Tamoya Udon – ALL Udon At $9.80 Nett. NEW Black Garlic Tonkotsu Udon And Gyu Mixing Udon At Liang Court

Tamoya Udon

Tamoya Udon at Liang Court is known to serve one of the best udon available in Singapore.

Always keeping it fresh with exciting new flavours, the udon eatery has launched 2 new seasonal dishes – Tamoya Mixing Udon and Gyu Mixing Udon.

The other good news is, ALL of the udon and curry don items are priced at $9.80 nett for a limited period starting from 17th – 30th September 2019.

The $9.80 promo is in conjunction with Tamoya Udon Singapore’s 6th anniversary celebrations.

Founded in 1996 in Kagawa prefecture, Tamoya’s udon propelled to fame after it won the “Best Udon Maker of Kagawa Prefecture” in a television champion show in Japan.

Its udon dishes are handmade on site with ingredients imported from Japan, from flour, shoyu to bonito.

The noodles blend 3 types of different flour, and will change their combination ration by the seasons depending on the temperature and humidity.

Therefore, you would find it having more bite and chewiness unlike some others who can be soggy or just plain rubbery. Here are some of Tamoya Udon’s signature bowls:

Tamoya Mixing Udon ($10.80)
This is a new tossed udon bowl, somewhat like a Maze Udon. If you are the type who loves your Bak Chor Mee, give this Japanese take a try.

Each Tamoya Mixing Udon comes with spicy minced pork, green onions, garlic and topped with an onsen egg.

Break the egg so that it adds some moisture to the combination, then toss the springy noodles together with the delicious accompanying ingredients for a blend of flavours.

The meat gives the noodles a hint of appealing spice, while the greens provide refreshing crunch.

Gyu Mixing Udon ($11.80)
The Mixing Udon with added pile of thinly shaven, tender beef – simmered in a braising sauce so that it stays slightly sweet and soft.

Beef and Pork Udon ($10.80, $9.80)
As for udon items, the ever favourite are the Beef ($10.80) and Pork Udon ($9.80), with prices still remained UNCHANGED from opening days of 2013.

Tamoya’s signature udon soup is made by boiling a pot of carefully chosen dried Japanese bonito.

Although looking clear, the soup stock was on the slightly saltier side comparatively, which I think was also tastier. The thinly sliced tender beef also brought out the flavour of the broth.

Triple Egg Udon ($9.80)
If one egg is not enough, you get tamago and butter, tobiko and mentaiko in a single bowl.

Each of the egg provides a different quality that synergies – the tamago butter certain richness and creaminess, the red-orange tobiko a mild smoky-salty taste and a crunchy texture, and mentaiko the alluring spiciness.

Give it a good mix and enjoy the satisfying mouthfeel.

Black Garlic Tonkotsu Udon ($10.80)
While you always hear Tonkotsu going with ramen, this features Tamoya’s signature springy udon noodles with rich and creamy tonkotsu soup boiled for long period of time.

Added with pork char siu, bamboo shoots and ajitama egg.

On the surface of the soup is house-made black garlic oil (aka ma-yu), which lends the broth a distinct fragrance and more complex blend of flavours.

This accentuate the depth of tonkotsu soup, adding an earthy savouriness.

Curry Don ($10.80 for pork, $11.80 for beef)
One of Tamoya Udon’s best sellers is the Beef Onsen Egg Curry Udon ($11.60).

If you are not in a noodle mood, they have recently extended this same creamy, mildly-spicy Japanese curry on rice with the introduction of Curry Don.

Tamoya Udon

Tamoya Udon Singapore たも屋うどん-シンガポール
177 River Valley Road, Liang Court Shopping Centre, #01-32, Singapore 179030
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Tamoya Udon

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Tamoya Udon Singapore.


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