From Los Angeles, California to a small shopfront at the basement floor of Wheelock Place along tourist-centric Orchard Road, Little Damage has opened its first outpost in South-east Asia.

With a white counter where orders and collection of soft serve is made, the entire space (including the wall and the floor) is decorated in black, grey and white geometric patterns.

Previously seen on CNN, BuzzFeed, INSIDER and Time Out LA, I had high expectation for this Gothic-looking soft serve which was previously trending on Instagram.

Well, it seem like grey-black food is back in trend, such as the gravity-defying Black Sofserve from Emma at Plaza Singapura and Black Sesame Milk from Milksha at Suntec City.

On a side note, Little Damage resembles a darker version of Aqua S at Orchard Xchange.

Instead of the conventional flavours, Little Damage offers unique ones which rotate on a regular basis.

The soft serve is prepared daily in small batches using ingredients from local dairy farms without any preservatives.

Note that there will always at least one vegan option available for those who are lactose-intolerant or those who prefer a dairy-free option.

At the time of visit, four flavours are available – Coffee Caramel ($7), White Chocolate ($7), Unicorn Tears ($7) and Vegan Cookie Butter ($7.50).

Activated charcoal would be added to one of the flavours to turn it black, and in this case, it was the Coffee Caramel.

Each soft serve comes with 1 complimentary topping such as popcorn (additional $1), rainbow sprinkle, chocolate chips, rainbow cornflakes, chocolate balls and desiccated coconut.

“Once you go black, you’ll never go back”, I decided to get the black cone (additional $2) instead of the cup version #ForTheGram.

Known to be infused with charcoal for its additional health benefits, the black waffle cone is thicker than most other cones I had come across, giving an additional crunch to the soft serve even though the charcoal itself didn’t have any distinct flavour.

On a side note, the friendly staff actually allowed me to try out all the various flavours available before making my decision.

My favourite was the coffee caramel, with notes of bitter espresso balanced by the sweet caramel.

Even though black soft serve may look “Instagram-worthy”, it actually stained the teeth and tongue easily. So take note if you are going on a blind-date after.

Generally, the texture of the soft serve was smooth and velvety, but leaned towards the sweeter side.

The Unicorn Tears stood out among all visually with its bold blue appearance.

However flavour-wise, it tasted pretty much just like a vanilla soft serve, even though it was supposed to be cookies and cream.

Compared to Aqua S which is a short walk away, the flavours of the soft serve are less sophisticated, more predictable and (much) pricier.

Perhaps, if you are seeking a little damage (pun intended) to your wallet or your diet plans, this will be a spot for some indulgence.

Little Damage Singapore
Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road, #B1-05A, Singapore 233880

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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