168 CMY Satay – Michelin-Recommended Chun Man Yuan Satay With Delicious Pineapple Peanut Sauce, At Chinatown Food Complex


One of the most known Michelin-listed satays in Singapore is probably Chomp Chomp Satay at Chomp Chomp Food Centre, but there is also 168 CMY Satay at Chinatown Complex Food Centre.

(Just a note: both received the “Michelin Plate”, which is very much different from a “Michelin Star”, though many are unaware of the difference.)

If you are a satay lover, you may find “CMY” vaguely familiar. It is short for “Chun Man Yuan”, one of Singapore’s largest satay supplier.

Chun Man Yuan itself had humble beginnings as a hawker stall at Potong Pasir in 1985, and now has a central kitchen at Bedok North and is currently helmed by a second-generation business owner.

The manufacturer currently supplies satay to 168 CMY Satay – so named because it is located on the 168th stall at Level 2 of Chinatown Complex Food Centre.

The menu is pretty straightforward, offering Pork, Chicken, and Mutton Satays at 60 cents per stick. A minimum of 10 sticks is required for each order.

You can add some Ketupat rice (also for 60 cents) which is rice cakes wrapped and steamed in banana leaves.

The satays here are cooked-to-order, so they are still juicy upon serving. The skewered meats achieved the right amount of char from the grilling.

You can tell they have been seasoned and marinated well because they are tender and flavourful.

Compared to the average stall, these satay sticks have an appealing sweetness, though some may wish that they are meatier.

Part of a good satay equation is the sauce. Their sweet, chunky peanut sauce satay side-kick adds even more flavour and fruitiness because of the dollop of pineapple sauce in it.

The stall is co-shared, and so you would also find Satay Beehoon ($4, $5) operated by another lady at the other half of the stall. There is no relation between the two in terms of operations and recipe.

It was a decent plate of Satay Bee Hoon, fragrantly nutty and not that spicy at all. Could be better if the sauce had a thicker, luscious consistency.

Take the MRT and exit A of Chinatown Station. You’ll find 168 CMY Satay at the 2nd floor of the Chinatown Complex Food Centre.

168 CMY Satay
Block 335, Smith Street, #02-168, Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre, Singapore 050335
Tel: +65 9475 2907
Opening Hours: 9am – 7pm (Tue – Sun), Closed Mon

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