With a plethora of mooncakes all around you, it is best to focus on the really good ones. Like the top-selling mooncakes from award-winning brand Hang Heung Cake Shop 恒香老饼家.

Talk about the best traditional mooncakes and pastries from Hong Kong, and Hang Heung will certainly come to mind. Have you ever carried boxes of their cakes on board back home?

Now the good news is, if Hong Kong seems too far away, you can get these goodies right in Singapore.

Direct from Hong Kong, these festive mooncakes have found their way to BreadTalk stores in celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival. (Plus, find out how to enjoy 20% OFF any 2 boxes of 4pcs Mooncake Set. More details at the end of the post.)

This is the first time that BreadTalk Group is bringing in the famed mooncakes from Hang Heung, and let’s hope this will signal more partnerships to come.

More on Hang Heung Cake Shop: This 99-year old heritage brand has stood the test of time, starting as a humble bakery in Yuen Long back in the 1920s.

Known for their Old Wives Cakes (老婆饼) – Hong Kong’s most popular traditional specialty, Hang Heung has become a household name ever since.

If you grew up watching TVB dramas, you would see their pastries on the dinner table or as family gifts.

Their dedication in the craft of traditional Chinese baking was recognized by the Hong Kong Food Council. In June 2019, they bagged the prestigious title of a Centurion brand.

From now till 13 September, you can troop to your nearest BreadTalk and grab some of these prized goodies.

Expect to find their top-selling classic – White Lotus Seed Mooncake with Double Yolk, and other varieties that will showcase the authentic flavours of Hong Kong. Here’s more:

White Lotus Seed Mooncake with Double Yolk 双黄白莲蓉月饼 ($63 for 4 pieces)
Laboriously prepared, this superior mooncake skipped the machines and is individually handcrafted with ingredients from Hunan, Xianglian.

It is filled with a signature White Lotus Seed paste that encapsulates double fine-grade salted egg yolks for double the pleasure.

Using a century-old technique, the lotus root and skin is delicately removed to ensure the finest quality is achieved. It is cooked for 3-4 hours, then pureed to a smooth, consistent paste. That silky paste is quite a trendsetter as Hang Heung was the first to create such recipe.

If you crave for those good-old traditional mooncakes, then THIS is for you. Without the frills and thrills, the lotus paste would be what I would describe as “xiang” or fragrant. The fillings are luxuriously-smooth, yet not too greasy.

What seals the deal are really those salted eggs. I am trying to cut down on cholesterol intake, but these grainy rich yolks that are still plump and moist really complete the mooncake.

Get this signature set in a stylish gold floral-decorated tin box, ready for gift-giving to your loved ones.

Assorted Mooncakes Set 四喜满堂月饼礼盒 ($63 for 4 pieces)
If your family and friends enjoy a variety, the premium gift of choice would be the Assorted Mooncakes Set.

The set comes with four variants, each highlighting its handcrafted expertise and use of traditional flavours.

You will not only get the Signature White Lotus Paste with Double Yolk but also the Classic Red Lotus Paste with Double Yolk, Red Bean Paste Mooncake, and Mixed Nuts Mooncake.

(Most Singaporeans seem to prefer White Lotus Paste because it seems silkier and not as sweet; but Red Lotus Paste is typically seen as the pricier option in Hong Kong.)

Red Bean Paste Mooncake Set 纯正红豆沙月饼礼盒 ($51 for 4 pieces)
This mooncake is filled with a mildly sweet filling, prepared with protein-rich red beans mashed to a pulp and transformed into an enticing paste.

Break a piece to encounter that enticing bean aroma, then take a bite to feel its satisfyingly smooth texture on your tongue.

The Red Bean Paste Mooncake to me, has a more old-school savour. Also it is more ‘unadulterated’ as it comes without yolks. Best to go with a cup of Chinese tea or kopi-o.

Mixed Nuts Mooncake 伍仁月饼 ($18 for 1 piece)
Those revellers who love having a variety of nuts in their mooncake will love the Mixed Nuts Mooncake, made with a parade of nuts.

Each piece is brimming with almonds, walnuts, melon seeds, sesame seeds, winter melon seeds, and olive seeds.

While I know the younger folks generally may not put the “Wu Ren” as their first choice of mooncake, it kind of grows on you, with each bite exploding with layers of textures from the crunchy nuts to the sweet filling.

Hang Heung Mooncakes available:
From now till 13 Sep 2019 at all BreadTalk outlets island-wide, while stocks last.

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* This entry is brought to you in partnership with BreadTalk Group.


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