Changi Airport is now known to be more than just the best airport in the world – it was voted World’s Best Airport by travellers from across the world during the Skytrax 2019 World Airport Survey.

The airport is a top-notch food destination in itself, with loads of dining choices – especially when you need a quick bite or meal before you fly or when you arrive back to Singapore.

Ease your way through more than 200 dining establishments listed in Changi Airport’s website, with the list growing as more food outlets and restaurants open.

Over at T3, not many know that there is a NEW Tai Cheong Bakery serving your favourite Pandan Egg Tarts. Also just launched is the first Canton Paradise Noodle & Congee and Le Shrimp Ramen dual-concept that satisfies your ramen, congee and Hong Kong noodles craving.

If you are craving for Japanese snacks and Baked Japanese Sweet Potato, the NEW Sweet Potato Factory by Don Don Donki is opened 24/7.

Other food concepts to expect at T3 include 4Fingers Crispy Chicken, Beard Papa’s, Bikanervala (Indian vegetarian food), O’ Coffee Club, Paradise Dynasty, Paris Baguette, Old Town White Coffee, Xin Wang Hong Kong Café and Yakun Family Café.

A well-hidden food secret is that one of Singapore’s best Bak Chor Mee can be found at T3’s Kopitiam food court.

Here are 12 recommended food places that can satisfy your hunger at Changi Airport Terminal 3:

Colonial Club
Changi Airport Terminal 3 #03-33
Tel: +65 6214 0268
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Explore and appreciate Singapore’s rich culinary heritage even more when you dine in at Colonial Club. The Halal-certified restaurant revolves around serving dishes most representative of the colonial era.

To do this, Colonial Club’s chefs have travelled to different parts of Singapore and Malaysia to curate the dishes that fit the criteria.

The result is a menu from an array of heritage cuisines, including Hainanese-style Western delights, Nyonya dishes, and local favourites with British-Colonial influence such as the Signature Nasi Lemak Tower ($16.90) and Signature Colonial Club Garlic Roast Chicken ($22.90).

If you are looking for fish-based dishes, they have the Deep-Fried Dory Fish with Curry Nasi Lemak ($15.90) and the Superior Promfret Fish & Scallop Soup ($18.90).

In the mood for some crunchy fried chicken? The Indomee Goreng Crispy Chicken Rendang ($13.90) and Hainanese Chicken Chop ($15.90) are both recommended choices.

Signature Nasi Lemak Tower ($16.90)
The Signature Nasi Lemak Tower is a ‘good-looker’ (aka Instagram-worthy), which combines a fragrant blue pea coconut rice topped with a layer of spicy otak otak, sunny side up egg, and the Indo-Malay beef rendang.

Order this dish and enjoy the accompaniments too: crunchy acar, sambal chilli, anchovies and peanuts.

Colonial Club Promotion:
Get 1 FREE Chendol with $30++ minimum spending. Readers will just have to flash this article to redeem the free Chendol.
– Valid till end of 31 Jul 2019
– Limited to 1 redemption per table

So Pho
Changi Airport Terminal 3 #03-30/31
Tel: +65 6242 2023
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 11pm (Mon – Sun)

So Pho at Level 3 is a Vietnamese street food joint that offers authentic dishes at reasonable prices in a casual, contemporary setting. This outlet is also Halal-certified.

As an appetiser, the Summer Rolls with Prawns should be deal dish to whet your appetite. Then proceed with either their Grilled Chicken & Chicken Ham ($4.80 for 2 pieces) or the Prawn Cakes with Sugar Cane ($7.50).

Another must-try dish is the Baguette with Grilled Beef and Chicken Ham ($7.50). The banh mi (Vietnamese for bread) is filled with slices of savoury meats and fresh veggies.

Perfect for take-away as you rush back to the boarding area (hopefully not missing your flight).

Vietnamese “Pho” of Sliced Beef, Brisket & Beef Balls Noodle Soup ($10.80)
There’s nothing more soothing that a steaming bowl of Pho (pronounced ‘fur’), the iconic and staple Vietnamese noodle dish with slippery rice noodles, beef broth and vegetables.

Your So Pho experience is just not complete without trying their rendition of Vietnamese “Pho” of Sliced Beef, Brisket & Beef Balls Noodle Soup ($10.80), served with beansprouts, lime wedges, chili fish sauce, sliced onions, coriander, Vietnamese basil, and mint.

The deep flavour of the broth comes from long hours of simmering.

Changi Airport Terminal 3 #03-21
Tel: +65 6242 3601
Opening Hours: 10am – 11pm (Sun – Thurs), 10am – 12am (Fri, Sat, Eve of PH)

Founded by Chef Collin Ho, COLLIN’S® is a Singapore-bred food brand known for Western cuisine, at price points that are value-for-money.

