Even if you are a donut fan, you would not have come across this before. These unconventional doughnuts are a cross between an ice cream cone and a doughnut.

A new player in the dessert and café category, Coney Donut recently opened at the revamped TripleOne Somerset Mall, located across 313 Somerset.

Its concept is anchored in transforming the classic doughnut into something that is more than just a deep-fried cake with a hole.

Home-made fresh daily, the doughnut cones are crafted by rolling strips of dough around a stainless steel cone mould.

These were inspired by the Hungarian Chimney Cones.

I observed that they were deep-fried and not baked, as the process would give an impeccable crispier texture to the outer layer even though it is more time-consuming. Yet, the end product was surprisingly not that greasy.

Once cooked, these warm and fluffy doughnut cones acquire a mild sweet taste with hints of caramel flavour.

Each doughnut cone holds a different filling, and you can choose from their selections of both sweet and savoury items.

On the sweet side of the spectrum, you have home-made soft-serve ice cream with unique, seasonal flavours and assorted toppings. For the savoury side, you get options such as scrambled eggs and bacon, and tuna mayo.

Discover what Coney Donut is all about through this line up of recommended items:

Soft-Serve Donut Cone ($6.80)
Start off with their Soft Serve Donut Cone, and features your choice of vanilla or salted caramel soft-serve ice cream that comes with a sauce and toppings. (Flavours are on a rotational basis and change every month.)

Pick from any of their classic sauces, such as chocolate, butterscotch, white chocolate, coffee, salted caramel and apple.

For the toppings (you can pick two), they offer nuts (hazelnuts, almonds), branded snacks (Pocky sticks, Lotus biscuits), cereals (honey stars, fruit loops), chocolates (Kit Kat), marshmallows, mocha bean, fudge cake, etc.

Experience the warm and cold sensation of the fried donut and cold softserve, and contrast in texture of fluffy-doughy with soft-airy ice cream.

Be quick as this home-made soft serve is made without stabilisers.

The other surprise comes in the form of the inside which is lined with chocolate sauce. Yums.

Apple Pie Custard Donut ($4.80)
Coney Donut has transformed the classic apple pie into a doughnut cone.

Instead of ice cream, try their doughnut cone filled with custard cream and tangy diced apples that’s drizzled with a luscious butterscotch sauce.

The custard cream is not the instant kind, and made from scratch.

Crushed almonds are also added for that crunchy texture, making this a delectable dessert item that sweet tooths will like.

Chocolate Hazelnut OR Salted Caramel Macchiato ($4.80)
These sweet doughnut cones will attract the chocolate-hazelnut fans; and coffee lovers out there for its coffee custard cream filling combined with salted caramel sauce.

It is your favourite caramel macchiato not in a cup but in a doughnut form.

And to complete the coffee theme, this dessert is served with a topping of chocolate coffee beans.

Brown Sugar Boba Custard Cone ($4.80)
You had Brown Sugar Bubble Milk before, but I am sure you would not come across a Brown Sugar Boba Custard Cone.

The cone is lined up with syrup on the inside, but this time it is the trendy brown sugar as a sauce.

The syrup-lined cone is then filled with a creamy milk tea flavoured custard cream, and finished off with a topping of chewy boba pearls.

Check out how the wildly popular brown sugar milk tea has morphed into a doughnut cone here at Coney Donut. It actually… worked!

English Breakfast ($4.80)
As for the savoury filled donuts, the English Breakfast is a good choice for a quick brekkie. For extreme cases, one hand on this doughnut cone, another for your coffee could work.

This cone comes with a generous filling of crispy smoked bacon strips and cooked-to-order scrambled eggs topped with chopped chives.

If you fancy a good scrambled egg, you will like how light and fluffy these scrambled eggs are.

Salted Egg Chicken ($5.20)
Another option if you’re looking for a savoury fix for breakfast is the Salted Egg Chicken.

The flavours are Asian-inspired with components such as salted egg, curry leaf, chill padi, and popcorn chicken.

A portable and filling meal on the go.

Chilli Dog Donut ($6.80)
If you simply needing a snack elsewhere, the Chili Dog Donut is recommended as a side kick meal.

It is basically a hot dog served in a donut bun, and topped with meat sauce. The mild sweetness of the cone contrasts the savoury meat flavours of hot dog.

Eating it may be strange at the start – as there was this slightly sweetness, then it starts growing on you.

A grab & go set with 1 Chilli Dog Donut, Cajun Wedges and Iced Team is available at $8.80.

Cajun Wedges
Throw in these potato wedges as a side dish or simply enjoy them on their own.

These flavourful potato snacks are seasoned with Cajun-style seasonings and deep-fried until their edges are crisp.

Summer Float ($4.90)
Beat the heat and refresh with Coney Donut’s Summer Float, a fruity concoction of peach and passionfruit soda served with soft-serve vanilla ice cream.

Mix it all up to balance the sweet-tart flavours of these summer fruits and the mildly sweet creaminess of the soft-serve ice cream.

Brewed Premium Iced Coffee ($3.60)
Cool down and not skip the caffeine with their Brewed Premium Iced Coffee.

It is the perfect breakfast coffee pair for your English Breakfast, or as a rejuvenating afternoon beverage with your Apple Pie Custard Donut.

This innovative way of serving doughnuts as a cone makes it convenient for you to grab-and-go something more filling than just plain ice cream.

Coney Donut

With its bevy of fillings, you now have more choices the next time you look for a mobile snack.

Too lazy to check them out in person? They deliver in the central area via GrabFood, Foodpanda, and Deliveroo.

Coney Donut
111 Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset, #01-K1, Singapore 238164
Opening Hours: 10:30am – 9:00pm (Mon – Sun)

Coney Donut

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Coney Donut.



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