This IS the year of Bubble Tea as it makes a comeback , with more and more overseas brands opening in Singapore.

Too many?

But let’s first talk about BOBA. These are the tiny, chewy black balls at the bottom of the drink. Word has it that they were named after Amy Yip’s emmmm… ‘assets’ (they were nicknamed “BoBa”).

Many Singapore sellers used to call them “pearls”, until it is not so fashionable anymore, and we hear names from bubbles, bobo, deerioca, and more.

Someone then decided it was not enough to place them into drinks, and we started seeing Boba on Pizzas, Boba Hotpot (it has become real, yet to try it), Boba in Crabs, Boba in Ice Cream … you get the drift.

I haven’t got adventurous to try the savoury options. However, if you are a Bubble Tea fan, you may want to give these 10 Bubble Tea desserts a try to satisfy your cravings:

Bubble Tea Tarts ($8.50) – Edith Patisserie
772 North Bridge Road, Singapore 189868
Opening Hours: 10am – 5pm (Tue – Sat), 10am – 2pm (Sun), Closed on Mon

Edith Patisserie is a small bakery that only offers takeaways.

Apart their original Bubble Milk Tea Tart, 2 other flavours such as: Matcha and Thai Milk Tea are available.

Priced at $8.50 each, pastry cream of the three different flavours with chewy tapioca pearls are piped into the almond pastry base and are best consumed within a day without refrigeration (in case the pearls turn hard).

While the texture of the pastry cream is smooth, the matcha flavour has the most distinctive taste with slight lingering bitterness whereas both the Milk tea and Thai milk tea are a tad too sweet.

In case Bubble Tea Tarts are not your thing, I heard that they have a full size Earl Grey Bubble Tea Cake for pure indulgence

Only available on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday. Reservation is highly recommended because I got my hands on the last pieces 2 hours past their opening timing.

Brown Sugar Boba Custard Donut Cone ($4.80) – Coney Donut
111 Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset, #01-K1, Singapore 238164
Opening Hours: 10am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

You had Brown Sugar Bubble Milk before, but I am sure you would not come across a Brown Sugar Boba Custard Cone, with the cone made of freshly-made DONUT.

The cone is lined up with syrup on the inside, but this time it is the trendy brown sugar as a sauce.

The syrup-lined cone is then filled with a creamy custard cream, and finished off with a topping of chewy boba pearls.

Check out how the wildly popular brown sugar milk tea has morphed into a doughnut cone here at Coney Donut. It actually… worked!

Boba Taco Softie ($6.80) – Emma
Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #B2-45, Singapore 238839
Opening Hours: 11am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

Soft serve specialty shop Emma has set up its first-ever overseas branch right in Singapore.

Its Singapore-exclusive item is the Boba Taco Softie ($6.80) is wafer base with milk soft serve topped with bubbles, sprinkled with crushed nuts.

The wafer taco shell is made in-house, which are airy, crisp, light and almost paper-thin.

You get a choice between milk or mix (milk and charcoal cheese) soft serve, and I would say go for the mix for that interplay of flavours.

Since boba is in trend now, this is further topped with “Okinawa brown sugar pearls” – made with a combination of Okinawa brown sugar and kuromitsu which is Japanese black sugar syrup.

Note: Those of you called “Emma” (show ID or name card) can get a 50% OFF single item during the month of July at the new Plaza Singapura outlet. Emma (Plaza Singapura)

Milk Tea Boba Croissant ($5) – Brother Bird Milk & Croissants
32A Bali lane, Singapore 198740
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Mon, Wed – Sun), 6pm – 10pm (Tue)

Brother Bird Bakehouse is here to break your bubbles with their plain looking croissant.

But once you slice through the aromatic buttery and crispy outer layer of the croissant, you will be in for a surprise to see soft chewy pearls embedded within the milk tea cream.

The balance of soft chewy pearls with crispy, flaky layer of the croissant, coupled with a sweet milk tea cream tasted like a bubble milk tea, except in a solid form.

Only available on weekends.

Boba Thai Milk Tea Cake ($9.80) – The Bakery Chef
Blk 161, Bukit Merah Central, #01-3711, Singapore 150161
Opening Hours: 11am – 7pm (Mon – Fri), 10am – 7pm (Sat – Sun)

Known to start the lava toast trend in Singapore some years back, The Bakery Chef is back with a different version of a Lava Cake.

Topped with soft, chewy tapioca boba pearls that slides down with the flowy Thai milk tea lava and complemented well with the soft and fluffy texture of the lava cake.

A full-sized Brown Sugar Pearl Waterfall Cake (1.1kg for $48) is also available for big group gatherings.

Bubble Tea Toast ($6.90/ $7.90) – Benjamin Browns
583 Orchard Road, Forum the Shopping Mall, #01-20/21, Singapore 238884
Opening Hours: 10.30am – 9pm (Sun – Thu), 10.30am – 9.30pm (Fri – Sat)

Known for their Over-The-Top Milkshakes, Benjamin Browns continues to offer innovative creations such as Black Sesame Marble Latte ($5.90) and Marble Pancake ($16).

With 5 different flavours for their Bubble Tea Toast such as Ovaltine, Crunchie, Caramel Lotus ($6.90), Matcha and Thai Milk Tea ($7.90), the toast provides a contrast in texture between the soft, chewy pearls and crispy, crunchy toast.

Apart from Bubble Tea Toasts, Pearls on pancakes such as the Boba Pancakes ($14) and Matcha Boba Pancakes ($16) come with generous amount of cream topped with chewy boba pearls.

Pearl Milk Tea Softserve Ice Cream ($3.60) – TP Tea 茶湯會
Changi Airport, Terminal 2, Departure Hall #026-015-01, Singapore 819643
Opening Hours: 24 hours Daily

Suntec City #01-312, 3 Temasek Boulevard Singapore 038983
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

From the sister company of Chun Shui Tang 春水堂 in Taichung, Taiwan, which is the OG of all bubble tea

Offering more than just their selection of beverages, Pearl Milk Tea Softserve Ice Cream ($3.60) has thick, smooth and creamy texture that uses the same tea recipe as the Pearl Milk Tea.

I appreciated that the combination of softserve with chewy pearls was not sweet, which brings out the taste of tea leaves with a lingering aroma.

Brown Sugar Bubble Tiramisu ($8.80) – ARTEA
Vivocity #01-100/101 1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585 (Harbourfront MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Floral-themed cafe, ARTEA, at Vivo City has introduced Tiramisu in different flavours such as: Brown Sugar Bubble ($8.80), Earl grey ($9.80), Mango ($9.80), Strawberry ($10.80), Matcha ($11.80), Hazelnut ($11.80) and Mojito ($12.80).

Encased in a pretty box decorated with marble-like patterns, miniature brown sugar pearls can be found on the Brown Sugar Bubble Tiramisu for some chewiness.

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* Compiled by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. Additional input @DanielFoodDiary.



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