Clarke Quay may be your go-to venue for a late-night dining rendezvous, but lunch at the Quay is just as exciting with its brand-new set of meal deals.

With many of the restaurants offering lunch at $15++ and below, this is the next best thing to a free lunch.

Most are available from 12pm to 3pm DAILY, and not just the weekdays.

Some of the highlights include Tsui Wah’s meal for 2 which includes 2 mains, a side and 2 drinks inexpensively priced at $25++; The RANCH 2-course set lunch menu at $15++; and the Hooter’s Set Lunch (get the Wings & Fries) at only $10++.

Here are 10 Clarke Quay restaurants you can get your affordable lunches:

Tsui Wah 翠華
Clarke Quay #01-03 Blk A Singapore 179020
Tel: +65 6250 9270

The Fish Paste Puffs in Fish Soup with Mixian is a dish that pleases those who miss that authentic taste from Hong Kong.

The fish soup features fresh rice noodles, and Fish Paste Puffs – freshly handmade daily, doesn’t contain any additives nor preservative, and are succulently-delicious.

The Kagoshima-Style Braised Pork Cartilage with Tossed Instant Noodles is a homage dish to a Japanese chef who shared this recipe with Tsui Wah. Stewed for many hours daily, the pork cartilage is tender, chewy and gelatinous, with a good savoury aroma.

The chunks of pork are served over Hong Kong’s famed instant noodles, coated in a luscious gravy.

Each set for 2 comes with a choice of side dish (get the crispy Deep-Fried Wontons) and 2 drinks. Of course, you cannot give the signature Hong Kong Milk Tea a miss.

Clarke Quay Lunch Promotion 2019
$25++ Weekday Set Lunch Menu for 2 pax

Choice of any 2 Noodles (Add $2++ for switching to Tossed Noodles), 1 Side Dish and 2 Beverages (Add $0.50++ to switch to Cold Drink).

Kushikatsu Tanaka
Clarke Quay #01-01B Blk A
Tel: +65 6258 3789

Famous for its Osaka-style deep-fried cutlet skewers and signature dipping sauce, Kushikatsu Tanaka is the no. 1 and biggest Kushikatsu restaurant chain in Japan.

The ambiance is similar to that of a traditional Izakaya, with dim yellow lighting to set the mood.

Troop to Clarke Quay and experience the authentic taste of breaded cutlet skewers in 5 variants: pork, beef, lotus root, onion, and asparagus.

While the skewers may taste good on their own, try dousing them in their signature dipping sauce to boost the flavours. After all, that famous dipping sauce is a Tanaka family recipe.

Do dip it just once for hygiene reasons, but if you really, really want more of that sauce, simply scoop up some more with the complimentary cabbage served alongside the Kushikatsu.

If you are still craving for more, you can add noodles to your lunch set, such as the Beef Udon at just an additional $1, that is packed with rich, umami flavour.

Have these lunch sets with side dishes of sliced beef soup and/or macaroni salad, and Japanese Green Tea.

Clarke Quay Lunch Promotion 2019
Kushikatsu Set Lunch (5 Kinds) at $12.50++, or Beef Udon with Kushikatsu (5 Kinds) at $13.50++

– The set lunch menu is available on weekdays (Monday – Friday) and eve of Public Holiday from 12pm – 3pm only.

The RANCH Steakhouse by ASTONS
Clarke Quay #01-15 Blk B
Tel: +65 6256 0334

Offering steaks dry-aged right at the restaurant, The RANCH by ASTONS is a classic steakhouse concept that boasts of quality set meals at affordable prices.

First up for their lunch set is its signature item of RANCH Open Burger.

Have a working lunch with this open-faced burger, using a deliciously juicy premium beef patty with grilled bacon, truffle aioli, and onion marmalade on a toasted brioche bun, accompanied with steak fries on the side.

The Beef Stew Puff is another house special, using tender chunks of beef stewed in a rich sauce and served with delicate pastry puff.

For a non-meat option, try the Seafood Lasagne using an assortment of fresh seafood with béchamel and cheese.

More premium items included in the lunch set menus (at $18.80++ or $25++) include the NZ Striploin Steak and the Pepper-Crusted Japanese Wagyu.

Clarke Quay Lunch Promotion 2019
The RANCH 2-course set lunch menu at $15++, $18.80++, or $25++

– Set lunch promotion is only valid for dine in from Monday to Friday, 12pm to 3pm.

East Treasure Chinese Restaurant東寶之東方明珠
Clarke Quay #01-17 Blk B

Head off to East Treasure Chinese Restaurant for a casual business lunch or a cosy meal with family, friends or colleagues.

