Kelly’s Cape Bop – Michelin Recommended Korean Street Food Found In Hong Kong, At Wan Chai

Kelly’s Cape Bop

[Hong Kong] Hong Kong is one of the few cities in which the Michelin Guide has released a “street food” category.

Kelly’s Cape Bop is one of those recommended, known for its fuss-free and authentic Korean street food.

Kelly’s Cape Bop

It is easy to give this store a miss as the store-front is not that conspicuous (except with large Michelin logos pasted), but this is where you can get tasty, healthy Kimbap made on the spot.

The shop was started by Eun Ha Yoo, a single mum from South Korea who named the shop after her daughter Kelly.

The idea came about because Yoo wanted her daughter to eat healthier, and so stuffed in more vegetables in her Kimbap.

The Kimbap is a Korean dish typically eaten during breakfast, made by rolling cooked rice and other ingredients that are rolled in “gim”—dried sheets of laver seaweed then cut into bite-sized slices. These may remind you of sushi rolls.

Kelly’s Cape Bop’s version (HKD60, SGD10.40, USD7.67) comes with vegetables and a filling of your choice – beef, pork, tuna, vegetables, cheese or spicy squid, which will ensure a filling treat.

Though I must say it is slightly on the expensive side.

A fun fact: The Kimbap here is cut into 8 pieces because Yoo wanted her customers to be lucky. (“8” in Cantonese represents “prosperity”.

Kelly’s Cape Bop

The Kimbap offered at Kelly’s Cape Bop is a colourful treat, packed prettily with vegetables of varied colours that provided a refreshing crunch every bit.

You can even choose a “without rice” version, replaced with egg floss made from fresh eggs.

Also to look out for are Egg Rolls – pan fried eggs with chopped carrots, spring onions and fillings such as cheese; Korean Chicken Bites; Seaweed Dumplings; and Kimchi Pancakes.

Kelly’s Cape Bop

Kelly’s Cape Bop
57 Johnston Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 9pm (Mon – Sat), Closed Sun
Google Maps – Kelly’s Cape Bop

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