Brown Sugar Lava Xiao Long Bao? Time to get more adventurous with food.

The popular home-grown restaurant brand Paradise Dynasty from Paradise Group has launched its brand-new outlet at the Suntec City Mall (at the basement at Fountain of Wealth dining area).

The 102-seater restaurant is ready to welcome you and the hungry professionals working in the area for their lunch or dinner meals.

Renowned for its innovative Xiao Long Bao offerings, Paradise Dynasty commemorates its new outlet with an equally new XLB variant.

Be among the first to try their latest creation, the Brown Sugar Lava Xiao Long Bao perfected after weeks of research.

Your gastronomic exploration does not stop at the Xiao Long Bao. You will discover the eight cuisines of China – Anhui, Cantonese, Fujian, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan and Zhejiang, all under one roof!

Ready to whet your appetites? Read on with these recommended dishes from Paradise Dynasty:

Brown Sugar Lava Xiao Long Bao 黑糖流沙小笼包 (Exclusive to Suntec City outlet)
Exclusively available as an off-menu item at the new outlet, the limited-edition Brown Sugar Lava Xiao Long Bao was specially developed by Paradise Dynasty’s kitchen team as a new item for its customers.

This special rendition of Xiao Long Bao, inspired by the brown sugar milk trend, actually began as an April Fool’s Day joke and ended as a transformation of the popular bubble tea drink into a hot steamed dish.

Pleated using Paradise Dynasty’s golden formula of 18 exquisite folds, the Brown Sugar Lava Xiao Long Bao (five pieces per basket) has a delicately thin two-toned skin that house an addictive combination of molten brown sugar and coconut strips.

As it is a sweet dish, this is served as a dessert after your main items.

Common ways of eating this: Bite into it and the brown sugar lava oozes out with bits of coconut for added texture and flavor; or pop the entire dumpling into your mouth (be careful if it is steaming hot).

This actually kind of reminded me of Ondeh Ondeh. (Not for sale. Check out the end of the post to find out how to redeem.)

Signature Original Xiao Long Bao 招牌原味小笼包 ($8.50 for 6 pieces, $12.80 for 10 pieces)
The Brown Sugar Lava Xiao Long Bao is no less exciting, but there is something in the Original Xiao Long Bao that draws customers to them through the years.

Do you know that the signature soup weighs exactly 25 grams each piece, and pleated unerringly with 18 delicate folds – the ideal procedure in crafting the perfect Xiao Long Bao.

You will find the soup filling skilfully encased in a light, delicate skin.

Specialty Dynasty Xiao Long Bao – 8 Flavours ($16.80 for 8 pieces)
Paradise Dynasty is also known to introduce the world’s eight-colour fusion Xiao Long Bao, which features 7 unique flavours and, of course, the original Xiao Long Bao.

Your palate will embark on a journey through 7 creative tastes, including ginseng (green), foie gras (brown), black truffle (black), crab roe (orange), cheese (yellow), garlic (grey) and Szechuan (orange).

Everyone has different favourites, but my vote would go the black truffle for that added aroma as you savour the juice ‘exploding’ in your mouth.

Good news if you’re not a fan of artificial, as the skin colouring is made by natural ingredients like carrot, spinach and red sorghum.

Century Egg with Vinaigrette and Chilli Oil 烧椒皮蛋 ($5.80)
You can start your meal with an appetiser delicacy of sliced Century Egg served with a mix of vinaigrette and chili oil.

These preserved eggs have a dark greenish yolk that has a smooth, creamy consistency and a strong flavour, while the dark brown jelly surrounding it has a salty taste to contrast the tart vinaigrette dressing.

This dish’s portion size makes it perfect for sharing around the table.

Radish Pastry 萝卜丝酥饼 ($6.80 for 3 pcs)
Another must-try appetiser is this savoury radish pastry, made by stir-frying cut up radish, then wrapping the cooked mixture in a flaky dough.

The filled pastry is deep-fried for eight minutes until the dough turns crisp and flaky.

To be precise, the pastry shell is comprised of 54 layers (haven’t got to counting them). These multi-layers of fried dough result in a light and fluffy pastry that inevitably crumbles with every bite.

Enjoy this Radish Pastry as you would a flaky messy croissant but with a moist savoury vegetable filling.

Double-boiled Pork Rib with Cabbage Soup 清炖菜胆排骨汤 ($11.80)
The double-boiled pork rib with cabbage soup features superior soup stock boiled using Chinese Jinhua ham, old hen and pork over 8 hours.

Cabbage and pork ribs are then added and brewed for another half an hour, giving the nourishing soup a tinge of sweetness.

Drunken Chicken 李白醉鸡 ($9.80)
In this playfully named appetiser (inspired by the famous rice wine drinking poet Li Bai of ancient China), the Drunken Chicken is “made drunk” by giving it shots of yellow wine.

The alcoholic liquid is combined with soy sauce to form a marinade, infused with sliced ginger, spring oil and pepper.

This intoxicating marinating process creates a deep tasting and flavourful meat.

Talk about convenience, they even debone the drumstick before serving. Now all you have to do is dig in.

Fried Rice in Shanghai Style 上海炒饭 ($12.80)
The new outlet highlights one of Paradise Dynasty’s all-time best-selling dish, their special Fried Rice prepared Shanghai Style.

Order these plump yet fluffy grains of rice, masterfully wok-fried along with a medley of shrimp, minced pork, chopped kailan, egg, and other classic Shanghai seasonings.

A simple yet aromatic dish.

Crispy Pork Chop 香酥猪排 ($11.00)
Both adults and kids should enjoy the Crispy Pork Chop, another popular dish that has been well-loved for years.

Its unique flavour is developed by the special combination of ingredients in the marinade.

Marinated in soy sauce, rice wine, sesame oil, five spice powder, scallion, ginger and garlic, the pork chops are battered then fried ‘til the edges are crispy while the interior stays moist and flavourful.

Stir-fried French Bean with Minced Pork and Preserved Olive Vegetable 肉碎榄菜干煸四季豆 ($12.80)
As you order your meal, don’t forget to add some greens to your selection. Try their French Beans that are stir-fried in scallion oil, oyster sauce, bean paste, spring onions, and soy sauce, then combined with minced pork and preserved olives.

For that extra oomph, a splash of yellow wine is added for flavour.

Paradise Dynasty Suntec City Opening Promotion
Post a photo/video of Paradise Dynasty on Instagram or Facebook to receive a complimentary basket of Brown Sugar Lava Xiao Long Bao (5 pieces). Include the hashtags #dynastysuntec #paradisegrpsg and #paradisedynasty.

Remember to show the post to the Paradise Dynasty server to redeem your FREE basket of Brown Sugar Lava Xiao Long Bao.

– Valid from 25 May till 30 June 2019
– Limited to 100 baskets per day.
– One redemption per table per bill

In addition, Citibank, Standard Chartered Credit and Debit cardholders & PGR members get 50% OFF the food bill on 25 & 26 May 2019 (Sat, Sun).

Paradise Dynasty – Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #B1-110, Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: 11.00am – 10.00pm Last order 9.30pm (Mon – Fri)
10.30am – 10.00pm Last order 9.30pm (Sat, Sun & PH)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Paradise Dynasty.


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