When you put “2 Michelin stars”, “uni” and “ramen” in the same line – which will be an excellent marketing tool, people will be curious about what’s being offered.

Seizan Uni Ramen is an Uni Ramen kiosk set up within Wisma’s Atria Picnic – a Marche-style food hall. You get an ordering mechanism, order at the stall, and pay at the end.

It is not “Michelin ramen” per se though.

There are only three 1-Michelin starred ramen eateries from Tokyo – Tsuta 蔦, Nakiryu and Konjiki Hototogisu, though two brands have already arrived in Singapore.

The association came about as Seizan Uni Ramen is an offshoot of the 2-Michelin starred Seizan which is a kaiseki restaurant. There is also Nabe Seizan, a Japanese hotpot restaurant located at Japan Food Town Singapore upstairs.

Seizan Uni Ramen

I didn’t head down immediately to try (especially when I love ramen so much) because I heard reviews on both ends.

Some gave the noodles and broth extremely high praise; while there is a sizable number of people who thought it was average at best.

There are three main items sold here, the Uni Ramen ($21), Kumamoto Wagyu Ramen ($20), and Dashi Somen ($18).

The signature Uni Ramen is cooked up from the “2-Michelin star Dashi” which is prepared over 10 hours, and fresh Bafu Uni melted into the stock.

Seizan Uni Ramen

What you get is a creamy-orangey base matched with specially-made curly ramen noodles, topped with cha shu, egg, leeks, spring onion, spinach and seaweed.

Diners are advised not to spend too long on photo-taking as the noodles would quickly absorb the stock.

Okay. The stock itself had that mildly-sweet taste and creamy texture that could remind some of say pumpkin soup.

The distinctive flavour of the briny uni was faint and subtle, so you wished there was more of that.

Noodles were cooked soft (maybe too soft) and limpy, perhaps cooked this way to better match the thicker broth, though I would have preferred if there was more bite.

It wasn’t as life-changing as I would have expected, but would say it was a not bad bowl.

Seizan Uni Ramen

Thankfully, I also ordered the Kumamoto Wagyu Ramen ($21) which balanced out the richness of the meal overall.

The light saltiness of the broth reminded me of a certain type of Taiwanese Beef Noodles interestingly.

My friend wondered why the shop would be set up within a foodcourt rather than a standalone eatery. Because you may not get the type of “Japanese service” or even consistency across bowls. I suspect it would be gauge response before moving on to bigger things.

Seizan Uni Ramen

Seizan Uni Ramen
Wisma Atria, Picnic #03-15, 435 Orchard Road, Singapore 238877
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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