[Taipei] Despite opening in Taipei for more than a year, Croquant Chou Zaku Zaku 棒棒泡芙 still enjoys popularity among the youths.

Zaku Zaku ザクザク which means “crunchy” in Japanese, was one of the hottest snacks you can find in Japan, Taipei and Bangkok.

The store in Taipei is located within A11 Shinkong Mitsukoshi Taipei, right next to LINE Café.

It is essentially a long choux pastry made by baking almonds, coated with sugar and egg whites, filled with creamy smooth custard.

The original Croquant Chou (NT$98, SGD4.36) is priced higher than the Japan’s counterpart.

There are 3 “principles” on where they are so delicious: they are baked fresh in store (in fact you can smell them a distance away); milk from free range cattle raised in the stress free environment of Hokkaido is used; and the fine custard cream used is made with the high speed vacuum cooker.

Also, shoppers who walk past can see how the pastries are prepared through the glass window, or at least smell the aroma can get tempted to get at least one to try.

The appeal is really in its almond nuttiness, along with milky smooth fillings which are not that sweet.

I loved it very much when I first tried in Tokyo However, having tasted the same thing in Japan, I thought that the one here wasn’t was crisp-hot and lacked that buttery fragrance.

So it was kind of disappointing, but if you have yet to try it before, I still think it’s worthwhile getting one to taste what the whole fuss is about.

My recommendation is to eat it fresh and immediately, otherwise it just gets soggy.

For the seasonal special, there is the introduction of Berry Choco and Matcha Choco, both priced at NT$98.

It was probably more choco than matcha, as the sweetness of the milk chocolate covered the taste of the green tea. People usually get both for its “instagrammable” qualities.

Zaku Zaku 棒棒泡芙
1F No 11, A11 Shinkong Mitsukoshi Taipei, Songshou Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City
11號 新光三越信義新天地
Opening Hours: 11:00am – 9:30pm (Sun – Thurs), 11:00am – 10:00pm (Fri – Sun)

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