Another value-for-money concept by ASTONS, East Treasure offers affordable Chinese cuisine. Using fresh ingredients and modest cooking styles, this restaurant can please even the most discerning diners with its specially-priced Executive Lunch Sets.

The Prawn Noodle Soup, prepared Penang-Style is a signature dish that is guaranteed to satisfy your midday cravings for comforting noodles.

Much of its flavours lie in the soup stock made with prawn head and shells, dried shrimps, soy sauce, garlic, shallots, and other seasonings. The noodles are topped with halved large prawns and hard-boiled egg.

Another chef special, Braised Soya Chicken in Chinese Rose Wine with Rice, is also available as a set paired with a drink (lemongrass jelly or barley pumpkin) and soup of the day.

Clarke Quay Lunch Promotion 2019
Executive set lunch from $12.80++

– Set lunch promotion is only valid during lunch hours from 11:30am to 2:30pm.

Clarke Quay #01-07 Blk D
Tel: +65 6336 0212

Turn your humdrum lunch into a specialty Northern Chinese meal at Hutong, with its nostalgic feel and distinctive character.

Experience the charm of old Beijing against the vibrant background of the Clarke Quay riverside in this 110-seater restaurant, adorned with carefully selected antique fixtures, bright red lanterns, and Chinese silk drapes.

Try their signature Seafood Fried Rice with Caviar, a savoury stir-fried rice dish shrimps, beaten egg, and green onions, in a beautiful heart-shaped presentation topped with orange caviar salt-cured roe.

For something more filling, go for the Sweet Sour Pork with Fresh Fruit, made with fried pork balls, cuts of fresh pineapple, red and green bell peppers, and onions stir-fried in a sweet tangy sauce.

Hutong’s Set Lunch includes a couple of starters and a choice of beverage.

Clarke Quay Lunch Promotion 2019
3-Course Set Lunch at $15.00++

Chuan Grill and Noodle Bar 川。串。面
Clarke Quay #01-01 Blk A
Tel: +65 6253 8849

Chuan Grill and Noodle Bar is the place to indulge in shao kao skewers and authentic Sichuan noodles this side of the city. The skewers are available at night (all the way till 4am) with unique imported beers, prepared authentically by chefs from Sichuan.

True to the cuisine it represents, the grilled meats and noodles are prepared with Sichuan spices to give you fiery intense flavours.

Take a midday journey and add zing to your lunch with Chuan’s wide selection of Sichuan noodles, reasonably priced and richly topped with quality meats and vegetables.

For the soup, you can choose between braised beef soup and pork bone soup, or go dry and soup-less with just noodles and toppings. You can also decide whether to take it spicy or not.

Among the many choices, go for the signature Beef Shank Noodles in a savoury brown braised beef soup, topped with thin slices of tender beef shank and sprinkled with chopped green onions. It’s hearty and filling

The Dan Dan Noodles, another staple of Sichuan cuisine, is made with the traditional red-chili oil sauce, minced pork and finely chopped scallions. Combining heat, spice and savoury flavours with wheat noodles with a bite.

Clarke Quay Lunch Promotion 2019
Complimentary Beverage (Non-alcoholic) for every Authentic Sichuan Noodles (四川拉面) purchase.
*Top up $5.00++ for choice of half-pint Tiger Beer or Carlsberg Beer

– Promotion is valid for Noodles valued at $12.50++ and above.
– Authentic Sichuan Skewers (四川烧烤) will not be available during lunch hours and will be available from 5.30pm onwards.

Talay Thai
Clarke Quay #01-05-Blk E
Tel: +65 6337 1838

With over 50 Thai-inspired items in its menu, Talay Thai will spoil you with choices for lunch.

Though popular as an avant-garde drinking hole, it offers various traditional Thai dishes with contemporary twists, including a line-up of modern seafood tapas.

Best picks for lunch are the noodles like Pad Thai (with seafood or chicken) and rice meals like Tom Yum Fried Rice, also available in seafood or chicken.

A chef recommended rice dish is Basil Chicken with Rice, which is stir-fried minced chicken meat enhanced with the flavour and aroma of Thai basil.

Green Curry Chicken, another signature main course, is also served with steamed rice. As the most pungent and spiciest of traditional Thai curries, this green curry is made with diced chicken meat and a bevy of aromatic ingredients: green hot chilies, shallots, garlic, coriander seeds, cumin, lemon grass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, shrimp paste, fish sauce, palm sugar, and coconut cream.

“Talay” means seafood in Thai, and yes, you may substitute chicken with seafood in some of the dishes.