COLLIN’S® Restaurant’s ambiance is warm and relaxing, while the food is prepared with quality ingredients in a healthy manner.

Some of the popular choices include Signature Grilled Chicken Chop ($13.00), but if you prefer a combination of meats, the COLLIN’S® Mixed Grill ($20.00) should be a good pick even for sharing.

Pair up your grilled meats with some carbs on the side, like the Duo of Mushroom Potato Au Gratin ($8.00).

For dessert, finish off by indulging in a Chocolate Lava Fondant ($10.00) that comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Then wash up those happily worked up taste buds with a refreshing glass of Lemon & Orange Premium Iced Earl Grey Tea ($4.50).

Signature Roasted BBQ Pork Ribs ($17 for ½ slab)
If you could only have just one dish, go for The Signature Roasted BBQ Pork Ribs ($17 for 1/2 Slab), a favourite among COLLIN’S® customers for many years.

The smoky-delicious tender ribs are accompanied with Skinny Cajun Fries, Corn Cob, Mesclun Salad and Coleslaw.

A-One Signature
Changi Airport Terminal 3 #03-42/43
Tel: +65 6283 0905
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

A-One Signature offers Singapore’s favourite home-cooked food prepared with traditional claypot recipes.

The menu is all about piping hot claypots and sizzling hotplates. Its T3 outlet has that modern Chinese interior that makes you comfy and feel at home.

A signature dish is the Claypot Dried Chilli Frog’s Meat ($19.90), perhaps an acquired taste for some but an appealing delicacy for others. The Handmade Bean Curd ($14.90) served with Chai Po in a Hong Kong-Style Sauce is also highly recommended.

Those who continue to be hooked in the salted egg flavour hype should go for the Deep-Fried Pumpkin with Creamy Salted Egg Sauce ($14.90).

Signature Dried Scallop Porridge with Minced Meat, Century Egg, Salted Egg and Egg ($12.90)
Experience comforting warmth with their signature Dried Scallop Porridge with Minced Meat, Century Egg, Salted Egg and Egg that comes with a topping of minced meat and 3 kinds of egg – century egg, salted egg, and a regular egg.

If you find yourself chilly in T3, this warm and hearty dish is for you.

Some of us just want our food served and eaten at the right temperature. You’ll love how A-One has adopted the most traditional claypot-cooking techniques to make sure your dish is kept at optimum temperature. This also helps the ingredients stay rich and flavourful.

Sweet Potato Factory by Don Don Donki
Changi Airport Terminal 3 #02-97
Tel: +65 6281 1711
Opening Hours: 24 hours

Sweet Potato Factory is a spin off concept store of Don Don Donki, the popular discount store that many Singaporeans love which specialising in Japan-made products and everything else Japanese.

What you will love here is the variety of goods you can find at affordable, hard-to-beat prices.

Among all its stores, the Sweet Potato Factory is quite different as it specialises in Japanese mobile food. It is also Don Don Donki’s first ever location in an international airport operating 24 hours.

Signature Baked Sweet Potato ($2.80)
As the store’s name suggests, the signature dish to try here is the Signature Baked Sweet Potato aka Yakiimo (Japanese for baked Japanese sweet potatoes), a traditional and healthy treat.

Don Don Donki uses the Japanese sweet potato variety Beni Haruka, giving it a soft, creamy texture and a honey-like taste. Beni Haruka is known for its naturally high level of sweetness and its creamy texture.

Other snack items to try are the Caramelised Sweet Potato Sticks ($3.90), which could be addicting if you’re into sweet stuff, and Goma Pote ($3.90) made of sweet potato cubes sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Pair any of these snacks with the trending Brown Sugar Milk with Pearls ($3.90) or the Sweet Potato Milk ($4.90) using Hokkaido milk.

Ramen Champion & Hokkaido Paradise
Changi Airport Terminal 3 #B2-58
Tel: +65 6214 2958
Opening Hours: 11am – 10:30pm (Mon – Fri), 10:30am – 10:30pm (Sat, Sun, PH)

Ramen Champion’s spanking new outlet at Changi Airport Terminal 3 is refreshed, revamped, and ready to dole out new dishes.

Known for housing the best Japanese ramen of different origin and base, Ramen Champion has won the hearts of many for the last seven years. And now it’s back to win more hearts with its new offerings inspired by popular dishes in Hokkaido, hence the “Hokkaido Paradise” extension in its name.

The spotlight is on the new Hokkaido-themed dishes, such as Ishikari Nabe ramen, Seafood Donburi, Curry, Asahikawa ramen, Sapporo ramen and Hakodate ramen.

