Celebrity chef Willin Low doesn’t seem to rest. Even though Wild Rocket has ceased operations, he has quickly opened Relish No. 2 at Frasers Tower, right opposite Amoy Street Food Centre.

He is also overseeing the opening of a restaurant in Hokkaido, called Roketto.

While Relish at Cluny Court is more burger-focused, you can see strong influences of Wild Rocket over at this new outlet. Calling it Relish + Wild Rocket (at a more affordable pricing) + Bar is probably quite apt.

However, it is not obviously immediately that there is a restaurant here, as it is located at the corner of the 2nd story called Oasis of Frasers Tower.

It is an “oasis” all right, with visibly less CBD crowd compared to the mad rush of the hawker centre opposite.

This is the place for quieter lunchtime group outings, and after work drinks with unexpected bar bites.

Starting with the burgers, you can get choices such as the Wild Rocket Beef Burger ($15.20), Bacon and Cheese Beef Burger ($15.90), Mushroom & Double Cheese ($15.40) and Seafood Burger ($16.80).

The Wild Rocket Beef Burger ($15.20, added a sunny side up at additional $1.50) was quite a decently juicy one, spiced up with Sarawak pepper cream and sun-dried tomato relish.

This burger didn’t have the usual cheese, bacon or mushrooms. It didn’t need to, as the succulent and sumptuous beef patty – recommended medium rare, was the main star.

I did think it was a wasted opportunity to throw in a Mod-Sin Burger, just to bring up the fun element and have some form of consistency with the rest of the menu.

As for three quarters of the menu, you can find some Wild Rocket favourites appearing, costing less than before, such as Laksa Pesto Linguine ($17.80) and Hae Bee Hiam Spaghettini ($17.80).

The one dish that appears to be popular is the Krapow Bee Tai Mak ($13.80) – Thai inspired bowl of basil minced chicken topped with wobbly egg, on a bed of “short rice noodles”.

Finally, Bee Tai Mak gets to be part of the highlight.

It is a type of noodles that many local Singaporeans eat only when they are sick, cooked in fishball soup or something.

It is spruced up Thai style here, mixed in moist basil minced chicken like a mazesoba.

There are slightly punches in the spices used, but mostly manageable if you measure it against Thai cuisine standards.

The bar-bites meant for sharing may leave some heads scratching.

There is a Har Jeong Gai ($8.50) dish with NO CHICKEN, of thinly sliced pork belly ‘keropok’ in shrimp paste.

Like thicker pieces of bacon gathering together.

The Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken ($8.50) comes with liquid nasi lemak – I suspect it contains coconut milk, pandan and something else.

This won’t make you full. The chicken could have been more thoroughly flavoured. Didn’t work for me.

Relish in the CBD is quite different from Relish at Bukit Timah – it is more experimental, and attempts to appeal to the probably-fussy office crowd.

I think moving on, it probably needs to decide whether it wants to be more Relish, or Wild Rocket.

Relish – Frasers Tower
182 Cecil Street #02-12/13 @ Oasis of Frasers Tower Singapore 069547
Tel: +65 6904 5458
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Fri), 10am – 3pm (Sat), Closed Sun

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* Follow @DanielFoodDiary on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube for more food news, food videos and travel highlights. The first meal was a treat by Chef Willin Low. Daniel returned anonymously and paid for the next meal.


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