[Seoul] If you are lost at where to find Korean Fried Chicken in Seoul , a street at the back of Myeongdong lined with KFC shops should be a good-enough option.

You might have imagined that Seoul would be littered with “Chimaek” (fried chicken and beer) shops at every corner.

However, the South Koreans actually prefer to order deliveries, and tourists may have difficulty navigating with Google maps in the city (Use Naver instead).

This row at Myeongdong is lined with shops such as BHC Chicken, Chir Chir, Oppadak, while Two Two Chicken and Noo Na Hol Dak are not that far away.

678 Chicken is one of the most popular Korean Fried Chicken you can find there, sandwiched between all the other shops.

The element of celebrity-power cannot be under-estimated.

Owner by Korean host and comedian Kang Ho-Dong, you would find a standee of him welcoming you at the door in super-hero costume, and the walls lined with comic-style illustrations. Incidentally, the group also owns Baek-Jeong which is a well-liked Korean BBQ chain.

Recommended dishes in the menu include Chilli Fried Chicken (18,900 Won), Crispy Fried Chicken (18,900 Won), Hot Bomb Sauce Chicken (18,500 Won), Bulgogi Garlic Sauce Chicken (19,000 Won), Sweet Honey Sauce Chicken (18,900 Won), Spice & Cheese Chicken (18,900 Won), Soy Sauce Chicken (18,900 Won) and Savory Butter Chicken (18,900 Won).

18,900 Won is about SGD22.70 or SGD16.75. I find a portion good enough for about 3 to 4 people to share. If you are a lonesome traveller, sorry there are no individual sets for you.

Though I usually prefer sauced versions, the Original Crispy Fried Chicken (18,900 Won) looked way too enticing.

It arrived in a grease-proof paper lined aluminium tray of about 14 pieces (could be more), which you could slowly devour with a friend over a beer of Cass.

If you love your light, crunchy batter, then you are in for a treat.

The 678 Korean Fried Chicken was pleasantly crispy without being too oily; the chicken meat inside retained its moisture and you just might find juices within that you could suck off the drumstick.

However, the law of diminishing marginal returns set in quite quickly, and I was quite done after my fourth.

While 678 Chicken was not impressionable enough to say it is the best I ever had, its crunchy batter matched with juicy meat makes it a worthwhile visit. And hey, it is opened till 3am every day.

678 Chicken 치킨678
199-40 Euljiro 2(i)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울시 중구 을지로2가 199-40
Tel: +82 2 3789 6780
Opening Hours: 11am – 3am (Mon – Sun)

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