”Are these macarons? They are huge.”

Every customer that walked into Camaca at King Albert Park asked the SAME question the hour or so I was there.

I was seating near the counter and saw the endless expressions of amusement when they were told those round things on display were in fact, gelato.

Camaca specialising in Gelato, Coffee and Chocolate originated from Taiwan and this is the first store in Singapore.

They also have outlets in Malaysia and Shanghai.

Gorgeous space, I must say, with an upper storey complete with a coffee bar.

The concept was by a Taiwanese TCM practitioner who aimed to offer healthier desserts. Thus, up to 95% of their products are sugar free.

Back to their giant ‘macaron’ gelato. (Okay, it didn’t help that their Instagram photos showed macaron on ice cream cones… people can take things quite literally here.)

These ‘macarons’ are specially made capsules, which need to be placed in their custom made gelato machine before serving.

The gelato encased within would then be squeezed out, twirled onto a cup akin to a softserve ice cream.

The purpose of putting the gelato in the capsule is mainly for 2 reasons: for hygiene as it prevents unwanted particles from getting in; and preventing air and ice crystals so that the gelato gets an improved texture.

The gelato comes in flavours such as Musang King Durian, Pomelo Tea, Swiss Chocolate, Raspberry Mango, Coconut, Royal Earl Grey, and Roasted Oolong.

Not the most price-affordable, with a Musang King Durian Gelato at $9.80 per capsule.

I had a Swiss Chocolate Gelato ($5.80 per capsule), which had a rich-chocolatey taste and lovely creamy-smooth texture, though may not be as creamy and dense as the authentic Italian ones.

There is a novelty factor, and I can already imagine videos depicting ‘customers’ looking surprised with the colourful display of giant ‘macarons’. These make good Instagram / IG story posts.

However, getting actual Bukit Timah customers for a buy-in may require constant pushing in terms of marketing, as people are not familiar with the product would prefer to head for the tried-and-tested.

9 King Albert Park, Kap Mall #01-11/12, Singapore 598332
Tel: Tel: +65 6904 3811
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)

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