Woobbee is now available for islandwide delivery from 11am to 9pm daily through their new cloud kitchens at Tampines and Orchard.

Head over to woobbee.b28.io for more details.

WB Signature drinks include HerbalMint Milk Tea ($4.20), Double Chocolate Milk ($4.20), and Honey Mint Milk Tea ($3.40). Note that there is a minimum spending of $30 required.

[The following is a writeup of Woobbee X AC.Kafe] AC Kafè by ActionCity is a first of its kind designer-art toy themed cafe, a collaboration between beverage concept Woobbee and the home-grown collectible retail brand.

Woobbee is one of the few locally-conceptualised bubble tea shops that stood the test of time.

I remember when I first wrote about Woobbee (its name derived from the Chinese word of 无比 which means “unbeatable”) some 9 years ago.

Today it has 5 outlets at Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Chinatown Point, Shaw Tower, One North (Innovis), while this concept shop at AC.Kafe Jewel Changi Airport Level 4, is a collaboration with ActionCity.

Woobbee is co-run by 2 partners – Irene Low & Benjamin Lim, their experience and innovative spirits helped create different appealing flavours, some unseen in the market.

You can get to experience Woobbee’s brand new menu exclusive to AC Kafe.

Located at Jewel Changi Airport Level 4, Woobbee is housed with AC.Kafe at this new exciting setup where creative drinks, food and toys are cleverly combined together to present a fresh F&B concept and experience.

Using premium ingredients like pure wild flower honey, special dark chocolate, first-rate syrups, and Hokkaido fresh milk, Woobbee only uses raw sugar in preparing their signature drinks.

The drinks are healthier since raw sugar is less processed/chemically bleached than fructose and white sugar.

Each cup is prepared in-store, not pre-mixed.

They will combine freshly brewed tea with sugar, fresh milk, and flavourings only upon order. All you have to do is shake it up.

Have fun discovering unique local flavours like Herbalmint (Pei Pa Koa) Tea Latte, Popcorn Honey Tea Latte, Salty Lemon Mint Green Tea, and Wild Flower Honey Teas, just to name a few. (You will also notice they use eco-carriers made of recycled materials. That’s WB Green in action.)

Thirsty for more? Here are the recommended items to try at Woobbee X AC.Kafe:

1. Woobbee 2.0 Herbalmint (Pei Pa Koa) Tea Latte ($6.80)
One of their signature flavours, Herbalmint or Pei Ka Koa, is infused into this redesigned 2.0 milk tea beverage.

Not reading wrong. It is that Nin Jiom Chinese herbal syrup that you probably take when you are nursing a cough or sore throat.

You may be sceptical about it, but this has become one of my favourite drinks (my personal default order it the Herbalmint + White Pearls). That cool, minty sensation as it trickles down the throat can be very smoothing.

Woobbee has been serving this for a while, but has relaunched it with the addition of Hokkaido Fresh Milk.

The result is a richer, creamier drink. Available only regular sized, this minty concoction is recommended when you need both the refreshing and the throat-soothing herbal power of pei pa koa. (Another personal tip: Have it near the JEWEL Rain Vortex, and feel the liang-ness both inside and out.)

2. Woobbee Popcorn Honey Tea Latte ($6.80, with honey comb $8.40)
Another house special milk tea you shouldn’t miss is Popcorn Honey Tea Latte, an exclusive item at AC Kafe.

This tea comes with Wild Flower Honey, known for its unique taste and nutrients.

To even boost that flavour and texture, you can add some honey comb for $1.60.

While this is quite a fun and bold flavour, the addition of popcorns gave it this added nutty, buttery twang and caramel-sweetness. It doesn’t go over on the popcorn flavour, and the subtlety and bite can be quite appealing.

3. Woobbee Salty Lemon Mint Green Tea ($6.80, with honey comb $8.40)
If you are the type who loves your things cool and lemony all at the same time, go for this cold green tea that carries a unique blend of salty, sour, and minty notes.

Each cup comes with fresh wedges of lemons to refresh you, and the addition of salt may just remind you of margarita. (Or you know, like the Himalayan Salt Candy but in drink form.)

4. Honey Earl Grey Tea w Wild Flower Honey ($4.50, $5.60)
Had a bad day? Sweeten it up with a cup of Honey Tea, made with wild flower honey.

Available in small and regular sizes, this tea can be customised with either Black Pearls or Tremella (White Fungus).

And in case you are not a fan of Earl Grey, feel free to have the Green Tea variant instead.

5. Intense Caramel Tea Latte ($5.40, $6.50)
Like all of Woobbee’s milk teas, this drink comes with Hokkaido-sourced fresh milk.

If you love strong flavours, this latte is a perfect choice. The luscious caramel sauce mingling with the creamy white milk creates an intense smoky-sweet flavoured beverage.

6. Azuki Matcha Green Tea Latte ($6.30, $7.80)
If you have a particular penchant for tea, you might be drawn to the Azuki Matcha Green Tea Latte.

Get that premium taste of shade-grown tea leaves, and combine that with the delicious pasty texture of Azuki beans. The matcha green tea leaves are quite gao-gao, with a pleasant lingering bitterness.

Sip into this antioxidant-rich iced latte, made extra creamy with the addition of Hokkaido fresh milk. Almost like having a dessert in a drink.

7. Signature Milk Tea ($4.80, With Black Pearls $5.60)
First timers can opt for Woobbee’s Signature Milk Tea, available in either Earl Grey or Green Tea variants.

You can customise this basic drink by adding either Black Pearls, Grass Jelly, White Pearls, Tremella and Honey Comb toppings. I say, try something different and go for the white pearls.

8. Yakult Green Tea ($5.20, $6.30)
Keep your belly health in check with this Yakult-flavoured Green Tea.

This healthy drink comes in three flavours – strawberry, yuzu, and peach. You get the benefits of good bacteria plus the refreshing, fruity flavours all in one cup, and that slightly milky texture.

Good when you are having feeling bloated in the tummy and need a thirst-quencher.

9. Dark Chocolate Tea Latte ($5.40, $6.50)
Chocoholics, you are not forgotten. Woobbee has created a special tea latte just for you.

Packed with powerful antioxidants and beneficial nutrients, the dark chocolate’s bittersweet taste cuts through the richness of Hokkaido fresh milk.

Together, tea and chocolate make this an energizing cold drink.

Sip your favourite milk tea as you marvel the view before you. Your ambiance can’t get any better with the world’s tallest indoor waterfall just nearby, and the BE@RBRICK display from Japan ready to tease all the geeks out there.

Woobbee X AC.Kafe
ActionCity Jewel Changi Airport #04-223 & 224, 78 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819666
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Other Woobbee Outlets
Tanjong Pagar: 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-18 Singapore 082001
Shaw Tower: 100 Beach Road #01-53 Singapore 189702
Chinatown: 133 New Bridge Road #02-26 Chinatown Point Singapore 059413
One-North: 2 Fusionopolis Way #01-06 Innovis Singapore 138634

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Woobbee.



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