Clarke Quay Lunch Promotion 2019
Hot Lunch Specials at $15++

Soup of the Day, Main Course, and One Beverage. Top up $7.00++ for Dessert of the Day
Addition: Sunday Special – Kid eats for Free with every two paying adults. For kids 7 and below.

– Valid only for dine-in customers on weekdays from 12pm – 3pm excluding special occasions (eg. Valentine’s Day), the eve of and Public Holidays.

Clarke Quay #01-04-Blk D
Tel: +65 6338 4748

Experience a fiesta at Muchos Mexican Bar & Restaurant anytime of the week with its Modern Mexican cuisine offerings in a fun, vibrant environment.

Its full menu spans from aperitivos to postres, with a sopa de dia and comes with the 3-Course Set Lunch. Chef recommended items include the Taco Salad, Fajitas Supreme, and Fajitas Trio.

Get into a Mexican vibe during lunch with the Crispy Roll Taquitos, cigar-like flour tortillas filled with either shredded chicken or pan-fried vegetables, deep-fried to a crisp, and served with your sauce of choice.

Or go light with a Mexican Chicken Salad, accompanied with a spicy tart Chipotle Mango Dressing.

If extreme hunger is beckoning, order the more satisfying Fajitas, with a sizzling plate of either chicken, beef or vegetables. Served with spinach rice, warm tortillas, lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and salsa roja.

Clarke Quay Lunch Promotion 2019
3-Course Set Lunch at $15.00++

Clarke Quay #01-03-Blk D
Tel: +65 6332 1090

Known for its casual, laid-back, sport-themed ambiance and live sports screening, Hooters is a fun and friendly place to combine food and entertainment. Do you know it has been in Clarke Quay for more than 20 years (from way back in 1996).

Enjoy Midwest comfort food, with a menu that features American-style burgers, salads, sandwiches, and its signature Hooters Wings, served breaded tossed with sauce or naked on request.

Discover a new way to liven up your lunch with Hooters Wings & Fries, which has 7 pieces of Hooters Nearly World Famous Chicken Wings, served with Curley Fries.

Let the lovely Hooters’ staff toss your wings in your preferred sauce, from the “Samurai” to Medium, Hot-, “3-Mile Island”, and all the way up to “911”.

If you can’t handle the heat, Hooters offer more than 20 brews to cool you down. Or better yet, take advantage of their lunch promo where you get a free soft drink and ice cream with your main course.

Now isn’t that a cool deal?

Clarke Quay Lunch Promotion 2019
Set Lunch at $10++

Choice of Main Course, Soft Drink, and Ice Cream

– Applicable for dine-in only.
– The set lunch menu will be available from opening till 3pm daily, including eve of Public Holiday & Public Holiday.
– Prices quoted are subject to prevailing government taxes and service charge.
– Promotion is not applicable with any other offers, discounts, vouchers and/or privileges.
– Management reserves rights to amend and/or remove offers without prior notice.

Clarke Quay #01-01C/D Blk A
Tel: +65 6837 0577

Experience an authentic Irish welcome and hospitality at McGettigan’s, a classic Irish pub where you can enjoy live music, comedy and entertainment acts over European pub fare.

Your options for lunch at McGettigan’s are quite aplenty, and they have rotating menus depending on the week you come.

Recommended McGettigan’s mains include the Pan-Fried Salmon, with carrot and zucchini julienne, red onion and Vietnamese chilli caramel dressing; Sous Vide Beef Fillet; or a comforting treat of Carbonara Pasta.

On another day, you may get Pasta with Prawns; 16-Hour Smoked Beef Brisket; or the interesting east-meets-west dish of Asian Style Wok Fried Ground Pork.

Clarke Quay Lunch Promotion 2019
Choice of One Main Course and one Soft Drink for $15.00++ per pax

Addition: Sunday Special – Kid eats for free with every paying adults every Sunday.

– Promotion is valid from Monday – Friday, 12pm – 3pm only.
– Valid on Main Course items from the promotional menu only.

For more details on Clarke Quay’s Lunch Deals, head over to

Do not miss out on these attractive Clarke Quay Promotions:
Free Lunchtime Parking for diners from Monday to Friday (excluding PH), 12.30pm to 1.30pm
Receive 5,000 STAR$ ($5 CapitaVoucher) when you scan 2 lunch receipts (minimum spending of $20 per receipt from 12pm to 3pm) from 2 different restaurants within a month (receipt count will reset on the 1st day of every month)
2X STAR$ with CapitaStar from Monday to Sunday (including PH), 12pm to 3pm

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