With all the festive gatherings ahead, this is the perfect time and weather for some comforting hotpot.

The good news is COCA Restaurant has opened a brand-new outlet at Suntec City Level 2.

I must say the revamp has been done up quite spot-on, with contemporary-clean décor – marbled table with furniture in shades of midnight blue, with a touch of elegance.

When you look across the restaurant, there would be a splendid view of the Suntec Fountain of Wealth and natural daylight coming in.

For diners who want a more intimate dining experience, they have 1 private room good for 10 to 12 persons.

Come to think of it, it has been more than three decades ago when COCA Restaurant first came to Singapore in 1987.

The concept of COCA Restaurant marries authentic Thai cuisine with traditional elements of Cantonese home-style cooking, creating distinctive flavours.

Apart from the usual hotpot fare, the restaurant offers scrumptious House Specialties, such as the original Fish Glue, Fortune Fish Paste, Shrimp Wantons, and more.

In addition, COCA Restaurant now serves its hotpot in a Quadruple Pot which allows you to choose 4 soup bases.

There are also now 7 enticing COCA broths to look forward to, from Hua Diao Phoenix which would ignite your love for hotpot, to Over The Top Coriander – the first of its kind in Singapore :

1. Double Boiled Treasure
The Double Boiled Treasure broth is actually the upgraded version of their usual chicken broth.

Behind this new stock is a laborious preparation that took more than six hours, making sure it becomes worthy to be called a “treasure”.

With extravagant Chinese herbs like red dates and wolfberries, this double-boiled stock has developed into a rich and robust flavoured chicken soup to warm your soul.

I find that the soup goes well with some of the House Specials such as Fortune Fish Paste, Stuffed Beancurd Skin and Shrimp Wantons.

2. Hua Diao Phoenix
This broth is concocted with Hua Diao – a Chinese rice wine, and other condiments to further enhance the aroma and taste of Double Boiled Treasure.

P.S. Watch out for the blazing “Phoenix” as the serve lights up the bowl of tender chicken with fire, before adding the mix into the broth.

With this explosive combination, you get an aromatic pot of drunken goodness that could ignite your taste buds.

Also, a comforting soup to slurp on a cold rainy day.

As this broth is relatively stronger and more intense tasting, it complements well with plainer meats and items such as Chicken Fillet, “Fish Glue”, Fishballs and Vegetables.

3. Over The Top Coriander
The “Over The Top Coriander” broth, is perfect for those who can’t get enough of coriander in their life and often request for top-ups in a steamboat restaurant.

You get a mountain of fresh coriander leaves topped on a specially concocted rich chicken broth, plus a plateful of spring onions as an added ingredient.

Yes, it could leave your friends green with envy.

With this broth, you get none of the sharp, bitter taste that you may worry about getting from all that pile of leaves. Just a huge serving of antioxidants as coriander leaves are known to be rich in Vitamins A, C, and K.

4. Chicken Collagen
For my wrinkle-conscious female friends (actually male too), this nourishing soup base is recommended for those who simply want to get the remarkable benefits of collagen.

The broth has been boiled down from chicken bones for hours at the right temperature, long enough to extracting this precious type of natural protein.

My recommendation for ingredients in this base, other than Silken Tofu and Enoki Mushrooms, would be the Beancurd Skin which would absorb the broth – creating this burst of flavours in the mouth.

Slurp up with this tasty beauty food.

5. Tantalizing Tom Yum
If you are getting two soup bases, this was often the default pairing with the chicken broth, now called Double-Boiled Treasure.

Though not at fragrant as a regular Tom Yum soup, the broth still has that trademark sourness and a mildly spicy taste.

If your hot pot ingredients are mainly seafood – such as the seasonal Lobsters, Scallops, Prawns, and Black Mussels, then the Tantalizing Tom Yum would be a good choice for you and your company.

6. Healthy Fresh Tomato
If you are dining with family and kids, this is the broth to pick.

The Healthy Fresh Tomato broth comes as a combination of sweet and tangy flavours, a balanced flavour profile for all members of the family.

Add some Silver Noodles or Bee Hoon into the broth, along with Fish Fillet, Shrimp or Chicken Meat Paste.

It is one nourishing broth that will definitely whet your appetite.

7. Merciless Mala
While the broth is named “Merciless Mala”, it was still manageable for me. Though I can imagine it could set some people’s tongue on fire.

Laden with fiery Sichuan peppercorns, known to impart a distinct numbing and tingling sensation to your gums, as well as chili peppers with various herbs and spices to further bring up the heat, this soup base may not for the faint of heart (and mouth!).

There is this irresistible shiokness of slight numbing on the tongue, and could leave some sweating.

Therefore, I would recommend mixing in your bowl a quarter of the Merciless Mala broth, matched with something plainer such as the Double Boiled Treasure or Chicken Collagen.

The other good news is that the condiments counter is FREE FLOW for buffet diners (ala-carte diners at $2 per pax).

Look out for the famous home-made COCA dipping sauce, concocted in 1957 by the founder’s wife, Mrs Patama.

Following a legendary in-house recipe, it is made the same way at all outlets worldwide.

The all-natural COCA sauce is sweet, spicy, rich and savoury – a delicate and delicious balance of flavours. It contains coriander, Thai sweet chili, fish sauce, sugar and a few other secret ingredients.

COCA Restaurant Pricing





Eve of PH

Premium Spread
Regular Spread


Prosperity Bloom Thai-Style Yusheng ($48 for Salmon, $54.80 for Abalone, $68 for Salmon and Abalone)
Perhaps more well-known for Thai-style ‘Suki’ Steamboat, COCA has also introduced their very own rendition of prosperity Yusheng with a Thai-twist.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Thai Mango Salad, shredded mixed fruits are used as a base, topped with freshly sliced assorted vegetables such as carrots, purple cabbages and pickled ginger to add a refreshing crunch.

The Yusheng is further garnished with edible flowers that are commonly used in Thai food and beverages, which literally symbolizes “Hua Kai Fu Gui” (花开富贵) or ever-blooming fortune. Also adds brownie points for “instagrammability” factor.

Before tossing, the auspicious treat would be drizzled with COCA’s house-concocted Thai sweet sauce for tangy-sweet en-Thai-cing finish.

COCA CNY Promotion
Get 15% OFF for Yusheng TAKEAWAY when you quote ”DanielFoodDiary” upon placing an order. Available till 19 Feb 2019. GST & $2 takeaway container charge applies.

COCA Restaurant – Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard #02-440 Suntec City Singapore 038983 (Esplanade/Promenade MRT)
Tel: +65 6259 7176
Opening Hours: 11.15am – 10.30pm (Mon – Sun)

COCA Restaurant – Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road #04-23 Ngee Ann City Singapore 238872 (Orchard MRT)
Tel: +65 6734 7887
Opening Hours: 11.15am – 10.30pm (Mon – Sun)

COCA Restaurant – Leisure Park Kallang
5 Stadium Walk #02-01 Leisure Park Kallang Singapore 397693 (Stadium MRT)
Tel: +65 6241 3833
Opening Hours: 11.15am – 10.30pm (Mon – Sun)

* This entry is brought to you in partnership with COCA Restaurant.


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  2. Coca’s steamboat or for some hotpot looks flavoursome. Currently their promo focuses on lobster hotpot buffet which I think $92 is not bad at all. You’ve got bamboo Lobster, Scallops, Flower Crab, Sea Cucumber, Flower Clams, Oysters, Prawns, Black Mussels, Fish Head, Fish Maw, and many more.


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