[Taipei] As the brown sugar bubble milk wave is combing across Asia (and even parts of North America), that one brand to look out for is 幸福堂 Xing Fu Tang.

What is especially noteworthy is that 幸福堂 Xing Fu Tang only first opened in Taiwan in January 2018, and has more than 40 stores by the end of the year.

You can find it at various parts of Taipei, from Ximending, Da’an, Jiu Fen, Gong Guan, Shi Da, Rao He Night Market, Shi Lin Night Market, Tong Hua Night Market, Kee Lung Temple, and Taipei Train Station.

They are best known for its “stir-fried” Brown Sugar Boba Milk (NT$55 for iced, NT$65 for hot, SGD2.46 and SGD2.91), with the pearls done the “traditional way”.

The boba pearls are steeped in brown sugar, “stir-fried in front of you, and scooped quickly into the cup.

The server would make turns of the cup so that there would be “tiger stripes” formed on the inside of the cup.

That is not over. After adding milk and cream, a sprinkling of brown sugar is included on the top, then torched for a caramelised finished.

Gimmicky, eh?

Verdict. I loved that crisp, caramelised layer so that you can taste bits of brown sugar throughout the drink. I have drunk various versions of the “brûlée” drink, but this is one in which the burnt sugar taste is the most obvious.

Other than that, I didn’t quite fancy the milk part – too creamy and rich.

The pearls were chewy and on the harder side (comparatively), though they had that pleasant brown sugar taste infused within. Though it makes other more tasteless generic-branded boba pearls pale in comparison.

Other Xing Fu Tang signature drinks include Strawberry Boba Milk, Matcha Boba Milk, Grapefruit Green Tea, Brown Sugar Boba Black Tea Latte, Mango Smoothie and “Rabbit” Jelly, and Lemon Black Tea.

I think it is only a matter of time it reaches Singapore.

幸福堂 Xing Fu Tang
Various parts of Taiwan. Stores in Taipei include Jiu-Fen, Kee Long Miao Kou Night Market, Da’An’ Shilin Night Market, Gong Guan, Shi-Da, Rao He Night Market, Ximengding (Chengfu Road), Ximending (Hang Zhong Road), Taipei Train Station, Tong Hua Night Market

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