Stamina Miso Ramen ($16.80)
Among the Hokkaido-themed dishes at Ramen Champion is the Stamina Miso Ramen with white miso tonkotsu cooked with Hokkaido milk for a rich and smooth texture.

Inspired by Hokkaido’s Mt Fuji – Yotei Mountain, this bowl of jiro-kei ramen is topped with heap of fresh vegetables including Hokkaido corn, sukiyaki meat, butter, torched pork belly char shu, and ajitama egg (marinated soft-boiled egg a.k.a. ramen egg) with yolk that flows freely when opened.

Other recommended items include the Sapporo Special Miso Ramen ($16.80), Special Tonkotsu Ramen ($16.80), Tamagoyaki ($7.80), Philadelphia Roll ($15.80), Special Curry Rice ($19.80), and Hojicha Kakigori ($12.80).

Canton Paradise Noodle & Congee
Changi Airport Terminal 3 #B2-49
Opening Hours: 8am – 11pm daily, Last order 10.15pm (Mon – Sun)

This is the Paradise Group’s first dual-concept outlet that houses Canton Paradise Noodle & Congee and Le Shrimp Ramen under the same roof, to offer diners more variety and options.

Local and international travellers looking for a taste of Hong Kong in between flights will find lots of choices here at the bustling Canton Paradise.

It offers Cantonese cuisine, particularly different versions of traditional noodles and congee.

Go for these must-tries: Canton Jumbo Prawn Wanton Noodle ($9.00) available with or without soup (dry), and Spicy Minced Meat Noodle ($7.90) which is a dry-type of tossed noodle dish.

For the noodles, cooking time is precisely controlled, monitoring the temperature to ensure the noodles come out perfectly cooked with a springy bite.

‘Ting Zai’ Style Congee ($8.90)
The congee served here are made with two kinds of rice grains – jasmine white rice and pearl rice.

Aside from the right blend of rice grains, what makes their congees silky and rich is how they are prepared.

The long, continuous boiling of rice grains helps achieve that desired silkiness, giving you that smooth mouthfeel for each spoonful you take.

Le Shrimp Ramen
Changi Airport Terminal 3 #B2-49
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 11pm, Last order 10:15pm (Mon – Sun)

Le Shrimp Ramen serves up a blend of Chinese and Japanese cultures, combining its two iconic food item: Chinese la mian and Japanese ramen broth.

It is the first of its kind creation. The ingredients used are simple yet the flavours are rich and elaborate, trademarks of Asian cuisines.

For the broths, they offer two specialties – shrimp broth and the Japanese-inspired tonkotsu broth.

Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen ($19.90)
If you prefer the shrimp broth, go for the Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen ($19.90), a piping hot bowl of shrimp extravaganza featuring the intensely prawn-flavoured broth.

The shrimp broth is specially prepared using big, fresh prawns, pork bones and Chinese spices. You can see in its tangerine-orange-ness how intensely flavourful the broth is.

Otherwise, the Red Garoupa with Picked Vegetable Tonkotsu Ramen ($19.90) should soothe you with its creamy, comforting tonkotsu broth.

The tonkotsu broth is a creamy, milk-whitish collagen-rich broth. It is the result of long hours of simmering with pork bones giving it that distinctly Japanese flavour.

For those who like a little bit of heat, order the Ebiko Prawn Paste with Chilli Vinaigrette Ramen ($12.90), a unique combination of Japanese ebiko and chilies and Chinese la mian noodles – may remind you of mala noodles.

Saap Saap Thai
Changi Airport Terminal 3 #B2-33
Tel: +65 9366 0622
Opening Hours: 10am – 10:15pm (Sun – Thurs), 10am – 12:30am (Fri, Sat, Eve of PH)

This self-service Halal-certified restaurant features all-time favourite Thai dishes that global foodies will be familiar with.

They use fresh local produce and all their sauces, herbs and spices are genuinely imported from Thailand to create the true essence of Thai cuisine – sweet, sour & spicy.

Signature Beef Boat Noodle ($7.90)
Recommended dish is their Signature Beef Boat Noodle with noodles served in an aromatic thick broth with that distinct Thai flavour, along with tender slices of beef and succulent beef balls.

The menu also offers the quintessential Spicy Thai Salad, a selection of stir-fried rice dishes, and Thai noodles. For the main dish, you can have a filling Kra-pao Basil Chicken with Rice ($7.90).

Another classic Thai fare you shouldn’t miss is the Tomyam ($9.90), the spicy seafood soup which comes with either noodles or rice.

Refresh with an Iced Thai Milk Tea ($3.00) after satisfying your sweet tooth with their fruity Mango Tango Classic ($5.50) and Sawasdee CUP Sticky Rice Mango.

