[Taipei] All Day Roasting Company is established in 2014, the year when most cafes in Songshan District has sprung up to liven up Taipei’s coffee scene.

While it has always been on my to-go list, I have only managed to head over All Day Roasting Café recently due to its slightly-off location.

Located in Songshan District, this spacious naturally-lighted coffee bar is a juxtaposition of cement, wood, steel, and glass.

Depending on your need to socialise, feel free to pick your spot among the different sections. Sit in front of the baristas, share a table with friends, or face a wall.

Savour every drip of their coffees, all roasted in-house.

Say hello to the available single origin bean selection, whiff their aroma, before you select your daily pour-over coffee.

Soy and almond milk are available for those who have a special preference for the milk in their coffee.

Other than the usual choices such as Latte (NT$160, NT$170 for iced) and Cappuccino (NT$150), there is a special “coffee with natural flavours” section offered Plant Based Latte (NT$180), Hazelnut, Roasted Almond, Parsley & Nuts and Brown Sugar Latte (NT$180).

Among the espresso drinks, try their Peanut Butter Latte (NT$180) for its novelty. Imagine a rich, smooth, sweet dollop of peanut butter blended into that strong espresso taste. Unusual, but worth trying.

Or try their well-frothed Gibraltar (NT$150) with a 1:3 espresso to milk ratio. Their espresso blend has subtle acidity and chocolate notes.

For food, they have the usual pastries and light lunch options like sandwiches and salads.

Their specialty includes Baguette Sandwiches (NT$280) with salami, smoked salmon, pastrami, French ham fillings; or Signature Hot Dog Trio (NT$180), Croissant with Pastrami (NT$180) and Shakshuka (NT$280).

Perfect place to have a good cup of cuppa, read a book, or just immerse in its rather photogenic space.

All Day Roasting Company
No. 329, Yanshou Street, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105
Tel: +886 2 8787 4468
Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm (Mon – Sun)
Google Maps – All Day Roasting Café

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  1. The cafe seems like a snug place to hangout with friends or even spend some time alone. I love how you have provided the prices for the drinks and the food. These pictures are making me crave a good cup of coffee.


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