[London] They have been called “a London must-do”, serving “the most amazing all day breakfast” and brunches.

Whether you are reminiscing about your teenage years in the 80’s or simply looking to experience some exciting pop culture, The Breakfast Club Café seems the perfect place to walk down memory lane and have a good time.

These cafés are not too difficult to find either.

There are Breakfast Club Cafés all around London from Battersea, London Bridge, Oxford, to Spitalfields.

We visited both the Soho flagship outlet (at D’Arblay Street where it all began in 20015), and the branch cozily located within trendy Camden Passage in Angel Islington, a place where one tends to visit for brilliant coffee brews, great artisanal handicrafts and a jovial summer vibe.

Expect a line when you get there. These cafes are exceedingly popular and you will soon understand why.

Bright, colorful, saturated with popular cultural references and intriguing ornaments and memorabilia.

The Breakfast Club always finds a way to make you feel better even at your best, creating a welcome atmosphere to bring family and friends.

The atmosphere is lively, so too are the staff, who seem to fit right into the excitement and energy.

When we waited in the line, a few of them came outside to chat or even hand out cups of water, making us feel like the 20-30 minutes we waited was not that long after all.

Though the menu selections are winningly eclectic, Breakfast Club try to keep things relevant to the vibrant theme.

They do the classics, things like an Eggs Benedict (£9.50), Berry Pancakes (£9.50) or Avocado on Rye (£7.00), but they also do awe-inspiring takes on them, like the incredible Huevos al Benny (£10.50) which I ordered, gluten free ‘beauregarde’ pancakes (£9.50), and stuff like Chorizo Hash (£9.00).

Within the Huevos al Benny, you get two poached eggs on English muffins with a smattering of peppers, avocado, chillies and a gloriously rich hollandaise sauce.

The most exciting thing about this dish for me was the choice between fried chicken or chorizo for my meat.

For me, fried chicken was a no-brainer!

Keep in mind as well that this place is no light-eating place either.

The portions here are hearty and wholesome, making sure to satisfy you to the utmost before you leave.

My Huevos was absolutely delicious with its wonderful flavor profile, but its size was definitely not for the faint hearted.

For first timers, the server recommended The Full Monty (£10.95), a mighty breakfast-ensemble of eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding, fried potatoes, mushrooms, beans and toast.

I reckon it is called “FULL” Monty because that it how you will fill after finishing that plate.

There were some items I enjoyed in that plate, from the creamy scrambled eggs, juicy sausage (they are cut in half so you may not enjoy that burst in the mouth), and sautéed mushrooms.

The others were on the average side.

Some diners choose to burst their calories on their Pancakes & Berries (£9.50) and it is not difficult to understand why.

Come in a tall stack of fluffy fours, the sorcery was not only in the pancakes but in that delicious sweet cream.

After my food, I could not think of having any more to eat.

Your eyes will definitely be hungrier than your belly because of all the amazing plates moving from kitchen to table.

With a hot chocolate and black coffee, I took in the scene around me and let everything settle.

It came in a cute mug that mirrored the breakfast club vibe, nothing too special, but one doesn’t necessarily come here for the coffee anyway.

The Breakfast Club Café is definitely one of the ‘in’ hangout spots around the city, and definitely demands a visit if you are in the area and fancy a brunch.

The Breakfast Club – Soho
33 D’Arblay Street London W1F 8EU
Opening Hours: 7:30am – 10pm (Mon – Fri), 8am – 10pm (Sat), 8am – 7pm (Sun)
Google Maps – The Breakfast Club Soho

The Breakfast Club – Angel
31 Camden Passage, London N1 8EA
Opening Hours: 8:00am – 11:00pm (Sun-Wed) 8:00am – 11:00pm (Thurs- Sat)
Google Maps – The Breakfast Club Angel

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* Written by DFD’s London Food Correspondent Leander Dias SaltyCritic and Daniel Ang. Photos by Daniel Ang. Leander Dias was born and raised in Dubai, a burgeoning city with diverse food culture. Since moving to London to read for his English MA at UCL, he has utterly immersed himself in the local food scene, writing extensively about everything he eats everywhere he goes. DFD paid for food reviewed unless otherwise stated.



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