One more? Singapore is set for ANOTHER Brown Sugar Milk Tea brand, after high profile openings of HEYTEA Singapore 喜茶, Tiger Sugar, Nayuki 奈雪の茶 (Vivocity), and the coming The Alley 斜角巷.

Popular Taiwanese bubble tea brand Jenjudan 珍煮丹 has opened its first outlet in Singapore .

The Singapore outlet has been rebranded as “Truedan”.

The location is at CityLink Mall, #B1-13. (Honestly speaking, how many of you haven’t shopped there in a while? Passing by doesn’t count.)

Of course not all famous Bubble Tea brands met with resounding success in the Singapore market. Yifang Fruit Tea for example, despite opening in a central location, is very under-the-radar (Sorry Yifang!).

So the question is, did Jenjudan 珍煮丹 arrive a year too late?

I personally thought it would have been better if they were here before Tiger Sugar, as the trend has kind of tapered down and local consumers have more brands to compare with.

Jenjudan was born in the world-renowned Shilin Night Market 士林夜市 in Taipei during 2010.

Do not confuse its name “珍煮丹” with “曾祖母“ .

The first two characters is a play of the characters “珍珠”, which represents the boba or pearls in bubble tea.

The menu’s signature is the include Brown Sugar Boba Milk ($5.20, $6.50), which features warm, soft brown sugar, and boba served with chilled fresh milk.

It was fun watching how a big scoop of the pearls were scooped up right before your eyes, stick and gooey and placed into the cup.

Compared to some other prominent brands I tried in Taipei, the “brown-sugarness” was considered more mellow, not as strong and full-flavoured. The boba though, had an agreeable, chewy bite.

However, the milk was deliciously-smooth and creamy.

Other drinks to expect include the Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Oreo ($5.50) – a blend of fresh milk, chocolate wafers, and sweet crème; as well as the Brown Sugar Boba Thai Milk Tea ($4.20, $5.50) – which once upon a time was the IT drink in Singapore.

Newly released drinks you can find include Matcha Green Tea with Red Beans ($5.20, $6.50) and Honey Chrysanthemum Tea with Lemon ($3.80).

Truedan Singapore 珍煮丹
1 CityLink Mall #B1-13 Singapore 039393
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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* Photos by Nicholas Tan @stormscape who loves all things [NEW].


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