Good news for our Muslim friends. Japanese casual dining concept located in the heart of town, Sora Boru at 313@somerset has been Halal-certified.

There is also a new Sora Boru outlet at Westgate #01-08.

Take note that while the flagship at 313@somerset is Halal-certified, Westgate is still pending certification and their ingredients are from Halal-certified sources.

Playfully named after how Japanese pronounce ”bowls”, Sora Boru found at the basement of 313@somerset serves up variety of affordable one-bowl meals in the form of DonBoru (rice bowls), CurryBoru (curry rice bowls), ChirashiBoru (sashimi bowls) and Noodles.

NEW on the menu are five different types of Sushi Keiki aka ‘cakes’, which will be officially launched on 12th of September.

Here are some of the other interesting features of Sora Boru: Diners can also design their own Chirashi bowl through a six-step customisation process to choose their preferred size (mini starting from $9.50), base (sushi rice or greens), raw fish, add-ons, sauce and garnishes.

Add just $3.90 to make up a set with chawanmushi, miso soup and 12 oz regular drink. Plus, all prices stated are inclusive of GST with no additional service charge.

Here are some of Sora Boru’s food highlights:

Sushi Keiki

Sushi Keiki ($8.90)
Now you can have your sushi and cake at the same time. And you do not have to wait for a birthday celebration to have it.

These Sushi Keiki comes with a base of sushi rice and seaweed, topped with your choice of raw fish, add-ons, sauce and garnishes, then moulded like a mini-cake.

Choose between Chirashi, Salmon Avocado, Tuna Avocado, Tuna Mango or Crabmeat Tamago.

The Chirashi Sushi Keiki is similar to what you get in a Bara Chirashi bowl, but moulded into a cake shape. Get the Avocado Keiki if you enjoy mashed avocado which would add a creamy texture and rich flavour.

Feel free to explore your creativity on how you want to have them.

You can slice them by piece like a cake; mix the ingredients all up; wrap the ingredients in the seaweed like a sushi roll.

My recommendation? Split a cake into three, and experience a combination of all of the above.

Snow Beef Don

Snow Beef Don ($7.50 for mini, $11.90 for regular)
This has been one of the best-sellers of Sora Boru since its opening, and it is not difficult to understand why.

The inclusion of grated parmesan and a special sweet-savoury sauce made from whipping cream may remind diners of a Korean-meets-Japanese meal; and I don’t think this style is served anywhere else in Singapore.

The donburi (rice bowls) is constructed with a base of steamed rice, a choice of either stewed cabbage or seasoned beansprouts, then piled with succulent flame-grilled beef slices.

While you would expect donburis to be savoury, this is sweet, creamy and cheesy, and would appeal to those who are more adventurous to try something new and interesting.

Volcano Beef Don

Volcano Beef Don ($7.50 for mini, $11.90 for regular)
This is personally my favourite bowl. The name “volcano” comes from the spicy ‘lava’ that runs down the side.

That sauce is created with a spicy, earthy flavour that is like a cross between the Korean gochujang sauce and local sambal chilli (the aftertaste).

Paired with stewed cabbage – I feel it goes better (or seasoned bean sprouts) and slices of beef that are first marinated in a special blend of shoyu sauces, stir-fried for wok-heat, then torched for added smokiness.

The Snow Beef Don, Volcano Bee Don and ChirashiBoru are available in two sizes – Mini and Regular. The kids-sized Mini bowls are for those who really want something light, or would like to try a few different dishes in one seating.

Garlic Fried Rice

Garlic Fried Rice ($10.50 for chicken, $12.50 for salmon, $13.50 for unagi)
Also known as ”Chahan” or ”Yakimeshi”, the fragrant Garlic Fried Rice is cooked using Japanese rice and house garlic shoyu sauce, with choices of chicken, salmon or unagi (Japanese eel).

As this is cooked using premium Koshihikari short-grain rice, this is a little starchier and plumper that the usual zi-char fried rice you have outside.

The crispy fried garlic chips also add a wonderful garlicky flavour.

Unagi Tamago Don ($19.50)
A bowl of grilled eel glazed with a sweetened and caramelised soy-based tare, over Japanese steamed rice accompanied with strips of egg that add a pop of colour.

The eel was surprisingly soft and fleshy, moderately fat with rich taste.

Breaded Ebi with Shabu Beef ($14.50)
Other than donburi, you can also expect Curry dons such as Chicken Katsu ($12.50), Chicken Karaage ($12.50), Shabu Beef ($12.50), Breaded Salmon ($12.50) and Bread Ebi ($12.50)

The “CurryBoru” showcases mildly spicy gravy Japanese curry cooked with a secret recipe, with options of three varying levels of spiciness.

Have the best of both worlds with a two-protein-combos of bread tempura prawn with shabu beef, a surf n’ turf style curry rice.

So you get a bit of crispiness from the tempura prawns, and juiciness from the thinly sliced meat that is not commonly found in Singapore.

Sora Boru

I just noticed that Sora Boru has introduced new BROWN SUGAR Iced Milk Tea ($3.50) – no bubbles though. For something refreshing, thirst-quenching and possibly good for the guts, get your hands on the crowd-favourite Apple Yogurt Soda or Orange Yogurt Soda.

Sora Boru
313@somerset #B3-19/20, 313 Orchard Road, Singapore 238895
Opening Hours: 11am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Soru Boru – Westgate
3 Gateway Drive Westgate #01-08 Singapore 608532
Opening Hours: 11am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Sora Boru

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Sora Boru.


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