Chicken Rice
It is not difficult to find a long queue at Pin Xiang as well. I won’t say you would find anything extraordinary about it, but it has a delicious traditional flavour for the rice which is quite comforting.

There are different varieties of chicken rice you can try here, the most popular being the Poached Chicken Rice ($3, $3.50), Roasted Chicken Rice ($3, $3.50), Lemon Chicken Rice ($3.50), Salad Chicken Rice ($3.50), Thai Chicken Rice ($3.50) along with sides of Crispy Bean Curd ($3.50) and Bean Sprouts ($2).

I got the regular serving size with Roasted Chicken and Rice ($3) and found that the rice was fragrant and fluffy.

The chicken was slippery smooth, and in good portion for its price as well, especially when it came with a bowl of sweet cabbage soup and some salted vegetables.

Teo’s Noodle
208 New Upper Changi Road, #01-26 Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Singapore 462208
Opening Hours: 6am – 1:30pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

Old-school Meepok with Bouncy Fish Balls
Another stall which is a favourite among Bedok residents, Teo’s Noodle stall serves up affordable and rather taste fish ball noodles in both soup and dry versions starting from $3.

Interesting note is that you can also add of those canned clams to add more seafood flavours in your dish.

The vinegar, the mixture of the sauces, and those orange fishcakes scream ”old school”. The noodles (I ordered mee pok) were quite delightfully springy and had a nice bite.

Fishballs were not the best (there is another stall nearby with juicy fishballs), but I would say the combination of everything made it quite appetizing – a nostalgic taste which is fast-disappearing.

Song Zhou Fried Carrot Cake
208 New Upper Changi Road, #01-37 Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Singapore 462208
Opening Hours: 7am – 8pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun

Soft and Fragrant Black Carrot Cake
While Song Zhou gets their carrot cake from a supplier and quality may not be consistent depending on who’s frying it, their Black Carrot Cake probably still ranks as one of the tops you can find in Singapore.

Accordingly, they have a secret which makes their carrot cake cubes softer and therefore delicious.

The pieces are fried with fresh chai poh and garlic, and later with egg batter, fish sauce and black sweet sauce.

Most people would order the Black ($3, $3.50, extra egg $0.50) in which each piece would be coated with the sweetness from the sauce, and slightly charred eggs.

A good balance of savoury and sweet. Get the extra eggs version.

208 New Upper Changi Road, #01-11 Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Singapore 462208
Tel: +65 65898494
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sat), 9:30am – 11pm (Sun)

Scrumptious and Mouthwatering Mee Rebus
Okay, I LOVE the Mee Rebus here. Top-notch. Thick gravy, lots of flavours going on from savoury, sweet to spicy, added with fresh cut chopped green chillies for that refreshing kick.

Inspirasi is known for its Mee Rebus, Soto Ayam, Mee Soto and Chicken Porridge, all super affordably priced at $2.50. These are hard to find prices.

While the queue may be long, the stall clears the line quite fast. Order the Mee Rebus and Mee Soto and you would love them for the delicious gravy and portion. Add bergedil (fried potato) for extra 50 cents.

Jefri The Original Botak Chicken Rice
208 New Upper Changi Road, #01-07 Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Singapore 462208
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Fri), 10:30am – 9pm (Sat), Closed Sun

Halal “The Original Botak Chicken Rice”
Operated since 1995, Jefri is known for its Nasi Goreng Ayam ($3.50) with chopped-up roast chicken on top of this orange rice.

I wonder who goes into the rice as it is mildly spicy and very addictive (I actually finished up to the last grain).

It was not as greasy and oily as I imagined – good for most who are calorie conscious, but I think some people would feel it lacks the fragrance. I thought it achieved a good balance and was almost bursting with flavours.

The stall also serves up a variety of dishes from Nasi Goreng Seafood ($3.50), Nasi Ayam ($3), Mee Soup ($3), Mee Goreng ($3.50), Mee Hong Kong ($3), Mee Hokkien ($3.50), Chap Chai ($3, $4), Mui Fan ($3.50) to Mee Bandung ($3.50). Your Halal chicken rice + zi-char stall.

New World Mutton Soup
208 New Upper Changi Road, #01-55 Bedok Interchange Food Centre, Singapore 460207
Opening Hours: 9:30am – 10pm (Mon, Wed – Sun), Closed Tues

Teochew-Style Mutton Soup Kway Teow
New World Mutton Soup stall found at Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre specialises in Teochew-style mutton soup, and offers a few variations of it.

It is also listed under the Michelin Guide Singapore with a “Michelin Plate”.

Start with the basic Mixture ($6, $8, $10) which uses their regular mutton, or the signature Mutton Soup ($6, $8, $10) which includes some better mutton.

Prepared after hours of boiling, the soup has a defined light herbal taste and captures the flavour essence of the mutton.

Most of the fats are cut off before cooking, so the soup will come across rather ‘clean-tasting’ and not too oily or rich.

Note its taste may be a tad too sweet for some diners. New World Mutton Soup (Bedok Interchange Food Centre)

99 Dessert in Cup
208 New Upper Changi Road, #01-60 Bedok Interchange Food Centre, Singapore 460207
Opening Hours: Varies

Chendol with Home-Made Recipe
This stall at Bedok Interchange Food Centre serves up a variety of desserts, but it is their “Homemade Chendol” ($2.50) which catches your eye, said to be made with a secret recipe with different ingredients.

The serving size is generous, and you could find quite a bit of ingredients buried under the Gula Melaka and ice shavings. You find your ‘treasure’ from red bean, sweet corn, attap chee to glass jelly.

The surprise is from the pandan ‘green worms’ which are thicker and fatter than the usual, with real pandan taste which isn’t very common. The Gula Melaka was also thick and sticky.

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