ONE MORE. Fans of bubble tea should be familiar with The Alley, a well-known Taiwanese beverage chain founded in Taichung, Taiwan.

After 5 years, it has rapidly expanded to over 300 outlets around the world including Japan, Korea, France, Australia, USA, and many more.

This year it continues to make waves in the international F&B scene, opening its first store in Singapore at JEWEL Changi Airport, which is said to have a wait-time of about 40 minutes to an hour if you go during peak hours.

It will soon be opened for 24 hours as well.

The Alley’s flagship store in Singapore will open next at Orchard Cineleisure Level 2, on the 18th of May (Sat) at 1pm.

This is first-ever premium concept aptly called “The Alley Luxe”, a lifestyle café that showcases their finest collection of beverages and bakes such as Croissants, Cruffins and Kouign-Amann.

This is where you can sit back and enjoy their drinks dine-in over scenic views of Orchard Road, or takeaway to reserve the tasting for later.

The brand, represented by an iconic large-antlered deer, is famous for Deerioca, The Alley’s signature freshly-prepared hand-crafted tapioca. (Ie people called these “boba”, “bubbles”, “pearls”, they call them “Deerioca”).

Manually measured, sifted, mixed and formed, the pearls achieve a better texture and aroma compared to its machine-produced counterparts.

Among its menu series, the Brown Sugar Deerioca has become extremely popular, especially with a boost from various social media channels.

Brown Sugar Deerioca Fresh Milk ($5.30)
This famous drink contains the signature Deerioca, delicate yet chewy tapioca meticulously brewed for more than 4 hours in The Alley’s all-natural brown sugar.

Made with Japanese grade fresh milk, this smooth and creamy beverage can be customised in terms of sweetness.

A visual stunner with its beautiful gradient effect, the draw to me are its pearls. Before stirring the portion up, you can actually take a quick suck to experience that warm sensation contrasted with the cold milk.

There was a certain caramelised sweetness, and each slightly sweet boba pearl is satisfying to the bite because of its QQ texture.

Also available is the Matcha Brown Sugar Deerioca Fresh Milk ($6.30).

Snow Strawberry Lulu ($6.30)
The LuLu Fresh Fruit Series is an all-new collection of luxuriously designed concoctions made with fresh fruits and tea.

If you are a fan of fruit teas, this line up of refreshing drinks is for you.

Try the Snow Strawberry LuLu, made with freshly brewed white peach oolong tea and finished with a dollop of snow velvet cream and fresh crushed strawberries.

Snow Velvet Peach Oolong Tea ($5.80)
This drink is also made with oolong tea and topped with milky cream – popularity known as ”nai gai” (literally meaning milk cover).

This is a drink I would recommend if you like to try the natural taste of the tea (so you drink the foam separately, and use a straw to consume to tea).

Their tea comes from premium hand-harvested tea leaves.

From the harvest of the tea leaves, the processing and aging of the leaves, the infusion of flavours to the selection of ingredients and their ratios is carefully managed.

Has a delicate fragrance, designed to keep you cool on any hot summery day.

Royal No.9 Milk Tea ($4.30)
The Royal No. 9 Milk Tea is a signature drink with a rich, distinct flavour and a subtle tea aroma. Its smooth texture gives you that wonderful mouthfeel, while the subtle sweet milk tea taste is not overwhelming.

This amber-coloured Assam tea is carefully roasted to achieve a mild charred taste and a sweet peach-like aftertaste.

Rounding up this drink is the signature Deerioca tapiocas, cooked to the right consistency to produce that QQ bounciness.

Aurora Series ($8.80)
The Aurora Series is named after the breath-taking Earth sky phenomenon Aurora borealis aka Northern Lights.

The photogenic bottled beverages – nature’s beauty captured in a bottle, scores high in “instragrammability” and sweet taste.

These specialty ice-blended drinks are a harmonious infusion of fresh fruits and fragrant tea, with a stunning gradient appearance.

The Alley Luxe is the brand’s first in the world to feature a selection of classic European baked products, such as Croissants ($3.50, $5.00 for Almond Croissant, $5.80 for Sausage and Cheese), Cruffins – a croissant-muffin hybrid ($5) and Kouign-Amann ($4.50) which are literally “butter cake”.

The Cruffins ($5) come recommended due to the crisp layers of flaky pastry and lightly sweetened fillings, in flavours of the local kaya, salted caramel, lemon curd and chocolate.

Enjoy your Brown Sugar Deerioca Fresh Milk along with flaky, buttery bakes.

The Alley Luxe
Orchard Cineleisure Level 2 Singapore 239695
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

The Alley Singapore – Jewel Changi Airport
78 Airport Boulevard Jewel Changi Airport #B2-273 Singapore 819666
Opening Hours: 24 hours

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* This entry is brought to you in partnership with The Alley.


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