That was fast. C Plus Café which opened at Rangoon Road less than a year ago, has ended operations.

In comes “Gather the Misfits”.

A peculiar name for a café (may lack of that ‘ring’), but it is a space which desires to see friendships and collaborations fostered.

The location may be slightly hard to find, near Mrs Pho House and (Old) Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant, diagonally opposite Ng Ah Sio Bak Kut Teh.

The menu is kept rather lean for now. In terms of the food aspect, there are offerings of Toasties, Ice Cream and Waffles.

Mains include Grilled Cheese Waffle ($13), Kimchi Grilled Cheese Waffle ($15), Pesto Grilled Cheese Waffle ($15), Parma Ham Grilled Cheese Waffle ($18), and Easy-Does-It Breakie ($16) with scrambled eggs and parma ham.

The highlight of Gather the Misfits is Earl Grey Waffle with Pandan Ice Cream ($9.50).

What was kind of special was that the waffles being round and flat looked like one of those old-school ones sold at the neighbourhood shops (I don’t mean this in a bad way), with a pleasant chewy bite in the middle.

The house-made pandan ice cream added a delicate sweetness and fragrance, though the earl grey could have been quite over-shadowed in this case.

I wondered if there could be a more complementary waffles and ice cream combination.

On another hand, there was a part of me that wished that café went all out for a rather ‘mis-fitting’ flavour which actually worked – so that there is more of a unique factor.

The coffees, priced at $5 for Latte to $6.50 for Iced Mocha, are brewed using a blend of beans roasted by Prodigal Café. The taste is medium-bodied with an earthy finish.

There are also seasonal brews on Single Origins for third wave coffee drinkers using various methods including v60 and aeropress. Local favourites are the limited Guatemalan Santa Felisa and Myanmar Black Honey.

To be honest, while I semi-liked this café due to its cosiness and friendliness – it is a place you can possibly chill away your entire afternoon, I am not sure if its menu is appealing enough to the modern-day customers.

You see, there was a time (maybe 5 years ago) when café hoppers would go all out for just waffles, but not quite anymore.

At this day and age when being ‘instagrammable’ is simply not enough, I think they could afford to be more adventurous and unique with the food offerings – in line with their name.

Gather the Misfits
217 Rangoon Road Singapore 218457 (near to Farrer Park MRT Station)
Tel: +65 9298 7291
Opening Hours: 10am – 6pm (Fri – Sun), Closed Mon – Thurs

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