From the same group that created premium Korean bakery brand Paris Baguette comes a new concept, Maison de PB at Jewel Changi Airport.

This “House of PB” is an enhanced and more upscale version of the Paris Baguette people know and love.

The Seoul-based SPC Group designs it as a jewelled version of Paris Baguette, something more unique and far less of them.

Launched in 1988, Paris Baguette had dominated the industry within a decade as the No. 1 bakery brand in Korea. It is ubiquitous in Korea, as Starbucks and McDonald’s are in every corner in the U.S.

Today, SPC Group runs more than 400 Paris Baguette stores in 5 countries ― France, the U.S., China, Singapore and Vietnam, and plans to build 1 to 2 Maison de PB stores in all of the major global cities they have business with.

At Jewel Changi Airport, the company for the first time opened multiple stores. It has opened four brand stores ― Paris Baguette, Maison de PB, Coffee@Works and Shake Shack Singapore, which are all flagships in the Southeast Asian market.

This is a double-storey space at Jewel Changi Airport.

On the lower level is a more casual bakery-café concept, where you can get your selection of salads, soups, savoury, and mains, pasta, and European-style breads and pastries.

There is also a live grill station for orders of steak.

The upper level is done up contemporary restaurant-style, where you can order mains of Oven-Baked Chicken, Roasted Black Cod, Grilled Lamb Racks, and pastas such as Signature Seafood Pastaa and Royal Carbonara. Dishes change seasonally.

Check out some of the highlights of Maison de PB:

Beef on the Stone ($35 for Striploin, $38 for Tenderloin)
This house special features a premium Australian beef, available as a striploin or a tenderloin cut.

A serving for the Beef on the Stone Striploin is 200g of sirloin, while you get a little less (180g) if you’re getting the Beef on the Stone Tenderloin.

Both of these prime meats are certified 100 days grain fed for that coveted fat marbling compared to grass fed beef.

How the beef is served is also quite dramatic, on your table flamed right in front of you (so get your cameras ready). So you get your appetite enticed with the aroma and sizzling sounds.

To better manage the doneness of the beef, I would recommend having it soon after it is flamed for a juicier cut. If not, you can further cook the beef on the hot-stone.

Good news! As an opening special, you get a complimentary glass of wine for every order of Beef on the Stone.

Traditional Croque Madame ($19.00)
If you are stopping by for a quick bite, the Traditional Croque Madame is recommended. This classic savoury sandwich is a French original, the ultimate ham and cheese sandwich.

The in-house baked bread is laden with grated cheese and ham.

Two types of cheeses are used to create that lovely melted texture when placed until a broiler, with mozzarella providing the stringy cheesy pull while gruyere adds a nice sharp taste to the blend.

Of course, it’s not Croque Madame without the sunny side up egg over the sandwich. Enjoy this a snack or a light lunch.

Mushroom Tartine ($20.00)
Another recommended item to try is Mushroom Tartine, essentially a savoury tart made with grilled mushrooms.

As each type of mushroom is unique in taste, using different kinds of mushroom altogether creates a distinctive blend of flavour accentuated by the grilling method.

What makes this extra special is the foie gras spread, adding a luxurious layer of goose liver – a delicacy the French takes very seriously.

Shrimp in Yellow Curry ($18.00)
This savoury dish, somewhere between a soup and a main, features the good ole shrimp and adds an Asian touch.

The rich and creamy bisque is likewise shrimp-based, and enhanced with the flavour and spice of yellow curry.

Served with tomato and sliced bread on the side to soak up the curry to the last dribble.

Maison de Steak, available at 1F Grill Bar (Starts from $15.00)
If you’re more of a steak buff, make sure you try out their Maison de Steak at The Grill Bar.

Starting at $15.00, The Grill Bar serves you a choice of steak, perfectly grilled, then served with salad and toasted European bread.

Choose from US Ribeye, US Striploin, Australian Ribeye, Australian Striploin, and Australian Wagyu. You do pay a little extra $5.00 if you go for the Wagyu.

Next, choose you preferred doneness, i.e. medium rare, medium, medium well, and well done.

You also get to select the sauce to pair with your steak. Would it be Jalapeno Soy Sauce, Red Wine Sauce, or Whole-grain Mustard Sauce? Or just skip the sauce if you like.

Lastly, you can opt to upgrade your salad to something more premium, such as Apple, Avocado and Kale; Beet, Carrot and Orange; or Romaine Caesar Salad. An upgrade to any of these salads is $3.00.

European-Inspired Artisan Bread
Known for their European-inspire artisan breads, Maison de PB tempts you with some of the best French breads and pastries.

To ensure a standardised product, fresh dough is made in South Korea and dispatched frozen around the globe to be baked fresh daily at each location.

The fresh bakes are displayed at the counter, and you may just want to get one of each.

For my personal recommendations, get the Pain Coeur ($5.50). It is a heart-shaped bread added ingredients like lemon peel, white chocolate chips and diced strawberry to add nuances in flavours.

Or you can try the Les Cinq Diamants literally, “the five diamonds” ($4.50 for half, $9.00 for full), a crusty type of bread baked with bits of orange peel, figs, raisin, currant and walnut.

Another iconic French pastry is the Kouign Amann ($4.50), which originated from the Brittany region of France. It is a laminated type pastry, similar to what’s used in croissants and other viennoiseries.

Made with layers of butter & sugar in between dough, it puffs up ‘til flaky when baked and creates caramelised crust.

An ideal breakfast pastry or afternoon snack best paired with your favourite coffee or matcha latte.

Cakes and Desserts
Maison de PB cakes and tarts are a visual stunner and promises a sweet dose of happiness to anyone who adores French patisserie.

Start with The Fruitful Tart ($12), filled with a cream cheese flavoured mousse and bountifully topped with a myriad of daintily arranged fresh fruits.

It’s a celebration of different flavours, textures, and shape, and you’ll enjoy popping eating piece into your mouth, including fresh strawberry halves, mango chunks, blueberries, and blackberries.

If you have a liking for that unique melon taste, try the Melon Mountain Tart ($12) which uses the muskmelon variety. The mound of monochromatic chunks are mixed with fresh cream and a refreshing lime-flavoured jelly.

Not only are you getting an invigorating dessert but also a high dose of Vitamin A muskmelons are known to have.

Maison de PB

For a tropical feel, go for the Mdm Mango Tart ($11.50) . The bright yellow palette itself is enough to light up your plate with joy.

Like the Melon Mountain Tart, it also comes with fresh cream, but for the jelly it goes unified in theme and uses a sweet mango jelly.

Sweet mangoes are cut into bite-size pieces and generously heaped on top of the tart. A good summer dessert!

MAISON de PB by Paris Baguette
#02-200 Jewel Changi Airport, 80 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819642
Tel: +65 6743 7900
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

Maison de PB

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Paris Baguette.


  1. It’s a nice, cozy place, perfect for a brunch or a nice evening with friends. We had a parfait (very good), a steak (very good) and some drinks. It’s not crowded, the staff is pleasant and eager to help – so I will go back there again for sure.


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