[Seoul] If Kyochon has an English website or something, they would probably do even much better with the international tourists.

Kyo” means wisdom and enlightenment, while “Chon” means village.

The chain is to be known to serve up one of the best Korean Fried Chicken in South Korea, and the endorsement from celebrity Lee Min Ho helped a lot.

The Chimaek (chicken + beer) brand is well-liked, with branches in the United States, China, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia… BUT Singapore.

The love of Korean Fried Chicken can be attributed to Korean dramas such as My Love from The Star, and the power of celebrity endorsements.

Plus, the Kyochon Chicken is known to be free of antibiotics, growth hormones, and drugs; use less batter and less greasy than other fried chicken brands.

Finding a Kyochon branch in Seoul was slightly tricky for me because they are not many in the central-central areas, not much information on Google (I ended up using Naver instead), branches have moved, and the South Koreans tend to order more chicken deliveries.

The outlet at the Hongdae area is one of the most popular, and quite conspicuous with a modern looking interior.

Oh, quite a place to people watch too.. where young undergraduates date over a Chimaek meal, or you can watch a group of petite Korean girls chomp them that basket of wings.

Kyochon serves up a quite a variety of chicken, such as the Kyochon Original – soy garlic sauced whole chicken, Honey Original, Red Original with spicy flavor of Korean Chungyang red capsicum sauce, and Sal Sal – rice-crumbled batter.

The chicken is priced at about ₩16,000 to ₩19,000 (SGD19.30 to SGD22.90 or USD14.30 to USD16.95).

If you would like to try a mixture of flavours, get a Half and Half (₩19,000) of Kyochon Original and Red, available in whole chicken, sticks, wings and drumettes and combination.

Had the Half & Half of signature and spicy flavour as I wanted to try a combination of both. The wait was about 20 minutes or so, as they are supposedly prepared upon order.

The Kyochon wings, drumettes and drumsticks came in a spicy, sticky sauce, absorbed into the crust.

While that added licking-good flavours in the process, the pieces were somewhat soggy.

The Honey series is well-received by many fans, but unfortunately this is NOT available in half and half. That means I got to order one more.

Their chicken wings which is hand-cut, prepared fresh upon ordering, had a delicious honey-sweetness on the batter, and this worked because the outer layer was crisp.

It was almost like having a snack.

As for the meat, I wished it was juicier and more flavoursome. Not saying this is no good, but in contrast with all the other Korean Fried Chicken available in Seoul, this would fall somewhere in the middle.

To get a group of friends to help conquer the Kyochon Chicken, otherwise the sweetness may just overwhelm after a few pieces.

Kyochon Chicken has maintained to be a market-leader and well-liked by fans, largely due to its marketing and branding. But there are other Korean Fried Chicken brands in Seoul that are quite on par, waiting to be discovered.

Kyochon Chicken 교촌치킨
371-3, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Tel: +82 2 338 1300
Opening Hours: 12pm – 2am (Mon – Sun)

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