The rise of popularity of Korean cuisine is unstoppable, with Korean concepts swiftly expanding across Asia.

Yoogane is one of those, now the No. 1 Chicken Galbi brand in Korea with more than 170 outlets in South Korea, East Asia and Southeast Asia.

With a recent menu revamp, what you expect with a whole bunch of Korean dishes; smaller plates dishes for sharing; all at more affordable pricing.

Designed by Korean Head Chef Nick Kang (nicknamed “handsome chef”), the Yoogane Singapore menu affords you more variety of dishes in one meal because of its shareable portion size.

The more people in your group, the better! Chill, bond, and share the calories over these Yoogane classics and new line-up of Korean dishes:

Chicken Galbi, Yoogane Dak Galbi ($48.80++ for large with cheese; $14.80++ for small, $22.80++ for medium, $30.80++ for large without cheese)
Dubbed as the No. 1 Chicken Galbi in Korea, a feat it accomplished after being in the business for almost 40 years. Yoogane originated in Busan, South Korea back in 1981 and has set itself apart from other chicken galbi competitors with its unique blend of sauces and seasoning.

Therefore, your dining experience ain’t complete without getting the Yoogane’s signature dish of the Dak Galbi.

The good news is: other than the bigger Cheese Dak Galbi version which is great for sharing, there are now three other portion sizes (without the cheese ring) to fit your group or appetite.

So even individual diners who have a sudden craving for the spicy chicken can go for the option of small.

This stir-fried dish begins with chunks of chicken meat marinated in a unique spicy sauce. A special in-house Gochujang (hot pepper paste) is the essential ingredient here.

The chicken will be cooked in a hot iron pan in front with you, along with fresh ingredients of tteok (rice cakes), cabbage, potatoes, and sliced leeks – till they all turn soft with flavours absorbed.

The spiciness is still manageable, yet can provide a sweet-spicy kick that is quite addictive.

If seafood is to your liking, there is also the Baby Octopus, Octopus, and Seafood & Chicken Galbi versions.

Cheese Chicken Bulgogi, Cheese Dak Bulgogi ($48.80++ for large with cheese; $14.80++ for small, $22.80++ for medium, $30.80++ for large without cheese)
If you are not a fan of spiciness, go instead for the Dak Bulgogi. This equally tender chicken is marinated with a sweet-peppery bulgogi seasoning.

Order the cheese version, and the chunks of chicken meat will stir-fried tableside by your server, with enoki mushroom, bell peppers, leeks and carrots.

Cheese fans will enjoy dak-dipping and pulling cheese strings as this dish comes with cheese on the rim of the iron grill pan.

Also available in 3 other sizes (without the cheese ring) to give you more options.

Honey Butter Chicken Wings ($12.80++)
Korean-style chicken wings are so popular they’re gearing up in the sauce department. This version uses a home-made honey butter sauce, a flavour that calls out to the sweet tooths out there.

The savoury taste of crunchy chicken skin is balanced with the natural sweetness of honey, accentuated with the rich smooth taste of butter.

Seafood Pancake, Haemul Pajeon ($13.80++)
Yoogane’s Pajeon (pancake) is filled with assorted haemul (seafood), reflecting the chef’s favourite pancake.

The pancake batter is mixed with little shrimps and bits of squid, then reinforced with whole lengths of spring onions, then fried ‘til crisp around the edges.

The eggy center is supple and a little chewy. Served already sliced, with an in-house soy sauce-based dipping sauce for extra flavour, all sprinkled with some roasted sesame seeds.

Ginseng Chicken Soup, Samgyetang ($26.80++, meant for 2 pax)
This nutritious soup is a must if you want something to warm your tummy, or just need an extra boost of energy.

Cooked with a special blend of herbs (including the powerful ginseng), the traditional Samgyetang is prepared with a fresh whole spring chicken slow-cooked over 4 hours until tender.

This shareable soup is large enough for 2. Compared to the usual versions, Yoogane’s take is on the milkier side, which I think quite a number of diners would enjoy.

Spicy Cheese Rabboki ($12.80++)
Rabboki is ramyeon + tteokbokki, a spicy dish which is a variation of the traditional tteokbokki.

But aside from the tteok (Korean rice cakes) swimming in the gochujang-based spicy sauce, Korean ramyeon noodles are also added.

It is quite filling, especially when combined with other ingredients like fish cakes or hard-boiled eggs. Yoogane has made it extra special by topping it cheese.

One of my favourites to go dish for a quick lunch option.

Kimchi & Cheese Egg Roll ($12.80++)
The basic Korean egg roll is upgraded with the addition of tangy kimchi and yummy cheese. Order this as a side dish while the staff is busy cooking your Dak Galbi, which could take a few minutes.

It is perfect to munch on these while waiting in anticipation. Best to eat the egg roll while they are still warm.

Fried Chicken with Chilli & Garlic, Kkanpunggi ($12.80++)
Kkanpunggi is a Korean dish invented by Chinese immigrants in Korea, similar to the popular Korean Jjajangmyeon and Jjamppong.

In Chinese, it literally means kkan (dry), pung (stir-fry), and gi (chicken).

Chunks of boneless chicken are seasoned with soy sauce, ginger, then mixed with some starch to make it crunchy once fried.

Once fried, the crunchy chicken pieces are tossed in a sweet, sour, and spicy sauce made with dried red chili, garlic, vinegar, and onion leeks.

Warning: can be very addictive, and can remind many of the Chinese’s sweet and sour chicken, except that this is crunchy and has a spicier take.

Hwa Chae ($7.80++)
Hwa Chae is a general term for traditional Korean punches made with various fruits or edible flower petals.

Cool down with a refreshing glass of Yoogane’s Hwa Chae and wash your palate after all the spicy and savoury dishes you’ve taken in.

Featuring two kinds of fruit, watermelon and peach, this Korean-style dessert is made smooth and creamy with the addition of milk.

Yoogane Mocktails ($3.80++ – $5.80++)
After all that heat from the Dak Galbi, have a refreshing mocktail drink in which you can choose from Apple Paradise, Sunset Rise, Sulpee Sour and Summer Love.

The recommended is the Daydream with a touch of passionfruit, apple and orange. Cheers!

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Tel: +65 6710 7821
Opening Hour: 11:30am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Yoogane.



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