This is for the tea latte and fruit tea lovers. Another one? You may wonder.

ARTEA which launched at Vivocity Level 1 (near Hans im Glück side), looks set to fight a piece of the beverage-pie in Singapore.

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What makes it different is that it is an original brand, focuses on tea and soufflé pancakes, with a lifestyle-café concept.

There are none of the trending bubble tea, cheese tea or brown sugar milk in sight, yet. The owners think that the market can be saturated now, and it is best to focus on their strengths.

So ARTEA is not just a drink kiosk, but a 1000 feet shop with a sit-down café concept.

As its name “ARTEA” suggests, the café seeks to combine tea-drinking with art, with an obvious “floral” theme.

The space is decorated in white, pastel pink and blue, making it quite a relaxing place to catch up with friends over a drink.

Here are the top recommended ARTEA drinks and Soufflé

Signature Fruit Tea ($8.20)
Probably the fruit tea with the most variety of fruits in a single cup – all seven of them. These include watermelon, rock melon, strawberries, mango, orange, passionfruit, and lime.

A mixture of orange juice and quality “Four Seasons Spring Oolong” 四季春 is used as the base – so named because the tea produces four flushes (or harvests) each year that still have the flavour of a spring flush.

The fragrant tea has a light floral aroma of spring flowers, and clean and sweet aftertaste, which makes it ultra-refreshing in the hot Singapore weather.

Also, the drink comes in a 1000cc cup, making it more value for its money, included generous chunks of fruits.

Jasmine Tea with a whole Lime ($4.80)
Another thirst-quencher you can consider is the iced Jasmine Tea squeezed in with an entire zingy lime.

The server warned that it might be too sour (especially when I requested for zero sugar), but I enjoyed it because it was simple, with the revitalising effect.

Jasmine tea is typically known for its lightly perfumed aroma and calming effects. While the tea leaves can be harvested in different seasons of the year, ARTEA uses a variety that is harvested only during spring which has that soft, subtle flavour.

Fresh Mango Milkshake ($6.80)
Generous chunks of sweet mango blended with milk for a smooth, creamy combination. The sweetness level and consistency were just right – not too thick or diluted.

Other than the mango, there is a version with both Fresh Mango and Durian (they call it the 榴芒). I didn’t drink it, but a friend liked it so much he recommended a Durian-only version (for the store to consider introducing.)

Kyoto Matcha Latte ($6.80)
Bitter-sweet matcha latte using quality hand-milled matcha from Kyoto, Japan.

Princess Strawberry ($7.20)
Thick and creamy naturally-sweetened smoothie made with fresh strawberries and ripe bananas, topped with whipped cream and sprinkles that almost felt like a dessert on its own.

White Peach Oolong Latte ($4.50)
Of all the tea latte drinks, this was actually my favourite. Consider getting the version without the cream topping so that you can better relish the delicate, sweet flavours of the tea.

This has light and smooth body with elegant oolong taste, complimented a pleasurable peach aroma with subtle sweet aftertaste.

One thing you notice about these long white and blue cups, are that they are towering over the other cups.

While the beverage content is 700cc, the cup size is actually 1000cc with an empty bottom. If you are puzzled why, one of the reasons according to the co-owner, is that your face would look smaller when taking a selfie with a cup. She said that with a straight-face, and absolutely not kidding.

Black Tea Latte ($4.80)
If you prefer tea that is stronger in taste, with a bolder fuller body, get the Black Tea Latte which in incorporated with Ceylon Tea – known for its distinct flavour and strength.

Another version is the You Lan Latte ($6.20), topped with fresh whipped cream and sprinkles of pecan nuts for added light crunch.

Cocoa Latte ($6.80)
A chocolatey drink made using Fresh cocoa powder that is more decadent, and thankfully not overly sweet.

Mango Soufflé ($8.80)
The big draw of ARTEA are also its Soufflé pancakes, freshly baked and assembled on the spot. It is recommended to take your photos quick, because they are best tasted warm and fluffy.

As a note, as all of them are made only upon order, be prepared to wait at least 10 to 15 minutes for your dessert treat.

While ARTEA may not be a known dessert house, surprisingly they got their Japanese style Soufflé pancakes quite right – airy, wobbly and delicious.

I would recommend getting the Mango version which comes topped with mango fruits with additional slices and ice cream on the side.

Strawberry Soufflé ($9.50)
Thick, jiggly Soufflé pancakes that come topped with… GOLD foil.

While the edible gold may not add anything taste-wise, I suppose it will be great for your Instagram/IG stories/Boomerang/TikTok.

Freshly baked Soufflé paired with fresh strawberries, giving consumer a sweet and sour taste with edible pure gold foil decoration to give this Soufflé elegance and classiness.

Tiramisu Soufflé ($8.50)
Great for those who prefer something richer and chocolatey to go with the wobbly soufflé, added with a scoop of ice cream for more indulgence.

Vivocity #01-100/101 1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585 (Harbourfront MRT)
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Sun)
Instagram: @arteasg

* This post is brought to you in partnership with ARTEA.


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