[Updated Feb 2023] Ms Durian has moved to 11 Kelantan Road, Jalan Besar.

Durian lovers have another reason to rejoice.

Ms Durian, a new durian-specialty cafe specialising in durian desserts has opened at Potong Pasir.

Differentiating themselves from the rest in terms of offerings, their primary focus is on durian-inspired desserts instead of the whole durian fruit.

Located in the extreme corner of the new mall The Poiz Centre right beside Potong Pasir MRT station, the entire space is brightly-lit with natural sunlight in the daytime.

Tall ceiling, white walls, marble table with gold finishing and comfy cushioned seats eludes a dainty lady-like vibe (just like the name of this cafe).

While the indoors space is just limited to 11 seats and 2 tables, there are future plans to expand outdoors.

Ms Durian offers a small and refined selection of 6 items on their menu, focusing on durian desserts.

Some of the lighter options include Durian Coconut Milk Pudding ($6), Durian Mousse Cake (Slice $8.50, Whole $65) and Durian Craquelin ($2).

On the other hand, the heavier options are made using MSW – Mao Shan Wang (King of durians) include MSW Ice Cream Puff ($3), MSW Durian Cake (Slice $12, Whole $90) and MSW Ice Cream ($9).

Ms Durian

Starting with Durian Coconut Milk Pudding ($6) which is the lightest among the lot, the dessert is made using MSW durian, fresh coconut milk and Meiji milk.

While the texture was relatively smooth, it was more like a mousse instead of a wobbling pudding.

The sweetness of the coconut milk kept it light and refreshing with non-overwhelming taste of the MSW durian.

Moving on to their bestseller, the Durian Craquelin ($2) is individually packed and ideal for gifting, though best eaten when chilled.

D24 durian cream is freshly piped into each choux puff, with a layer of craquelin brioche dough on the outer layer.

The process is done in the open kitchen for passerby to watch.

However, the Durian Craquelin lacked the crispy and textural crunch, and turned soft and soggy quickly.

Looking at the size of the sliced Durian Mousse Cake ($8.50) and MSW Durian Cake ($12), you would realise that it is slightly smaller than usual, making it suitable for an afternoon treat.

The Durian Mousse Cake ($8.50) was my favourite, with alternating layer of MSW durian mousse and vanilla sponge, topped with lightly salted macadamia nuts and gula melaka sauce.

The vanilla sponge was light, moist and fluffy and complemented well with the heavier flavour of the durian mousse.

Not only did the salted macadamia nuts added some textural crunch to the cake, there was a certain nutty tone to the combination and increased its complexity.

Ms Durian

The MSW Durian Cake ($12) is catered to those who seeks a stronger punch in durian flavours, with visible durian flesh embedded in it.

While the taste is considered quite balance overall, hardcore durian lovers like me would find it muted and may not be as shiok.

With only one ice cream flavour available, a single cup of 120g MSW Ice Cream comes at a price of $9, which is on the pricier side.

Made using milk, vanilla and without eggs, the same ice cream can be found in the form of a MSW Ice Cream Puff ($3) kiaped in between a choux puff.

Ms Durian does have some promising treats on the menu that mainly targets the female crowd (as their name implies), from the dainty interior and the golden utensils to the light and guilt-free desserts.

If you are craving for durian desserts, you can head down to Ms Durian for a try. Don’t forget about your mints.

Ms Durian

Ms Durian Speciality Bakery & Café
11 Kelantan Road, Jalan Besar, Singapore 208604
Opening Hours: 9am – 6pm (Mon, Wed, Thurs), 9am – 10pm (Fri – Sun), Closed Tues

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* Written by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW]. Daniel’s Food Diary pays for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.


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