While ramen continues to enjoy widespread popularity in Singapore, I feel that more can be talked about udon – which is still quite under-the-radar.

Talking about “under-the-radar”, other than Kohaku Tendon and Menya Kokoro at Eat At Seven, perhaps it is time to venture further inside this Japanese dining enclave at Suntec City.

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Udon Kamon, an udon specialty house just opened at Eat At Seven – the food cluster consisting of 7 top Japanese food specialist concepts including Unagiya Ichinoji Dining.

Helmed by Executive Chef Kamogi Noriyuki, Udon Kamon specialises in Sanuki udon, the most popular type of udon in the Shikoku region.

It is also found in the neighbouring Kansai region and throughout Japan.

If you are wondering what “Sanuki udon” is, the noodles are characterised by its square shape and flat edges, made with Japanese wheat flour, salt and water.

At Udon Kamon, all noodles are homemade and made fresh daily.

Another key selling point is that this Japanese concept offers different types of udon broths, the widest range available in Singapore.

These include Kyoto-style dashi soup broths, tonkotsu soup broths, a spicy Tom Yam soup broth, and an equally intense spicy Magma broth. If you are at lost at what to order, the signature dishes at Udon Kamon include:

Prawn Tonkotsu Udon ($14.80++)
This signature udon dish takes the tonkotsu broth to the next level.

Prawn paste and homemade prawn oil are added to the hearty bowl of creamy broth made with white miso and pork collar, creating a dish imbued with mildly-rich prawn flavour.

Topped with tiger prawns and Sakura-ebi, half an aji tamago, chopped green onions, bamboo shoots, and wood ear mushrooms.

The flat-edged udon noodles are perfect in picking up this type of broth.

What’s special is also the addition of Sakura ebi, which gives that bit of crunch and more layered taste to the broth.

Tom Yam Spicy Udon ($13.80++)
Don’t think you get many Tom Yum Udon in Singapore.

Served in a hot marbled stone bowl to maintain the heat, the Tom Yam Spicy Udon with spicy-sour broth inspired by the flavours of northern and central Thailand.

Made with the aromatic tom yam spices, this spicy udon dish leans more on the sour side than spicy.

This soup is brimming with treasures of the sea like tiger prawns, mussels, sliced rings of squid, and Asari clams aka Manila clams or Japanese cockles.

Also features sliced straw mushrooms to add more texture, and chopped green onion to impart freshness to your palate. A potentially addictive item.

Magma Spicy Udon ($13.80++)
Like the Tom Yam Spicy Udon, this dish will satisfy those with a penchant for spicy soups.

Also served in a hot stone bowl to keep the dish piping hot, the Magma Spicy Udon combines the bland tasting Sanuki udon with the intense flavours of red chili peppers that make the broth bright red.

It is not called Magma Spicy for nothing.

Generously topped with Black tiger prawns, Kampong chicken, bamboo shoots, half an aji tamago, and chopped green onions.

Between the two spicy udon, I would personally prefer the Magma as it had stronger, more intense fieriness overall.

Smoked Duck Udon ($11.80++)
Duck lover gourmands will find this signature item irresistible, as it features thin slices of smoked duck especially air-flown from Italy.

The pinkish-coloured duck meat thankfully didn’t taste too gamey, with succulent layer of fatty duck skin. Delightful proteins to add heft to your meal.

The Sanuki udon noodles sit on a light and refreshing broth, a traditional wafu broth made with dashi stock.

Aside from the smoked duck toppings, it has aged Kagoshima bonito flakes, kombu (an edible Japanese kelp), kamaboko (a type of cured surimi), chopped green onions, and a bit of yuzu peel that imparts a citrusy aroma.

Special mention goes to the accompanying freshly shaved bonito flakes (which is seldom given emphasis).

Udon Kamon imports premium bonito (katsuo fish) from Kagoshima that has been aged for at least two years, which imparts a light smoky-savoury accent to the light broth.

Beef Udon ($11.80++)
That same bonito flakes can be added to the Beef Udon.

Dashi broth serves as a base, while the aged Kagoshima bonito flakes, kombu, narutomaki, chopped green onions, and bits of yuzu peel build up to add subtle flavours to the broth.

The firm and chewy udon noodles are smoothly slurped with this type of broth combination.

As for the protein, the beef in Shabu Shabu cut is marbled with some fat and rendered tender to the bite.

Apart from the soups, Udon Kamon offers a selection of rice dishes, including the Spicy Minced Pork ($4.80), Beef Rice ($6.80), Pork Rice ($6.80), Mentai Takana ($4.80), and a special Daily Rice ($4.00).

As for side dishes, you can pick from any of these 9 items: Healthy Tofu Salad ($4.80), Pork Shabu Shabu Salad ($5.80), Beef Plate ($6.80), Deep Fried Chicken ($5.80), Takoyaki ($5.80), Deep Fried Oysters ($6.80), Deep Fried Prawns ($5.80), Chicken Wings ($5.80), and Edamame ($3.80).

The Chicken Wings are worth the order.

Udon Kamon
Eat At Seven, 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-315, Sky Garden Suntec City, Singapore 038983
Tel: +65 6266 5338
Opening Hours: 11:30pm – 3:00pm, 5pm – 10pm (Mon – Fri), 11:30am – 10pm (Sat – Sun)

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* This entry is brought to you in partnership with Udon Kamon.


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