[Ipoh, Malaysia] When I first wrote about Woong Kee Traditional Bean Curd which serves Blue Tau Fu Fa, enthusiastic readers mentioned that the original owners had already sold off their business.

It seems like they have subsequently opened Big Mom Beancurd just 100 metres away from their original store.

My immediate reaction is to check out Big Mom Beancurd too (since it’s supposed to be the OG) even though I was already pretty satisfied with the ones I had at Woong Kee Traditional Bean Curd.

Unlike Woong Kee which has a ‘cosy’ space of only 12 stools, Big Mom Beancurd has a (much) bigger set-up with more than 60 seats indoors.

Their signature Hot Beancurd comes in 3 different flavours: Ginger (RM1.40, SGD0.50), Brown Sugar (RM1.40, SGD0.50) and weekends-exclusive Chrysanthemum (RM1.90, SGD0.65).

Toppings are available for add-on to the beancurd and they are priced at RM0.70 (SGD0.25) each with options such as Peanuts with Sesame, Red bean, Grass jelly and Pumpkin rice balls.

For a more substantial portion, the SuperStar (RM3.50, SGD1.20) comes with 3 toppings – Peanuts with Sesame, Red bean, Grass jelly that can satisfy those who would like to try all the flavours in a bowl.

The service is prompt and staffs are all very polite and enthusiastic when it comes to giving recommendations.

My favourite was the SuperStar (RM3.50, SGD1.20) with ginger syrup that comes in bowl brimming with ingredients.

The beancurd is slightly smoother and richer in soybean taste compared to the ones I had at Woong Kee.

The texture is more bouncy and wobbly, which literally glides down my throat in seconds, all thanks to the limestone hills that are known for their mineral-rich spring water used to create their beancurd.

All the 3 toppings complimented well with one another, especially the peanuts with sesame added more aroma and fragrance to the bowl of dessert.

Since it is the weekend, I decided to try out their exclusive Chrysanthemum beancurd with Pumpkin rice balls.

Coincidentally, the Pumpkin Rice balls are available in limited quantity during my visit, and I told that these are only on the last 2 weekends each month.

I enjoyed the beancurd with the right amount of sweetness that did not overpower the taste of the beancurd.

This bowl of beancurd comes with different levels of texture in it, from the smooth silky beancurd to the chewy mochi-like pumpkin rice balls made from glutinous rice that goes well with the light and floral chrysanthemum syrup.

Drinks such as Soy Milk (Cup RM1.80/ SGD0.60, Bottle RM2.20/ SGD0.75) and Black Bean Soy Milk (Cup RM2/ SGD0.70, Bottle RM2.60/ SGD0.90).

Grass Jelly is available as an add on by topping up RM0.20, SGD0.10.

The Purple Sweet Potato Soy Milk caught my attention with its bright purple hue. known for being high in fibre, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties.

Slightly thicker in texture compared to normal soy milk, the Purple Sweet Potato Soy Milk is a delightful treat in their hot climate.

Out of the many Tau Fu Fa I tried during my visit to Ipoh, Big Mom Beancurd is still my favourite with a more refined and balanced taste even though beancurd is such as a simple dish on its own.

Thanks (Big) Mom for such a delightful and memorable bowl of dessert.

Big Mom Beancurd 靓妈豆花店
22-24, Jalan Yang Kalsom, Taman Jubilee, Ipoh, Malaysia
Opening Hours: 12pm – 5pm (Fri – Wed), Closed Thurs
Google Maps – Big Mom Beancurd

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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