Hawker stalls that received awards and media features would typically display those accolades all around, but you find none of that here.

Even though it has been listed in the Singapore Michelin Guide with a “Michelin Bib Gourmand“.

Could be considered a ‘hidden gem’ that is worth discovering by picky fish soup lovers, except that it already has a long line.

Though this famous stall is named “Beach Road Fish Head Bee Hoon”, it is actually located at the morning market of Whampoa Food Centre (Whampoa Makan Place).

Long queue is a typical scene here, where they specialise in fish dishes, different soups, and sliced fish bee hoon.

Depending on your luck, you can typically find at least about 10 customers waiting patiently in line, and it can take at least 30 minutes for your bowl of fish soup to come.

Note: Google says it opens at 8am, the stall displays 9am. It may close earlier than its indicated timing of 2pm when sold out.

There are choices of Sliced Fish Bee Hoon, Sliced Fish Soup, Fish Porridge, Seafood Soup and Special Tom Yum Soup, all priced inexpensively at $4.50 per bowl.

The Clear Fish Soup ($4.50) comes with a generous slices of fresh fish (5-6 thick slices) in a beautifully clear broth that is mildly sweet and salty at the same time.

Can be considered ”qing” (light) and not overly rich.

The subtle saltiness comes from the added fried flat fish/snakehead fish. The meat from the fish’s head is cooked well, firm enough to pick up with chopsticks but not rubbery.

One thing I must mention is the thick bee hoon they use, which is not quite the same as the typical ones elsewhere. It is slightly thinner, soft and slippery smooth that goes so well with the soup.

Unlike other fried fish bee hoon with an overwhelming amount of evaporated milk in the soup, Beach Road’s Fried Fish Bee Hoon Soup ($4.50) comes in a flavourful fish stock that retains its original taste even with the addition of milk.

The added light creaminess isn’t overpowering and you can still enjoy the inherent fish-flavoured broth.

The battered fried fish is masterfully prepared and you’ll be impressed by how it’s slightly crisp outside yet soft inside.

Combined with a milky broth, aromatic seasonings, and slippery rice noodles, the fried fish is a delight to eat.

If you order Yi Mien, the Cantonese-style egg noodles will impart its own saltiness into the stock, which some customers would enjoy.

Enjoy your soup with a bowl of rice ($0.30) on the side. Or try their Special Tom Yam Soup ($4.00), a Thai-inspired fish soup for a different type of flavour profile.

The next time I think I will get a Fried Fish Bee Hoon.

Beach Road Fish Head Bee Hoon 美芝路鱼头米粉
91 Whampoa Drive, #01-46 Whampoa Makan Place, Singapore 320090
Opening Hours: 9am – 2pm (Sun – Tues, Thurs – Fri), Closed Wed, Sat

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