The one food that is still trending in Taipei, other than Brown Sugar Bubble Milk, is OTT-Toast. Well, take a look at Comida 可蜜達炭烤吐司 with the overflowing cheese.

Golden Flower Toast 金花碳烤吐司專賣 located near the Ximen Red House, enjoys a constant steady queue.

The sandwich shop, with a drink of the same brand just a few shops away, serves up interesting flavours more than you can imagine.

However, as there is no English menu, and sandwiches are named whimsically that doesn’t give you a single clue what it can contain.

The best sellers are Golden Flower Toast are called 金花大丈夫 (NT$80, SGD3.50) and 給我壁咚 (NT$100, SGD4.40). The first sandwich literally means “Golden Flower Big Husband” while the other… this is going to be tough implies the action of a guy pushing the girl to the wall before confessing his love. You know, scenes you watch on Taiwanese high school love dramas.

Be prepared to wait at least 15 minutes, to even an hour for your sandwich, though it may take even longer depending on how many takeaways they need to handle. If you are in a rush, don’t come here.

The mammoth of a sandwich came like a tower, of toasted buttery breads, grilled pork belly, cucumber slices, tomatoes, lettuce, egg, cheese (but of course)… and interesting addition of peanut butter.

Good enough for two to share really, and cost just NT$80. Tian ah, so cheap.

While it can be messy for you to eat, plastic gloves are provided.

It was not as spectacularly-tasting as how I imagined it to be, but still packed of goodness and substantial, with the creamy peanut butter adding the little sweet-salty surprise.

In another visit, I went for something safer and less cheesy, the 阿嬤愛呷蛋 (NT$100, SGD$4.40) with quality pork belly and eggs; and the 奶奶很有梗 (NT$50, SGD2.20) which was a ham and cheese sandwich given a twist of … condensed milk.

Golden Flower Toast is interesting enough to warrant a visit if you are in the Ximending vicinity, have the patience to wait, and love your sandwiches loaded with CHEESE.

Golden Flower Toast 金花碳烤吐司專賣
Neijiang Street, No 17 Wanhua District, 108, Taiwan, Taipei City,
Opening Hours: 8:30am – 3:00pm (Wed – Sun), Closed Mon – Tues

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