My friends called the “food trinity” of Jewel Changi AirportShake Shack,
Burger & Lobster, and A&W.

I finally made it a point to queue and dine at all 3 restaurants, to experience if it was all worth it.

The tip is, to head slightly before opening hours during weekday morning (that’s if you are on leave.)

Despite some social media posts saying lines have dwindled down (it is true the queues have gone down), there is still a sizable crowd of diners waiting.

Well, A&W Restaurants has also just announced it will open the next outlet in Singapore at AMK Hub in July this year.

The restaurant, which has close to 140 seats, will serve heartlanders a taste of nostalgia from 10am to 10pm every day.

(The AMK branch may roll-out menus for breakfast and late-night supper later in the year.)

A&W made its return to Singapore at B2-209 of Jewel Changi Airport after a long hiatus of 16 years, attracting 2-3 hours’ queue during the opening weeks.

Of course there were people who quipped, “Go JB buy come back also faster.”

Customers complained of extreme waiting time and slow service, after which operations and menu were tweaked.

From 3am to 7am, only takeaway drinks are available. From 7:01am to 11:00am, a “breakfast menu” of limited popular items such as the Coney Dog and Root Beer Float is available.

Founded in 1919, A&W stands for Allen & Wright – the two founders of an iconic American brand.

While I wasn’t that much of an A&W fan during my youth days (I was usually more a Macs or KFC student back then), I fondly remember the Root Beer Float and iconic A&W Boathouse at Sentosa.

Surprisingly, I headed to Jewel seeing about 20+ pax in the queue, even though I went during a weekend morning.

It ended up to be a 30 minutes’ wait or so. Operations seem to have ironed out more smoothly.

If you are curious what to order, the classics includes the Made Fresh A&W Root Beer ($2.90) and Root Beer Float ($3.50) served in the signature ice-cold frosty mug, Chicken or Beef Coney Dog ($5.20) and Curly Fries ($3.60).

Also making its comeback is the dessert favourite of Waffle ($7.90) with choice of butter & syrup or ice cream.

The menu also includes bestsellers from other A&W Restaurants in the region and beyond, such as the Chicken or Beef Coney Cheese Fries (S$4.90) from the USA, Golden Aroma Chicken (from $3.20) from Indonesia, Cream Cheese Chicken or Beef Burgers ($7.90) inspired from Okinawa, as well as the Waffle Sundae ($4.90) from Thailand.

If there is only one thing you must get, I guess it would be the A&W Root Beer.

It is different from if say, you buy a can and chill the drink at home. The Root Beer is freshly made in-store daily, made from a secret blend of spices, cane sugar and water, and actually caffeine free,

Serving it in an ice-cold frosty mug makes all that difference.

Having the drink again really was about that special moment when you suddenly remember your childhood days.

If you never had this drink in the past, then maybe it would just be another ordinary beverage.

Despite not very positive reviews online, the Golden Aroma Chicken ($8.90 with set of curly fries and Root Beer) worked well for me – good contrast of crispy batter with a crunch, moist and flavourful meat.

If only there was a spicy version.

As for the Coney Dog of hotdog topped with minced beef and freshly chopped onions wrapped in a soft bun, it was almost how I remembered it to taste like.

Again, if this is totally foreign to you, then you probably won’t get the fuss at all. There are probably better hotdogs elsewhere, and I wished there was more sauce.

The Waffle with ice cream had that ‘old school’ taste – sensed that touch of saltiness there.

But as we are ‘spoilt’ by those crisp and fluffy buttermilk waffles sold in hipster cafes, this may appear to be inferior as it was soggy without a really full-scoop of ice cream.

Our conclusion was, A&W is a place to remember that nostalgic taste and cool down with a Root Beer Float, but probably won’t be that enthusiastic to queue up so long in line for it.

A&W Restaurants Singapore
Jewel Changi Airport #B2-209, 78 Airport Blvd, Singapore 819666
Opening Hours: 24 Hours (Mon – Sun)
(3 – 7am: Takeaway drinks only)

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    Any ideas on the menu for kids meal? What are the available options? Any healthier choices? Can I reserve space for a group of 50+ pax? Do you have any contact of A&W that I can liaise with directly regarding the reservation?


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