Located along the Upper Thomson “foodie” stretch and nearby MRT stations Marymount, Bishan, and Caldecott, Molten Diners is an under-the-radar café-eatery waiting to be discovered.

One of the reasons why this is called Molten Diners are the unique combination of sauces concocted by the chefs.

You will find anything from Gorgonzola Blue Cheese, Yuzu Butter, Pumpkin Salted Egg, Harisa Chilli Salsa, Karala Creamy White Pepper, Mushroom Swiss, to Japanese Katsu Curry sauces in the menu.

Accordingly, they go the extra mile to use high-quality meats in their specials, such as grass-fed Australian ribeye and Wagyu beef, so expect to find good textures and flavours.

Aside from its meat and seafood specials, Molten Diners also includes a wide selection of appetisers, pasta, and desserts. For fries alone, I found at least 8 types. More on that later.

Each main comes with a choice of 2 sides, from Mac & Cheese, Baked Country Beans, Onion Rings, Curly Fries, Mash Potatoes to Baked Raisin Rice. (Also, check out our recommended pairings below.)

Here are some of the saucy-specials you can find at Molten Diners:

Kerala Creamy White Pepper AUS Grain-fed Ribeye 120 Days ($35.00)
This Molten special is Singapore’s first, using a sauce popular in Kerala, a state in south India.

Made Kerala-style with milk, butter, white flour, chili flakes and pepper, this white sauce achieves a creamy consistency and a very slight-spicy taste.

The sauce is then laden over a generous 250g-slice of Australian grain-fed beef from cattle finished on grain for 120 days. A flavourful slab of meat, and one of our favourite mains.

You can choose to go with sides of small bowl of Creamy Corn kernels, and mixed Baby Mesclun Salad.

Harissa Chilli Salsa Chicken Steak ($17.50)
If you prefer white meat, go for the chicken steak smothered with a bright red harissa-based sauce.

Harissa, popularly used in Northern African and Middle Eastern cuisine, is a spicy and aromatic Tunisian condiment made with smoked red chili peppers, garlic, olive oil and spices like cumin, coriander, caraway and mint.

This spicy sauce goes well with the mild taste of chicken, accompanied with Creamy Broccoli and Curly Fries.

Katsu Curry Chicken Schnitzel ($17.50) with Edamame and Fusilli Pasta
This special is a marriage of Japanese flavours and Austrian-original technique, where you get a schnitzel, a thin piece of meat, in this case chicken, breaded then deep-fried.

Similar to a tonkatsu, the chicken schnitzel is served with a splash of katsu curry sauce and a few pieces of carrots and peppers.

Compared to the typical chicken cutlets or tonkatsu, this chicken slab is thinner and thus it is easier to cut through, and you may appreciate the light crispiness better.

To complement the flavours, get a small side of fusilli pasta (I suspect there is truffle oil drizzled inside) and edamame.

Yuzu Butter Char Grilled Scottish Salmon ($28.00)
Scottish Salmon is also one of the milder-flavoured salmon available. Because of the frigid waters and strong currents in the coasts of Scotland, this salmon has a high fat-content lending to a buttery texture mouth-feel.

Cooked by simply grilling, the salmon remains naturally sweet, juicy and tender, drizzled over with citrusy velvety yuzu butter sauce which adds a refreshing kick.

One of the most popular dishes in the line-up, complement this with crunchy deep-fried Onion Rings and your choice of Baked Raisin Rice or Soba Noodles.

Mushroom Swiss Classic Cheese Wagyu Burger ($26.50)
The classic mushroom and cheese burger combo is “Wagyufied” in this heavyweight beef sandwich made for those who want something filling.

Imagine a juicy Wagyu beef patty drenched in melted (or should I say, molten?) Swiss cheese interspersed with soft pieces of mushrooms.

IG this special burger served in a trendy seeded charcoal burger bun, made black with the addition of activated charcoal into a mix of wheat and soy flours, canola oil, iodised salt, sesame seeds, and honey.

Get some sides of Shoestring Fries, Baked Country Beans or Mac & Cheese to pair along.

”The Twist” Lava Golden Crispy Fish Fillet ($19.00)
Did you grow up eating Twisties or Fish and Chips? Now you can have them here… together!

This unique and creative dish features a golden-fried breaded fish fillet slathered with a cheese sauce then topped with mortar-pounded cheese-flavoured (real) Twisties.

This iconic Aussie snack brand has been around for more than 50 years, who would’ve thought you’d eat these curls powdered on your plate? Plus a wedge of lemon for some zing.

For those who want something different.

Recommended to be served with Ratatouille and Mash Potatoes on the side. While I thought the Ratatouille may not be the strongest, the Mash were softer, saucier (of course) and not-as-artificial as what may expect. A must-get side for your mains.

House Special Chicken Wings ($7.90 for 2 pieces)
Moving on to the appetisers, offerings include Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup ($7.50), Calamari Rings ($11.50), Onion Rings ($6.00), Truffle Fries ($11.50), and Gratin Mac & Cheese ($7.50).

With a mild har cheong (prawn paste) taste, these chicken wings are deep-fried to achieve a balance of outside crispness and juiciness inside.

It has that signature aroma that makes this dish truly one of a kind.

House Special Foie Gras with Raisin Sauce ($12.90)
The house special, a slice of pan seared duck foie gras, paired with a sweet sauce using raisins to contrast its taste and texture.

“The Twist” Curry Fries ($6.00)
Another appetiser, perhaps found only here, are deep-fried curry-flavoured crispy potatoes coated in powdered Twisties (yes, the snack curls).

As they say, “We shake it for you!”, enjoy the wonderful crunch of Twisties shaken along with the hot-off-the-fryer fries upon order.

And so I earlier mentioned there are at least 8 types of fries… you can also get your hands on Shoestring, Parmesan Cheese, Seaweed, Pumpkin Salted Egg, Sweet Potato (do they count), Truffle and Curly Fries.

Valhrona Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream ($13.50)
Any day is worth celebrating and this dessert is a satisfying way to culminate that celebration.

The cake is baked using premium gourmet French chocolate brand. A hot-cold type of dessert composed of warm chocolate cake filled with liquid chocolate side-by-side with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Watch how the molten chocolate flows when you cut it apart.

Enjoy all of these dishes from Molten Diners as you refresh yourself with their special cooler, Molten Signature ($3.20 regular/$4.90 large) available in lychee, passionfruit or lime.

Or go for their Homemade Ice Lemon Tea ($2.20 regular/$3.80 large) using calamansi instead of the usual lemon as the main citrus flavouring.

A family and kid friendly place, Molten Diners is designed counter-style where you line-up to a cashier to order and pay. Tables are perfect for groups, and outdoor seating is also available.

Open ‘til 11pm on weekdays and 2am on Friday and Saturday, it’s where you can hang out with friends over affordable dishes – there is no service charge, no GST here. You can call for a reservation, but walk-ins are welcomed.

Molten Diners
246 Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574370
Opening Hours: 12pm – 10pm (Mon – Sun)


Molten Diners

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Molten Diners.



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