Tai Cheong Bakery
Changi Airport Terminal 3 #B2-40/40A
Tel: +65 6214 9762
Opening Hours: 7am – 11pm (Mon – Sun)

Drop by Tai Cheong Bakery at T3 and indulge in 1 or 2 (or 3!) of their special egg tarts – dubbed by then Hong Kong British governor, Chris Patten as “the best egg tart in the world”.

For over 6 decades, Tai Cheong Bakery has captured the hearts of Hong Kong-ers across generations with their Signature Egg Tart. It is ranked No. 1 in Hong Kong and in global media.

The signature quality and taste remained consistent through the years, so they continue to attract both locals and tourists.

Signature Egg Tart and Pandan Egg Tart ($2.40 each)
What makes the Signature Egg Tart really famous is the winning combination of its crispy cookie crust and sweet egg custard.

As the pioneer of cookie-crust egg tarts, Tai Cheong’s crust is radically unique from other bakeries.

Aside from the Signature Egg Tart, you must try the Singapore-exclusive Pandan Egg Tart ($2.40), a twist to the classic recipe by adding the local flavour of pandan leaf infusion. This is a must-get, especially for overseas friends a short-trip away.

To simplify, Tai Cheong also serves pastry sets. Go for the Tai Cheong Pastry Set B ($8.80) which puts together 1 piece of the Signature Egg Tart, 1 Bolo Bun, and a serving of Hot Milk Tea.

If you’re looking for something savoury, go for house-special noodles – Tai Cheong HK Dry Noodle ($13.10) or the Cheese Baked Rice ($20.85) served with Beef Truffle & Mushroom.

Tai Cheong Bakery Promotion:
Buy 6 pieces of Signature Egg Tart and get 2 pieces of Signature Egg Tart FREE. While stocks last.

Coffee Boy
Changi Airport Terminal 3 #B2-34
Tel: +65 6241 7461
Opening Hours: 8:30am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Had a crazy flight schedule? How about hitting the pause button and get a cup of local coffee at Coffee Boy.

Okay, despite its name, Coffee Boy is not limited to just coffee. Here you can get your fill of tea and a range of delectable croissants, traditional porridges, and tasty toasts.

Tide your hunger with Coffee Boy’s Peanut Butter Toast ($2.40) or get it as a Set Meal with 2 half-boiled eggs and a drink ($4.80). Another option for toast is the Kaya Butter French Toast ($3.90) that’s also available as a Set ($5.30).

For something fancier, go for the Crab Salad Croissant ($5.90/$7.00 with drink) with its refreshingly chilled and creamy filling of shredded crabmeat in a crisp flaky croissant bun.

Curry Chicken Noodle ($5.50/$6.80 with drink)
For something more soothingly warm to the tummy, get the Congee with Century Egg & Shredded Chicken ($5.80/$6.90 with drink) or the mildly spicy Curry Chicken Noodle ($5.50/$6.80 with drink) with yellow noodles, boneless chicken thigh, chunks of potato, and taupok (fried bean curd).

Mee Rebus ($4.90/$6.20 with drink), which literally means “boiled noodles” with yellow noodles, prawns, and a spicy sweet-potato based gravy, is also available at Coffee Boy to help fill you up before your next stop.

Terminal M
Changi Airport Terminal 3 #B2-32
Tel: +65 63823550
Opening Hour: 10.30am – 10pm Last order 9:15pm (Sun – Thurs & PH), 10.30am – 10:30pm Last order 9:45pm (Fri, Sat, Eve of PH)

Terminal M is Singapore’s first aviation-themed gourmet food hall featuring a mix of Asian fare from 5 stalls all under one roof.

And the good news is, Terminal M is Halal certified.

You may find the names of the stalls familiar, as these are spin-offs of the best brands under Ministry of Food (MOF), such as Yu Long Quan (Ju Hao), Hanssik (Ssiksin), Café Papa (Café Mama), Ten-ya (Tensho) and Kaisen-ya (Kaisen-Tei).

With prices that start from $3.50 with no service charge, expect restaurant quality and quick meals at affordable food court prices.

Signature Xiao Long Bao (From $8.50 for 6, or $11.50 for 10 pieces)
One of the favourites is the Signature Xiao Long Bao aka steamed soup dumplings from Yu Long Quan, handmade and made fresh.

Yu Long Quan’s version is filled with chicken and comes in a variety of uniquely Singaporean flavours: Salted Egg, Chilli Crab and Original.

Get 6 pieces of the original Chicken Xiao Long Bao for $8.50, and $11.50 for 10 pieces. It may get some getting used to for the chicken meat, otherwise the broth was sweet and skin still suitably thin.

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Changi Airport Group.



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