From Osaka to Singapore, Asian Rad Afters is one distinctive shop, in terms of its cyan-green colour and offering of Bubble Waffle. You can call this an “egglet”.

Even the origins of the name “Asian Rad Afters” is unique, and is one of the most frequently asked questions from the customers.

According to the Japanese owners who had shifted to Singapore, the word “Asian” refers to the fusion of local Singaporean flavours into Hong Kong Egglet.

As for “Rad”, it is a slang for “radical” which means “awesome”, while “after” represents having awesome Asian desserts after meal. Sodesu-ne.

Located right next to Stateland Cafe and Brother Bird along tourist-centric Bali Lane, the double-storey bright cyan green (some see it as Tiffany blue) exterior stood out from far.

Note that the cafe area is only limited to the first floor, with 10 counter seats.

The menu includes offerings of Bubble Waffle ($12 – $13), Iced Asian Tea ($4.80), Fruit Cup ($8.50) and Ice Cream (Single scoop $4.50/ Double Scoops $6.50).

The Bubble Waffle is prepared ala minute upon order, with multiple flavours of fanciful names.

The Singapore exclusives are called Peranakan Road ($12.50) and Little SouQ ($13).

Other flavours include Nutty Caramel ($12), Blue City Chocolate ($12) and Japanese Garden ($12).

Each Bubble Waffle comes with a floral, green (that same shade) paper cone wrapped with a sheet of plastic to prevent the melted ice cream from spilling all over our hands.

#ForTheGram With a scoop of ice cream placed within the hot bubble waffle, the plastic wrap comes in really handy in such instances.

The Little SouQ ($13) exclusive to Singapore, comes with a chocolate Bubble Waffle and a scoop of Thai Milk Tea Ice Cream and various toppings such as cream cheese, dried fig, coconut flakes, dates, pumpkin seeds and pretzel.

I was half-expecting for it to be only instagrammable, but the combination turned out to be quite oishii.

Unlike the usual Hong Kong style egglet, the Bubble Waffle is crispy on the edges, with moist and fluffy texture on the inside. You can say the mouthfeel is almost similar to a cake.

Appearance-wise, the Bubble Wrap may look sweet, but the toppings of dried fig and dates are actually mildly salted which add that savoury touch.

At the bottom layer of the Bubble Waffle, I was surprised to find a familiar taste of pandan in the green sauce.

To create a local taste, the owners have added kaya to all their Bubble Waffle instead of custard used in their outlet in Japan.

The thirst-quencher which comes in the form of the Iced Asian Tea ($4.80), created with striking colours of different layers.

A total of 4 different flavours ($4.80) are available which include Princess Yang Kweifei (lychee, oolong), Arabian Nights (spicy lemonade), Kuta Beach Sunset (orange, roselle) and Bonsai Citrus (lime, matcha).

The Arabian Nights came with beautiful layers of blue (butterfly pea tea), red (cinnamon) and yellow (honey) and bits of yuzu.

Typically the butterfly pea tea doesn’t have an obvious taste on its own. Adding cinnamon here gives that spiced kick towards the back.

A refreshing twist to the usual drinks.

Asian Rad Afters offers quite an interesting selection of desserts in a pretty setting.

Note: the shop is pending Halal-certification.

Asian Rad Afters
33 Bali Lane, Singapore 189869
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 7pm (Wed – Sun), Closed Mon, Tue, Opened on PH

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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