Talk about some of Singaporean’s favourite indie gelato cafes in Singapore, they include Creamier, Birds Of Paradise and Dopa Dopa.

Butterknife Folk at Funan has been slowly building its fanbase through its wacky, creative flavours. (They had a shop at River Valley, but has converted that into central kitchen concept.)

The café actually started selling cakes, but switched to gelato after it gained traction with customers.

If you find the name slightly peculiar, the owner felt that starting a café in a competitive market at this young age, was akin to fighting a battle with a butter knife.

”While other chefs have impressive tools and knives from their bags, I hope to show the world what we can do with our butter knife.”

The one unique thing is the gelato shop changes its flavours ALL THE TIME.

So if you really enjoy something, better get a tub back or come back the next day, or you may never get to try it again. It happened to me before (Thankfully, they reintroduced the Thai Milk Tea gelato a year later.)

This is one of those gelato shops I would head back once in a while, just to be surprised. And my recommendation is, be very open in trying out new things and not just stick to the tried-and-tested.

You never know.

Butterknife Folk at Funan features a “no menu” concept.

Instead of a fixed menu board selection of flavours, customers will be greeted with a large 2.2m mirror hung above the gelato cabinet reflecting the 16 flavours of the day.

The gelato is made in-house from scratch, with a strong emphasis placed on the selection of raw ingredients.

Everything is made only one pan at a time. When that flavour runs out, you will never know what comes next. So that is truly artisanal.

Scoops are priced at $5 single and $9 for double.

Some of the previous flavours include Ondeh Ondeh, Goma, Citrus Bitters, Blueberry Lavender, Dulce & Banana, Jasmine Tea Amarena, Madagascan Vanilla, Roasted Pistachio, and Brown Butter Pecan.

A couple of my favourites include the rich and creamy Ondeh Ondeh, and Goma with the distinct and aromatic roasted black sesame taste.

Due to National Day 2020, the crowd favorites of Chicken Rice, Chendol, Huat Ah!, Tau Huay Zui, Muah Chee, and Chee Cheong Fun have made a comeback for the month of August.

There are many other new flavours to expect such as Honeydew Sago, Chempedak, Kueh Dadar, Rojak, and Salted Egg Cereal.

Chicken Rice Gelato?

Made with a base of rice milk and chicken stock that has been simmered with aromatics, this gelato encapsulates all the bold flavors that one would associate with Hainanese chicken rice.

Even chicken rice grains, thick dark soy sauce and chicken rice chilli are swirled into the gelato base.

Friends who had it told me it actually worked, and one of those gelato flavours that “rocked their socks”.

So what’s ‘good’ about it as it did capture the essence of chicken rice, but people do get thrown off with a cold version of the local dish.

I also tried their Chilli Crab flavoured gelato, which to me had better resemblance to the actual dish itself, with crispy bits made of fried mantou.

Both are interesting, which I won’t mind trying out at least once this lifetime, though I am not entirely confident of finishing an entire tub.

Would stick to the safer choices of say Gula Melaka Pandan Cake, White Rabbit Candy, Kopi Gao, Sugarcane Lemon, and Tau Huay Zui (Soy Bean Milk). Again, note that flavours are limited, and seldom make a come-back till much latter.

Butterknife Folk is now offering islandwide delivery on its webstore .

Butterknife Folk
Funan #02-02, 107 North Bridge Road Singapore 179105
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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