[Bangkok] There is a no lack of “instagrammable” cafes in Bangkok, with many coffee places being creative from interior to menu offerings, but KOF does manage to edge out.

Just think about it, a small coffee shop right at the hipster Thong Lor neighbourhood, set in the middle of the garden, with large glass windows, primary white Scandinavian-contemporary interior.

Yet right next to a shopping mall.

And add latte and matcha in a chocolate cone.

There you have it, KOF screams come take your Instagram photos here, for both food and human beings.

The café started as a pop-up concept at the lobby of SO Sofitel Bangkok, and has been attracting foodies to this newer outlet right next to J Avenue Mall.

The signature “KOF Kone” (130 baht, SGD5.50) is made of a waffle cone, with Belgian chocolate lined in the interior, then filled with latte, matcha latte, or hot chocolate.

Its recommended way of having it is to take picture, use straw to drink, and finish it within 10 minutes.

Yes, most instagrammers would say how beautiful the place and ‘drink’ are, that they are having the time of their lives, but perhaps they left out details that this chocolate drink could spill on their dress all so easily.

You do know what happens when cone and chocolate come together with a hot drink, right?

But to be fair, the barista doing it had nifty fingers and placed it carefully on the holder.

As the sun rays shone upon the chocolate-filled cone, it did look like a beauty – granted many cafes did attempt to serve latte in cones, but not all execute this well.

If you are a coffee-coffee drinker, then this is obviously not your thing.

I thought that while it was like a mocha drink, the sweetness of melted chocolate overpowered the taste of the coffee towards the end.

Drinks wise, there is a variety of colourful drinks from Marocchino (Mocha with chocolate curls), Ruby Fizz, Isaphan Fizz, Popcorn Tea Latte, Red Americano (Americano with pomegranate and cranberry), and Coffee Pudding Latte.

All are priced from 120 – 135 baht (SGD5.10 – 5.75), coming in dual or tri-coloured combinations.

The Thong Lor exclusives are the Camo Latte (Matcha Latte with Chocolate Pudding) and Cocoa Camo (Belgian Chocolate with Matcha Pudding), both priced at 135 baht.

While the chocolate could come across being rich and thick, and a tad smaller proportion could work better, this still makes a smooth refreshing thirst quencher for the summer.

Great place to people watch. (Sometimes fashionable) People come in, take loads of photos, take a sip of something, then go away. Always fascinating to see them in action.

323 J Avenue Mall, Sukhumvit Soi 55 Bangkok Thailand (BTS Thong Lor)
Tel +66 99 150 6301
Opening Hours: 8am – 8pm (Mon – Sun)
Google Maps – KOF Thonglor

So Sofitel Bangkok, North Sathorn Road, Bangkok
Opening Hours: 7am – 8pm (Mon – Sun)

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