There are quite a number of hawker stalls in Singapore recommended under the Michelin Guide with a “Michelin Plate”, though this comes as a bit of a surprise.

The 1950s Coffee 五十年代咖啡 Wu Shi Nian Dai is a Michelin-listed kopi stall located at Chinatown Complex Food Centre that serves traditional Nanyang kopi-O or black coffee.

So did the Michelin inspectors enjoy it for the coffee or the toast? (I don’t think it is for the eggs.) Still rather perplexing, but anyway…

The 1950s Coffee 五十年代咖啡

The stall serves up Traditional Toast ($1.20), Peanut Thick Toast ($1.20), Kaya Thick Toast ($1.20), Black Coffee ($1.00), Half-Boiled Egg ($1.20), Iced Lemon Tea ($1.10), and Milo Ice ($1.80).

There is always a moderately long queue in line.

There is a reason why. Compared to some other coffee stalls, their kopi ($1.10) is full bodied, velvety smooth, and not over diluted.

It has a fragrant aroma, and not too bitter for a black local coffee.

May be worth to break your routine as their kopi tarik (pulled coffee) is the star here. Locals do line up for a dose of caffeine from this famous brew.

If you are more of a tea drinker, they have a standard milk tea.

Complete your experience by ordering a Traditional Toast ($1.20) or the Peanut Thick Toast ($1.20) on the side.

Come early to make sure to get those lightly toasted thick-sliced bread. With the queue, the bread tends to run out by noon time.

While they were better than the average – fluffy and not overly dry, I didn’t find the toast particularly outstanding.

If you’re a fan of kaya (green pandan-infused coconut jam), better pair your kopi with their Kaya Thick Toast ($1.20).

You can also get the usual soft-boiled eggs. They will serve it as whole eggs, then you crack them into your bowl. Sprinkle with white pepper, pour some soy sauce, then dip the kaya toast as you eat.

Interesting to know: for those in Hong Kong, The 1950s Coffee is also available under the Tian Tian Plus concept at Causeway Bay.

The 1950s Coffee 五十年代咖啡

The 1950s Coffee 五十年代咖啡
Block 335, Smith Street, Stall #02-048, Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre, Singapore 050335
Tel: +65 8439 0434
Opening Hours: 7am – 8:30pm (Mon – Sun)

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