[Taipei] If you are craving for a taste of authentic Hong Kong desserts in Taipei, Kai Kai Dessert 佳佳甜品 has opened at Keelung Road, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place A11, and Sogo Zhong Xiao Road basement 1.

Imagine slurping up one of their hot Almond Soups during winter, or a refreshing Stewed Papaya with Rock Sugar during hotter summer times.

The traditional Cantonese dessert shop from Hong Kong Jordan has been around in business for 40 years, and has recently been awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand for the original branch.

Said that because the shop has been listed in other categories for a number of years, and finally gained a higher Bib Gourmand recognition.

The interior over at the Taipei branch has a clean, white, modern look, with small seating area of about 6 tables.

Not the kind place to have long conversions; you sit, order; eat and go.

However, this is as good as it gets to having a taste of Hong Kong sweetness, as there are not many similar “tong sui” shops found in the city.

The menu is not as extensive though, serving up a lean selection of 12 different bowls.

These include Black Sesame Paste (NT$95), Sago in Taro Puree with Lotus Seed (NT$95), Sweet Walnut Soup (NT$95), Red Bean Soup with Lotus Seed (NT$95), Sweet Almond Soup (NT$95), Black Glutinous Rice with Coconut Milk (NT$95) and Dried Beancurd and Ginko Nuts (NT$105).

Most are available in hot and cold versions. The exclusive choice is the Hot Stew Fungus in Sweet Almond Soup (NT$105).

NT$95 is SGD4.20 or USD3.10 for current rates.

Its Black Sesame Paste (NT$95) was possibly the best rendition I ever had, made by grinding black sesame seeds from scratch into a silky-smooth paste that was close to perfection.

So smooth that it would trickle down your throat, with that aromatic nutty flavour and mellow-sweetness.

Choose to add on glutinous rice dumplings for NT$45.

Some foreigners may not be used to seeing papayas being cooked into a sweet dessert, but do give the Stewed Papaya with Snow Fungus (NT$99) a try.

The papaya pieces were cooked till soft, with mild sweetness coming from the rock sugar, making this a refreshing thirst-quencher as well.

The Dried Beancurd and Ginkgo Nuts (NT$105) was unlike other versions I had, in which the barley was cooked till almost disintegrated.

There was an alluring lightness to the texture, that you wouldn’t feel heavy even if you decide to go for a second bowl.

I know some people do not fancy Almond Desserts as there is typically either a powdery texture or weird smell. However, Kai Kai Dessert somehow managed to do theirs just right, well-balanced in sweetness.

Kai Kai Dessert 佳佳甜品台灣
No. 145-2, Section 1, Keelung Road, Xinyi District, Taipei 110, Taiwan
基隆路店 信義區基隆路一段145號之2
Tel: +886 2 2769 7998
Opening Hours: 12pm – 11pm (Mon – Fri), 12pm – 12am (Fri – Sat)

KaiKai Dessert – Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place A11
No. 11, Songshou Road, 2F, Taipei 110, Taiwan
新光A11信義區松壽路11號2樓 (A11二樓空橋)
Tel: +886 2 2769 7995
Opening Hours: 11am – 9:30pm (Mon – Sun)

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